With Chip, you can invite four versions of the bot at the same time to your server. Discordians use this Bot to search for songs, queue tracks, pause, change pitch, and much more. Overall, Chip Bot elevated the Discord experience by allowing you to play music while browsing the platform. There are a lot of commands in Chip. I will come to that later in the article. But before that let me tell you how to Invite/Add Chip Bot and how to use Chip Bot on Discord. Read till the end to know all the how-tos of Chip Bot.

How to Use Chip Bot on Discord?

There are many music bots that are available online but most of them cause your Discord to shut down. So, you need a reliable one like Chip Bot. So, how to use Chip bot on Discord? Chip Bot commands allow you to automate tasks and make your listening experience hassle-free. But before all, if you are new to Chip Bot, you need to learn how to add Chip Bot to Discord. In that case, follow these instructions: Once this is done, you can use Chip Bot as you like. You can play music on Discord now. You can play music within a server by connecting to a voice channel. Also, read How To Use Midjourney On Discord 2022 | Beginner’s Guide

How to Use Chip Bot on Discord (Mobile)?

To use Chip Bot on the Mobile version of Discord, follow these steps: Enjoy this new musical experience on Discord! Also, read All Discord Commands & How to Use Them | Text, Chat & Bot Commands

How to Use Chip Bot on Discord (PC)?

This is how to use Chip bot on Discord (PC version): Also, read How Does A Discord Soundboard Work | 5 Top Soundboards In Discord

Updated Chip Bot Commands

A major part of the answer to the question “How to use Chip bot on Discord?” would be constituted by the commands that you use to make the bot do the tasks. All the Chip bot commands are available on the official website of Chip bot. You can check them out here. But, if you want you can also see all the Chip bot commands in the tables I have created below.

Chip Bot Music Commands

The prefix for any Chip bot command is “ch!“. So, if you want to play a song named Despacito, you will enter command ch!play despacito. Also, read How To Use Text-to-Speech On Discord | Setup TTS Notifications

Chip Bot Management Commands

Chip Bot Miscellaneous Commands

By the way, if I haven’t mentioned before, the streaming platforms supported by chip bot are Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. You have learned how to use Chip bot on Discord, but, what if it isn’t working? Let’s see. Also, read How Discord Makes Money | Discord’s Revenue Business Model

What to do if Chip Bot Isn’t Working?

Have you encountered Chip bot offline? This happens when the discord bot server is overused. Another possibility is that the server is under maintenance. What you can do is check the Chip bot support community server. This community keeps updating about such issues aptly. If you haven’t provided sufficient permissions to the bot server, the Chip bot might not work properly. To give all the required permissions, go to the Settings tab. Lastly, make sure you have used the default prefix for your command. This is mandatory. I hope now you know how to use Chip bot on Discord even if it is giving you some trouble.

How to Use Chip Bot on Discord?

Wrapping Up

So, that is all about Chip bot. I find this Discord bot extremely cool. I am a music enthusiast. I cannot function without music. The Chip bot makes the Discord experience more fulfilling. I hope now you know everything about how to use Chip bot on Discord. I will see you again soon. Until then, Ciao!


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