Along with being a medium of expression and creativity, it has also become a full-time digital marketing channel. The platform is expanding with new features and tools for business including insights, shopping on Instagram, advanced analytics, promotions, and more. 

What is Engagement on Instagram?

Engagement can be considered as the measures of your followers’ loyalty to you. It is not just the number of people following you or the size of your audience. But, it deals with the involvement of your audience with your brand’s content. It is the interaction of your audience with your photos, videos, and stories.     The Instagram algorithm is a matter of confusion as it remains changing. However, you can increase engagement on Instagram and build an audience by following certain points listed below.

Quality is the keyRemain consistentKnow your audienceChoose the right hashtagsTime your posts wellPost more video contentWrite attractive captionsFollow your analyticsPost user friendly and meaningful contentUse Instagram Stories Use GeotagsUse highlights Interact with followersEngage with similar accounts Use REELS to leverage your audience

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How to Increase Engagement On Instagram?

1. Quality is the key

Your first focus should be the visual quality of your content. Doesn’t matters if your product is aesthetically attractive or not, but the presentation can definitely be. Instagram itself provides a variety of editing options in the form of filters and more. Make sure that your content is the ideal size for the platform. Quality of the presentation of your product, plus the quality of your product both help in enhancing the audience. 

2. Remain Consistent

One way of focusing on keeping your content at the top of the viewers’ feeds is by posting regularly. Also, sharing experiences is more important than sharing the pictures of the product. Digital camera brands, for example often share amazing pictures clicked by their cameras rather than focusing on the specifications. Instagram helps combining creativity with professionalism. Stories help attract the attention of viewers. And, more meaningful posts offer more stories and experiences behind the product. 

3. Know Your Audience

Once you figure out what sort of content your audience want, you can work at giving it to them. Influencer marketing is an important strategy here. You can promote your products by collaborating with your audience’s favorite influencers. 

4. Choose the Right Hashtags 

Hashtags make your posts visible to new audiences on Instagram, which can increase the followers, engagement and customers for your business respectively.  Also read How To Sell Anything On Instagram in 2021

5. Post During Peak Hours

Every account has a specific audience from across different cities, countries and time zones. Its best to find your own personalized time based on your audience. You can initially test the best timing for your posts by keeping an eye on the engagement of different posts posted at different times.

6. Post More Video Content 

Videos entertain and engage more than written content. Videos are more descriptive, creative and pleasant to eyes. With videos you can present your content in a more fun and attractive manner.  Whether you are trying to build awareness, educate your audience, or promoting your product, videos offer a better storytelling and descriptive approach.  

7. Write Attractive Captions

The usage of captions is often underrated. But, these can be an important tool to promote your post. Captions can add to the description of your product and persuade people to do even more than liking the post. They might end up saving your post for the content written in the caption.  Instagram captions can be as long as 2200 words. These can be brief or long, funny, though provoking, descriptive, or can tell a story.  Check out Most Liked Posts on Instagram 2021

8. Follow Your Analytics

To follow your account analytics you need to create a business profile. And if you already have one, tap on the bar chart icon on your profile page to access your Instagram analytics. The analytics let you know details like, where your audiences live, when are they online, how old they are, and what actions do they take on your account

9. Use Instagram Stories

With polls, questions, countdown, music, hashtags, mentions and a library of stickers and gifs Instagram stories can be designed in creative ways. Stories help to enhance the engagement with audience.  You can design stories based on your brand aesthetics. Consider your story a short advertisement for your product visible for 24 hours.  It is also a great platform to directly connect with your viewers through questions and polls.

10. Use Reels

Reels can be used to make videos promoting products and offering an insight into the experiences related to them. Brands and influencers are presented an excellent opportunity to expand their reach beyond current followers and enhance their community.  Simple and easy steps like engaging with other profiles, responding to comments and DMs, posting regularly, focusing on your audience and using different tools offered by the platform can subsequently help you build a stronger following and increase engagement on your account.  Check out the List of 100 Trending Songs For Instagram Reels


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