Now that it’s been close to a year since the last season with Finley Tapp and Paige Turley crowned as the winners, the much-awaited British TV show is back on ITV, a free-to-air channel for all Brits out there. But what about its US and abroad audience? Where and how can they watch this popular reality TV show?  Though the British audience can directly tune in to ITV Hub every night at 9 pm UK time to enjoy the show, people abroad can follow a couple of different ways on how to watch Love Island UK in the US as mentioned in the article below. Apart from being one of the highest-rated UK series, the show has also led to real-life marriages among the contestants such as season 2’s Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, who are married and even share 2 children. To know more about this year’s contestants and streaming platforms, follow through the article. 

Everything About Love Island UK Season 7 

Also, read: 11 Best American TV Shows that are Worth Watching Before getting to know where and how to watch Love Island UK in the US and other countries abroad, let’s talk about what this reality TV show is all about. 

What is Love Island UK all about?

For starters, Love Island is a dating game show which starts with 10 or so single contestants, invited to a villa on a tropical island with the hopes of finding their true love. After the initial meet-up and interaction among the contestants, they must decide whom to couple up with.  Once the contestants have been coupled up, they are required to sleep in the same bed and complete classic love challenges and games with each other as couples. More contestants are introduced as the season progresses leaving the islanders with a choice whether to stay with their current partner or to couple up with someone new.  Also, read: TV Shows vs Movies | Are TV Shows Better than Movies? – Find Out From betrayal and drama to romantic dates and hot chemistry among contestants, this show has all the ingredients of being a widely popular reality TV show. Love Island UK has even roped in the BAFTA TV award for the ‘Best Reality and Constructed Factual‘ category in 2018, which speaks for how well this series has been received among the audience. To keep things interesting and get the TRP going, there’s a re-coupling every week where the contestants who aren’t in a couple are sent back home. During the final week, a winning couple is decided among the finalists based on public votes. The winning couple receives a cash prize of 50,000 pounds.

Who are the contenders for this 7th season of Love Island UK?

The 12 Islanders have already been announced. This list of contestants who will be the first ones to enter the villa includes a fashion blogger; Kaz, a semi-professional soccer player (footballer for some), Toby, a PE teacher, Hugo, who is also the show’s first disabled contestant among others. Follow along to know where the latest season of Love Island is being filmed and how to watch Love Island UK in countries other than the United Kingdom.

Where is Love Island UK Season 7 Taking Place?

Though the last year’s winter season of Love Island had the islanders living the drama in Cape Town, South Africa, the Love Island UK summer season 7 is taking place in Mallorca, Spain once again where all other seasons of the show were filmed.  Moreover, Laura Whitmore has returned as the host of the show after taking over the late Caroline Flack in the 2020’s winter season. The voiceover for the seventh edition of the show sees the return of Iain Stirling who has voiced all the previous seasons of the show.

Where and How to watch Love Island UK in the US and Abroad?

Below, we’ll discuss the different ways on how to watch Love Island UK from the US and other countries abroad. If you want to watch the series immediately in the US, you’ll need a VPN service that will allow you to access the streaming websites outside of the US. For this, you’ll require the best VPN services that are both safe and trusted among the users like you.   With VPN access, you can easily stream Love Island UK on the ITV website and enjoy all the drama and juice the British television has to offer. However, you’ll need to pay some charges of around $10 to use and access the VPN service. But, if you already have a paid subscription to a VPN service, you can watch the show without additional charges. The next option to watch Love Island UK in the US is to just simply wait until the new season is available on Hulu. While the series is currently premiering on ITV2 in the UK, Hulu announced that Love Island UK will be coming exclusively to its platform, and episodes from season 7 will start showing up on July 12. That means only a week’s worth of wait! Wrapping Up This concludes our article on everything about the newest season of the popular British reality TV series, Love Island. We hope the article gave you an insight into where and how to watch the Love Island UK in the US and other countries abroad. Keep visiting our website for the latest updates on entertainment, lifestyle, and technology news.  Feature Image Credit: Otakukart


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