Here, we will both give a brief step-by-step guide on research paper writing and add some extra know-how that can come in handy, especially if you get stuck at some point. Let’s start right away. 

Writing A Quality Research Paper From The First Try

Before we start on tips, we want to warn you. Most of the students fall for the same trap when reading such articles or recommendations in their textbooks. Most of the rules they see seem obvious. “Make a plan,” “don’t leave everything to the last minute,” etc. You have read such advice dozens of times, and you may feel like ‘nothing interesting, I will better skip it.” However, in most cases obvious tips are not the problem, not following them ever is. It is very similar to all the advice we get when we want to get more fit and lose some weight. We all know that we need to eat less junk, reduce carbs, eat more greens, drink water, work out at least 20 minutes per day and sleep not less than 7 hours per night. Did you find something new in this abstract? Hardly. Do you follow these tips on a daily basis? Hardly. Do you still want to be fit, healthy, and attractive? Oh, yeah.  The situation is just the same when it comes to research papers or any other academic writing. You need to start following all those boring tips in order to actually get some results. 

Make a brief research before choosing and approving the topic. Even if you have a topic you are very much interested in, even if you don’t care what to write about, do a brief research before choosing a topic. When writing a research paper, creativity and your interest are less important than the amount of relevant academic sources you can base your research on.Use mind mapping for better visualization. In your head, a research paper is a long document, something like a striped snake. It is difficult to visualize it step by step, and it triggers procrastination. That is why we offer to visualize it from the very beginning using mind mapping techniques. Let the core of it be the topic of your research paper, and the tree branches — logical parts of the research paper, one after another. While doing research, add new smaller branches to each branch, add links. In the end, you will have a well-visualized view of what should be written in each section. Think about timing and be realistic. When planning research paper writing, students often feel like they have enough time to finish it based on simple math. For example, if you need two days to write a 3 page essay, you will need more than 10 days to write an 8-page research paper. The problem is, the process differs greatly. When writing an essay, you can express your opinion, broadly describe your experience when appropriate, etc. Here, you have to cite every thought, create a reliable bibliography and methodology. Use a “wave” method. Don’t try to write one sentence perfectly — aim on writing everything on time. We strongly recommend using a “wave” method when working with any complex papers. In a planned period of time, for example, two days, write all you can from introduction to conclusions, write in not finished abstracts if needed, jump from methodology to thesis, don’t stop and don’t get stuck on editing. Just keep writing. Give yourself several hours for editing, and start the second “wave.”

Use all the proofreading methods you can get your hands on. No matter how brilliant thoughts you have in your research paper, no matter how rare sources you have managed to find — mistakes will kill the grade you get. So, we recommend using paid proofreading services online and giving at least several days for thorough editing and proofreading. 

How To Write And Submit Research Paper On Time

We realize that there are situations you cannot beat just following the obvious, practical tips. Rules are there for routine situations and tasks. However, these two years proved 100% that we cannot control what happens in the world, everything can change in a minute, and your plan to submit a research paper on time becomes an unrealistic dream. What can happen? Anything! Other pandemics, personal crises, problems in the family, some gig you cannot miss, love trouble — you cannot know in advance. That is why it is good to be prepared for anything. Of course, we believe students need to write their academic papers on their own, but we realize we don’t live in a perfect world. It is important to have a Plan B, to have someone from a professional academic writing service e.g. WriteMyPaperHub who will react to your “write my research paper for me” request just in a few clicks. Such research paper services have a plethora of experienced writers capable of taking over your order and finishing it on time. If something unexpected happens to one author, a writing service easily finds a substitute. If from the very beginning you are not sure you can deal with a particular paper, it is better to order it in advance and save money because the earlier you order, the less you pay. Still, you can start writing your research paper on your own and realize that one of the chapters is too boring or difficult to handle now, and you can hire a professional writer to deal with it. There are lots of options you can turn to in order to write and submit your research paper on time — choose the one most appropriate to the situation and move on to the next assignment. 


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