For many players, one of the main joys of playing video games is having the chance to assume a life that isn’t theirs. It’s incredible to be able to ride a dragon or lay siege to an orc fortress. These feats are much more thrilling when the player gets to carry them out while in control of a character created by their own preference. The Tower Of Fantasy character creation feature enables users to create their own characters. They can use characters created by other players, or even modify community creations to their particular preferences. Gamers have an incredible number of options thanks to this system. The information you require concerning those systems is provided here.

How To Use Tower Of Fantasy Character Creation?

Tower of Fantasy character creation provides the player with a lot of character-building options. When you begin a new game in Tower of Fantasy, you can choose between a male and a female character.  Steps to use Tower of Fantasy character creation –

Open Tower of Fantasy. Navigate to the Presets button in the top-right corner. You’ll be directed to the character builder where you may get your Wanderer ready for gameplay. After the tutorial, your character will look just as you intended if you have already created him or her. The preset page and a male/female gender selection should appear as soon as you launch the character creation.There will be a list of five settings and a sixth preset for a unique character you create. Use your favorite pre-made character as a starting point. From this point, all the character attributes are customizable. This is merely to lay the groundwork for future development.

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The appearance of a character is something every ToF player is possessive about. Here are the steps to create the best appearance of your character using Tower of Fantasy character creation.

The three sub-tabs under the name “Appearance” are “Outfit,” “Accessory,” and “Shape.” When utilizing Outfit, choose from five pre-made outfit sets. Customize your character’s colors.Choose the appearance you want. Both the Overall Color wheel under Default Dye and the sliders for the various highlighted apparel parts under “Custom” can be used to stay within a set of chosen colors.Pick the Accessory tab once you’re done. Goggles, a headband, or an eyepatch are the three options that both males and females generally accept. Each is adjustable, but you cannot change their colors in Tower Of Fantasy character creation.The body type of the Wanderer also can be modified.24 skin tones available for women.23 skin tones available for men.No color slider.Fewer options are available to Black and Brown players because most of them feature characters with light skin.

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The hair section of the TOF character creation is also customizable. It offers several settings for both men and women, as well as five distinct headwear options. 

To alter the front, middle, and back portions, click the Custom tab in the top-right corner. Using the built-in colour picker or the default colour wheel, you may also alter how your hair looks in each component.

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Facial Features

Players can also change the facial features of their Wanderer in TOF character creation. They allow users to virtually replicate their own visage in-game and are rather in-depth for an ARPG. Here is how to use it –

Six fundamental facial features can be changed on the Face tab in Tower of Fantasy, in addition to the size, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, lower cheeks, lower jaw, and lower lip. You can also change the cheekbones, cheeks, chin, and lower cheeks. Using a circular slider, you may fine-tune the appearance. Put in some time and can create the character of your dreams.The four subtabs of better eyes, eyeballs, eye shape, and eyebrows are available for players to select from. Eyebrows allow you to select from a range of eyebrow shapes, modify their height and opacity, and change their colour. Eye shape customization includes eye distance, eye height, and how sunken your eyes appear. The Eyeballs option also lets you select from a wide range of eyeballs.Change the appearance of the pupils’ size, shape, and distance from the iris.The nose can be customised too including nose height, curvature, and pointiness.Customize the mouth including height, curvature, mouth placement, etc in Tower Of Fantasy character creation.You can choose, put, and colour a variety of changes to your character’s face with markings, such as bandages, hearts, or blushing effects. 

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Wrapping Up

That was all about Tower Of Fantasy character creation. Now, creating your favourite character should not be an issue. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are also struggling with TOF character creation. Happy Gaming!


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