We have a plethora of private Instagram profile viewers, and you can select the best one which works for you. They are globally used and trusted by many. We have provided the details of how to use them, and trust me, they are effortless to use. We are sure you would love them and use them whenever required.  Hence, look at the process of viewing private Instagram profiles and the third-party apps you may need to view them. 

How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2022

Instagram is the most used social media platform, with more than a billion users. Most users on this profile share their content, but many choose to keep things private, even on social media platforms. Here are two types of user accounts on Instagram public and private. Also, read How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile | 10 Free Instagram Profile Viewer Apps If you wish to view the profile of someone private, do just a few easy steps:

1. Send The Following Request To The Private Account

Send a follow request to the account of the person you wish to see. They might have their reasons for keeping their account private. So, sometimes it may take days to get your follow request accepted. If it takes longer, send them a direct message and hope to get your request accepted. 

2. A Google Search of the Profile Handle

You can make a google search for the profile you want to see. Google has a record of the content of Instagram. It stores content while the shape is public. So it is one of the easiest ways to bypass private accounts.

3. Use Third-party Apps

Third-party apps are beneficial in viewing private Instagram accounts. Many apps allow you to view someone else’s profile without any hassle. You only need to download them and then they are easy to use for viewing secret instagram profiles.

4. Create a Fake Account

Using such measures to view someone else’s profile is unethical and is never supported by any social media platform. However, this might help you get into the person’s profile you want.  Also, read How To Pin Posts On Instagram in 2022 | Instagram Now Lets You Pin Post!

5. Create a Disguised Account 

When you create a disguised account of a person, the private profile knows there is a probability the person would accept your request. I want to mention that such measures would help you get into someone’s shape, but it is better to avoid them for safety and security reasons. 

15 Best Private Instagram Viewers

There are many private Instagram viewer apps available, and choosing the one which is the best is a challenging job. Below we have curated a list of the Instagram viewer apps that are the best in the market. They are the best of the lot and genuine to use. So, let’s get into the list and find your best Instagram viewer.  Also, read How to Fix: We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram Error in 2022

1. Instagrab

This application offers no survey for downloading Instagram. However, the tool comes in handy and helps download photos and videos on Instagram. You have to enter the URL of the post, and you can download any photo or video. With this tool, you get the option to download IGTV, reels, and intimate post images. 

2. InstafreeView

You only have to put the username and search for it and view the posts from that account. The tool is free and available without any non-private survey or verification. 

3. VidLoader

It is an Instagram private profile viewer app. There is a free tool to download Instagram posts, videos, photos, and reels. The device is free and requires no survey, verification, or sign-up.

4. Private insta

This tool is among the most simple and easy-to-use private Instagram viewer apps. A perfect tool to see private Instagram profiles and content. It can extract posts of other private Instagram profiles as well. You only need to paste the username and submit and answer some questions, and you will be able to see the shape.  Also, read Why is Instagram Asking For Birthday & How to Fix it

5. eyeZy

It is a new entry into this segment of Instagram monitoring tools. The app’s primary function is to monitor the account and give an entire report. It is handy for parents who want to keep an eye on their child’s Instagram profile. 

6. Instaripper 

It is a private Instagram viewer app that allows access to other profiles. You have to download the app and view the Instagram profile you want o see. It gives daily updates and blocks any patch from Instagram’s security system. 

7. Insta Looker

It is a private Instagram viewer app where you enter the username and press continue. Then, after a short survey, you can easily view the profile and download the photos and videos.

8. Watch Insta

It is among the most simple and reliable Instagram profile viewer tools globally. You only have to enter the username to finish a short survey and quickly view the profile’s photos and videos. 

9. mSpy Instagram Viewer and Tracker

As per the name, it does not only let you view the profile but track it. The only disadvantage of this app is it needs root permission to do so. You have to enter the required username and press submit and you will get the final results within minutes.  Also, read How to View Your Report History on Instagram in 2022 | Check the Status Now!

10. Like Creeper

It is a fantastic tool where you can view a private profile without any survey and need not install the app. Just click on the username, and you are good to go and get the best results. 

11. View Private Photos

Do not go by the name; this app is solely made for the Instagram profile. So you only need to get the targeted username and submit it. Then you can see the actress’s profile and various other posts. 

12. IG exclusive

This app is free to use and takes only minutes to get the information from other Instagram profiles. The best thing about this app is you do not need any Instagram profile to use this app. You also do not require to go through any survey to get the results. 

13. Insta Dp

It is a user interface tool that is easy to use. You only need to copy-paste the username and complete a survey, which will redirect you to your Instagram profile. 

14. Gwaa

It is a popular Instagram profile viewer app. It is easy to use. There are options to view and download photos and videos through this app. First, you must enter the username of the profile you wish to see and get the complete result. After that, you must verify a few details to get the ultimate results. Also, read How to Change Instagram Password Without Old Password in 2022

15. Private Photo Viewer

It is an excellent app for viewing secret Instagram profiles. First, you must go to the tool page and confirm the username. Then, confirm the user profile details and proceed to get the results. 

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best Instagram private profile viewer apps which come in handy. Whenever the question of how to view private Instagram profile crosses your mind, then use the apps and secretly view anyone’s profile or get a hold of your child’s activity on social media platforms. I hope the list was helpful and will significantly be of use to you. Follow our website to know more about such an app.


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