Getting your account shadow banned or locked is not a new thing; it can be quite annoying not to be able to get access to your account. TikTok account locked is one of the most common queries among users, but don’t worry, I got you. So, without further ado, let’s dig in to know about how to unlock TikTok account.

How to Unlock TikTok Account?

If you have been searching for answers on how to unlock your TikTok account, the first thing you need to do is to check if you are connected to a stable internet connection. Try switching from WiFi to cellular data or vice-versa and check if the issue is resolved. In the below-mentioned guide, you will get the main fixes to unlock your TikTok account.

Method 1: Unlock TikTok Account By Clearing Excess TikTok App Cache

Clear excess TikTok app cache to solve the issue of locked TikTok account. In order to clear excess cache, follow the given steps. Also, read How to See Who Viewed Your TikTok Profile & Videos With 7 Easy Steps!

Method 2: Unlock TikTok Account By Updating Your TikTok App

One of the reasons you face temporary glitches on TikTok is that you are using the older version of your TikTok app. App updates are important in order to enhance performance and fix bugs on the platform. So you will need to update your TikTok app to the latest version in order to unlock your TikTok account. To update your TikTok app, open the Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device, type in TikTok, and update your TikTok app. Also, read How to Change Phone Number on TikTok With Only 10 Steps

Method 3: Unlock TikTok Account By Resetting Your TikTok Account Password

You can unlock your TikTok account by resetting your TikTok account password. In order to do so, you need to follow the given steps. Also, read Profile View History Not Showing on TikTok? Try These 2 Easy Fixes

Method 4: Unlock TikTok Account By Reporting the Issue With TikTok Support Team 

In case none of the above-mentioned methods don’t work, then you need to contact the TikTok Support team and explain your issue regarding the locked TikTok account. In order to contact the TikTok team, you need to follow the given steps. Once you report the issue to the TikTok support team, they will contact you with the solution. Since the TikTok Support team responds to the queries on Twitter. You can even contact the support team on Twitter. To do so, follow the given steps. Also, read How to Fix Account Warning on TikTok: 2 Easy Ways to Save Your TikTok Account

Why is My TikTok Account Locked?

Many users took on to other social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter to voice out their concerns about their TikTok account being locked or banned. Users were confused that if their account was hacked. Guess what, no your account is not hacked, as the main culprit behind the issue is TikTok itself. There are many reasons why your TikTok account is locked, but the most common reason among them is that you have violated the community guidelines of the platform. The other reason why TikTok locks your account is that it suspects illegal activities, including using bots, spamming, and posting offensive content on your account. The locked TikTok account means that TikTok needs to verify if the user that is trying to log in is, in fact, you and not someone else. To verify that, you must provide the correct credentials, including your username and password. Also, read How to See Who Saved Your TikTok? Is it Possible!

How to Unlock TikTok Account

Wrapping Up

TikTok is known for its updates, ever-changing trends, and challenges. To participate and share videos, users need access to their TikTok accounts. Many users have complained that their TikTok account is locked, and they can not get access to their TikTok accounts. To know, How to Unlock TikTok Account, read the entire article and share it with your friends. For more trending stuff, keep visiting Path of EX.


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