The Sniper Elite 5’s Mission 4 kill challenge is where players are told to kill Ehrlich. In order to kill Matthaus Ehrlich, players must use the Rat bomb in Sniper Elite 5 and use it to terminate Ehrlich. Those who clear the level and complete the challenge will gain access to the Machine Pist.44 SMG.  Obtaining a rat bomb is simple in Sniper Elite 5 because it can be located at the very beginning of the Level 4 of Sniper Elite 5. A player can easily locate a Rat Bomb behind the Resistance Fighter. However, utilizing it to eliminate Ehrlich can be a bit complicated. This article clarifies how to use a rat bomb in Sniper Elite 5 and pass the War Factory kill challenge to clear up any misconceptions.

How To Use Rat Bomb In Sniper Elite 5?

It is quite easy to claim the Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5, which is why most gamers take it for granted. However, Rat Bomb can be quite handy for you, especially because it can fulfill the specific kill requirement in War Factory. Rat bomb can hence empower you to finish the game entirely. Are you stuck at Level 4 in Sniper Elite 5? Do you want to know “How to Use Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5”? Let’s find out below!

Steps To Use Rat Bomb To Assassinate Matthaus Ehrlich | In Sniper Elite 5

Launch the Mission 4: War FactoryAs soon as the quest begins, make sure to pick up the Rat Bomb from the dresser in HQ before proceeding further in Level 4.Next, the player must head to the South-West direction of the Level 4 map of Sniper Elite 5. This is exactly where most of the level’s smaller factories is located in Sniper Elite 5.Carefully monitor and watch the red indicator to follow Matthaus Ehrlich’s moves.You’ll need to locate some white rat outlines around his patrolling location.After Matthaus Ehrlich has vacated the main room, set the Rat Bomb on the outline.After completing his duties outside the Factory, Ehrlich will return back inside to check for the presence of rats.This will result in his detonating the Rat Bomb and completing one of your tasks.

Also, read 7 Best Skills To Unlock In Sniper Elite 5 (Ranked) | Combat, Body & Equipment Skills Wasn’t that easy? Well, all Thanks to Rat Bomb for making it super easy and seamless. You can just go ahead and use the process explained above on “how to use rat bomb in Sniper Elite 5” and finish of Level 4 in no time.

How to Use Rat Bomb In Sniper Elite 5 | Additional ways

While gamers now have information on the basic approach on “how to use Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5 for Mission 4 kill challenge, some Sniper Elite 5 players may still find it difficult to finish the objective of Mission 4 challenge. In fact, Ehrlich’s interactions with rat bombs are inconsistent since their blasts occasionally render him disabled rather than dead. If a player is unable to kill Ehrlich in Sniper Elite 5 through the process mentioned above, they have access to a few alternative ways. Read below for additional ways on how to use rat bomb in Sniper Elite 5:

Alternative 1: 

The first additional strategy for “how to use Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5 to kill Ehrlich” is the easiest. Players can use it to set the rat bomb at the entrance of the building where Ehrlich is. Next, the player must whistle to attract Ehrlich’s attention. Now, simply wait outside. Players of the sniper Elite 5 video game should now be able to shoot the rat from the position where they are standing. This hence leads to detonating the bomb when the Ehrlich is close. Henceforth, this will kill him and accomplish the kill challenge on Sniper Elite 5. Also, read Where to Watch American Sniper | Is it Streaming on Vudu or HBO Max?

Alternative 2: 

The alternative approach is to actively engage and Pacify Ehrlich. Once Ehrlich is unconscious, the players can bring the unconscious character into the chamber with the rat outlines and set him close to rats on the ground. The shooter should then just place the bomb, gain some distance from it, and explode it with a ranged weapon in order to kill Ehrlich and unlock the weapon.

What Rewards Are Offered For Killing Matthaus Ehrlich In Sniper Elite 5?

Just like any other exceptional kill, Sniper Elite 5 will award you with a Machine PIST.44 sidearm for your efforts. The Machine PIST.44 sidearm will be a valuable addition to your armory, depending on your approach towards the game. The reward may even become a cornerstone of your loadout. Also, read Fortnite Summer Legends Pack Is Back (6 June) | New Skins & Blings

Wrapping up

This concludes our article on “How to use rat bomb in sniper elite 5”. Go ahead! Clear Level 4, so you, as a Sniper Elite 4 player, can proceed to the next level with ease.  Victory Awaits you! Be sure to check out other guides on Path Of EX. We always have something interesting to tell you about.


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