Since you want to keep track of all your plans enabled on your smartphone, it is essential to know how to view subscriptions on an iPhone. The tight vigil on monthly subscriptions will protect you from landing in unwanted trouble and can result in saving a couple of bucks also. There are various techniques by which one can keep track of monthly subscriptions. All the methods are well explained and listed in the article. Therefore, let’s get ready to walk through the article until the end to know how to view subscriptions on an iPhone with all possible options.

How to View Subscriptions on an iPhone?

Apple makes it simple to see many of the existing subscriptions with the Apple Account. Certain third-party in-app subscriptions and Apple applications such as Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ are included. How to view subscriptions on an iPhone, follow the steps:

  1. Using the iPhone or iPad, select Settings.
  2. Select your Name from the list at the upper edge.
  3. Click Subscriptions on the following screen. It’s important to check that the Subscription Invoices button is switched on. It will drop an email every time you purchase an iPhone for membership renewal, making it simple to stay on top of your payments. If you haven’t already:
  4. Go to Configurations.
  5. Hit on Your name.
  6. Click on Media & Purchases.
  7. Press on View Account.
  8. Click on Purchase History to switch it on.  You may view all of your iOS purchases there, even membership renewing and free version purchases. Also, read How To Check For App Updates On iPhone | Find The Hidden Place

How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone?

As far as how to view subscriptions on an iPhone and cancel the subscriptions is concerned, following the stages above to view an iPhone ID’s Subscriptions webpage, you’ll see a list of all current memberships which are charged via your iPhone. Select the membership you would like to alter or discontinue from. You can see how to cancel iTunes in the example beneath.  To see other information about iTunes Premium, click it. You can also alter the payment type if you like. This displays the type of program you possess, whether your membership revives or your other membership alternatives. The Remove Membership icon will be visible beneath. To uninstall from the application’s provider, click this and verify it. If users discontinue a premium account, many websites let users keep utilizing it till the conclusion of the registration period. However, it’s not the view of the majority of trial periods. When users terminate the iOS App sample, users will lose access to the premium membership right away. Also, read How To Customize The iPhone Home Screen | Get Aesthetic Home Screen Unless users want to take advantage of the full trial version, however, avoid being billed whenever it expires; find the option on the phone to discontinue the application membership a few weeks before it expires. If users lose their opinion about membership and would like to click subscribe, go to the Cancelled area of this webpage and click the membership title. Users will then be allowed to restart their membership. After users verify the one they desire, their membership should reactivate. Do not even worry about the iPhone gadget, which will enable you to save money by bundling multiple Apple products.

How to Take Control of Your iCloud Storage?

The method for verifying and canceling a membership using an apple device contains a single major counterexample: iCloud storage. Apple would bill all iCloud+ packages with higher capacity than the basic 5GB, however, this will not show on the same Membership webpage. Alternatively, go to Settings > [Your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage on your iPhone to unsubscribe from iCloud+ plans. To return to the subscription trial, touch Choose Storage Policy, then Downgrade Choices. Now you can easily change to a new subscription level. Also, read How To Set A Song As Your Ringtone On iPhone | Step-By-Step Guide

How to Cancel AppleCare Subscriptions on Your Mac?

Users could also terminate an application subscription on the Mac since they like it. Apple is no longer accessible on macOS beginning from Catalina. Consequently, the Software Store also includes the ability to terminate application memberships. On the Mac, go to the App Store and select one’s profile symbol in the underside area. Then, in the upper corner, choose View Information. To continue, you might have to verify the Apple ID passcode.

How to Cancel AppleCare Subscriptions on Windows?

When users have a Windows PC, go to the iPhone memberships webpage to adjust any iPhone memberships. When users can’t obtain iOS for PC, install it, then launch it and Click to Account > View My Account. It will lead users to a screen that resembles the Account Info panel in Application Store; users might have to validate their Apple ID without seeing it. People will find a Membership box towards the bottom of the Settings tab. Next to this, click Manage. Visitors could then change or delete any memberships. Also, read How to Reset iPhone Home Screen Layout | Best Guide for iOS 14, iOS 11, and iOS 9 Devices

How to Use Your iPhone to Manage Other Subscriptions?

The membership management detailed in the article is only applicable to applications purchased using your iTunes Account. Memberships obtained through other devices or websites will be hidden. One could have subscribed for Premium Subscription on a Mobile phone through the PlayStore or Netflix through its webpage. When you can use these services on your iPhone by logging into respective applications, iOS has no involvement in your membership. To change your membership, you’ll have to contact the company’s service. Googling will lead you to the correct page, where you may sign in and maintain your account. Also, read What’s New in iPhone SE 3 Launched in March 2022? 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, how to view subscriptions on an iPhone is clear to you after scrolling through the article. Subscription is a proper method to acquire access to services that you use monthly; however, if not taken carefully, they can quickly become excessive. To be sure you’re not squandering money, take a few minutes to evaluate the subscriptions you’re paying for on your iPhone. The article will surely help you keep a vigil on how to view subscriptions on an iPhone and help manage the subscriptions in the best way. If you still couldn’t find how to view subscriptions on an iPhone, please write back to us in the comments section.


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