For those new to this spectacular gaming series, Injustice is a classic fighting game series with action-packed stages and interactive objects. The game features DC characters like Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Wonderwoman, The Flash, Aquaman, and even unexpected new villains like Gorilla Grodd, and Deadshot. When Injustice games in order are played, there’s an experience like no other. To give you the whole look and feel, several actors who have played a role in DC movies and TV shows have lent their voices to the characters! Kevin Conroy, Troy Baker, Susan Eisenberg, Alan Tudyk, and even Stephen Amell! I can’t contain my excitement either, so now let’s read about the Injustice games in order!

Injustice Games In Order Of Release Date 

There are overall 5 Injustice games released since 2013. Following the story of The Justice League in the DC Universe, the games provide a familiar but mysterious environment for you to explore and play in. The game’s biggest advantages are its original storyline and the gameplay, which are sure to appeal to all fans of the genre.  Filled with Easter Eggs, Mortal Kombat connections, and much more to discover, the dedicated DC and gaming fanbase is not going to miss out on any of the Injustice games in order:

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)

In Injustice games in order, Gods Among Us comes first. New world order is being created in Injustice: Gods Among Us, wherein an alternate reality, Superman leads a tyrannical dictatorship instead of being the morally good superhero we know him to be. He is opposed, however, by Batman and his allies. So it’s a spectacular fight between the creators of Mortal Kombat. In the game, you will play one of the superheroes appearing in films and comic books from the DC universe. During combat, characters use their characteristic powers and skills, making it a full DC experience. Also, read Fire Emblem Games In Order Till 2022 | Timeline & Release Order

2. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (2013)

This is an improved edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us, adding to the Injustice games in order. The ultimate edition spruces up the previous edition with better graphics and surprisingly interesting storytelling. What else? It collects all DLC.  Ultimate Edition on PS4 and PC is the best-looking, most complete version you could have of Injustice: Gods Among Us. According to pro gamers, the ultimate edition only offers a little reason to upgrade, especially if you already bought the DLC. But the ultimate gamers won’t miss it for the world. 

3. Injustice 2 (2017)

In the super-powered sequel, Injustice 2, Players can create and customize their favorite DC characters to the ultimate level. Furthermore, gamers can now control their characters’ appearances, fights, and development in various game modes. With its new loot system, the Gear System, each match earns players gear to equip and customize their favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains. And the best part is, it substantially impacts how they fight too! You must earn these gears to level up in the Injustice games in order.  With a few minor changes to game concepts, the fundamental gameplay is still very identical to the original. This third installment of the Injustice games in order has made fans undeniably happy! Also, read Saints Row Games in Order Till 2022 | Timeline & Release Order

4. Injustice 2: Legendary Edition (2018)

With all ten DLC characters, five Premier Skins, a comprehensive tutorial system, new equipment items, and a higher character level cap, the game offers a lot of new and exciting content. But what’s new to explore in this installment of the Injustice games in order?

New gear items for all charactersThe character level cap is increased to 30.A character’s Augment slot expands once they reach level 30.

5. Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall

So, is there an Injustice 3 or not? Are there any official announcements? Will there be a fifth part to Injustice games in order? What’s the inside goop? All I can say is there is speculation, and no official statements have been made by WB, DC, or NetherRealm Studio. But fans are awaiting the hottest release, and the biggest ones have an idea of what you can expect! The storyline is predicted to go somewhat like this; As Brainiac dies, Superman enters his ship to collect alien warriors from his city collection to rebuild the Regime for Earth’s population. The world becomes once again a dictatorship. Superman’s goal is to expand his territory beyond Earth into space with the help of the legion. What will happen when Supergirl refuses Superman’s offer while stuck in a red sun cell? Also, read All Dragon Age Games In Order Till 2022 | Timeline & Release Order

Wrapping up!

Beginners will find Injustice exciting and unique, while advanced players will find the game deeper and more intriguing. It’s fun to play the story mode, but the real reason is to harness the god-like powers of some of DC comics’ most powerful characters. And as I mentioned, there’s an order to this game series. So I hope my list of Injustice games in order helped you. As for the latest information, Path of EX will be back with the juiciest updates for you soon.  Happy Gaming!


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