When I started watching Diane Morgan as Cunk for the first time, I did not even realize it was a comedy show. I know it had happened to many of you, even if you don’t agree. There is both mockery and dark comedy involved in the scripts of these Cunk On shows. Directed by Christian Watt, Cunk On Earth is rated at 8.4/10 on IMDb. So, getting down to business, where to watch Cunk On Earth? Can you watch Cunk On Earth for free? I will answer these questions shortly.

How to Watch Cunk On Earth?

Cunk On Earth isn’t available on many streaming platforms as of yet. But fortunately, Cunk On Earth is available for free on BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and Sky Go. There might be other illegal platforms that promote piracy and offer anything and everything for free, but I won’t go into them as they are not safe to use. Also, read How to Watch Died Suddenly Documentary 2022? The Most Talked-About Documentary Today

Cunk On Earth is on BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a free streaming platform only available in the UK. It is also a video-on-demand service from BBC. BBC iPlayer is supported on mobile phones. tablets, PCs, and Smart TVs. You can watch live and catch-up TV from all the BBC channels on BBC iPlayer. However, since BBC iPlayer is exclusively available to people living in the UK, you will have to turn on a VPN service and set the location as the UK to watch it if you are not in the UK. This way, you should be able to watch Cunk On Earth on BBC iPlayer. Visit BBC iPlayer Also, read How to Watch 3096 Days & Is It Streaming on Netflix, Hulu, or Apple TV

Cunk On Earth is on YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction. But isn’t it surprising that Cunk on Earth is on YouTube? Unfortunately, only two episodes (Season 1: Episode 1 and Episode 2) are available on YouTube right now. Youtube does offer free streaming of TV shows, provided they are either YouTube originals or considerably older releases. But in the case of Cunk On Earth, Ep1: In The Beginnings and Ep2: Faith/Off are available to watch for free. I don’t know how, but they are there. Visit YouTube Also, read Where to Watch Fresh Off the Boat For Free in 2022

Cunk On Earth is on Sky Go

Sky Go is a streaming television service that is based out of the United Kingdom. It is owned by Sky Group (Sky UK Limited) and is provided free for the Sky TV subscriber. Sky Go is an alternative to Sky TV. Sky Go lets you watch Sky TV online using the internet when you are on the go. You can download the Sky Go app for iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows, Mac, and Huawei. If you are a Sky TV subscriber, you can watch Cunk On Earth on Sky Go after you have downloaded the app o your device. Visit Sky Go Also, read Where to Watch The Bear in 2022 & Is The Bear FX on Netflix?

The Plot of Cunk On Earth

In the profound mockumentary Cunk On Earth by Charlie Brooker and Christian Watt, Philomena Cunk tells us the story of Human Civilization in its entirety (prehistoric to present day). She covers all the pivotal points in the history of our civilization. Cunk asks hard-hitting questions to experts about humanity’s progress. She goes to magnificent old ruins, museums, mountains, and caves in her search for the understanding of the first moments of mankind.

Cunk On Earth Trailer

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Wrapping Up

With a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb, Cunk On Earth can easily be a must-watch documentary/comedy in 2022. And I have already told you how to watch Cunk On Earth. You can watch the first two episodes on YouTube. I think that is the best. And then you have BBC iPlayer if you are in the UK. If you are on the go, Sky Go can help as long as you have a Sky TV subscription. Until next time, Ciao!


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