There are two possibilities for why your Roku device is speaking to you. The Screen Scanner, an accessible tool that used to be called an Audio Guide, is activated if it reads the screen loudly as you browse and select different with the voice command. However, when you hear sound explaining a scenario while viewing a Film or TV show, it’s conceivable that another type of accessible option, known as Descriptive Sound, has been activated. To know more about how to turn off voice on Roku, kindly go through this article until the end and know the steps easily.

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku Using Few Steps?

As far as how to turn off Voice on Roku is concerned, for visually impaired customers who require additional assistance browsing the Roku interface, Screen Reader is a useful tool. If it has been accidentally set on, the quickest solution to turn it off is to use a shortcut on the Roku remote. Also, read How to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV | Some Easy Steps to Follow It’s easy to turn on Screen Reader inadvertently this way. Regrettably, there is no way to block this option, so just be aware of it when using the control. When you want, the Screen Reader settings can be found in the Accessibility option.

  1. Click on the icon on the Roku remote.
  2. In the left-hand sidebar, choose Settings.
  3. Go to the Accessibility tab.
  4. Click on the Screen Reader option
  5. Tap Off from the drop-down menu.

Why is my Roku Narrating Movies?

When looking to know how to turn off Voice on Roku, if you switch off the Screen Reader, the Roku may begin speaking to you unintentionally. Since it’s generally turned off by default, several streaming sites, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and others, offer descriptive audio that narrates detailed information about sequences in addition to the standard dialogue, background music, and soundtracks.

What is the Best Way to Turn Off Descriptive Audio?

So far as how to turn off Voice on Roku is concerned, descriptive Audio is functionality that every streaming platform uses therefore if you hear it and wish to turn it off, you must do it from the streaming platform where you heard it. Each streaming app is different, so here’s a quick guide about where to find the descriptive audio controls in a few of the more famous choices.

  1. Apple TV: Pick Accessibility, Sound Descriptions, and off from the gear-shaped Settings tab at the top of the Apple TV homepage.
  2. HBO Max: On the Roku device, click the Star button. click Accessibility & Subtitles, then Audio Track. Select a language that is devoid of descriptive audio 
  3. Hulu: On the Roku remote, click the Up button, then Settings. Alter Change the language in the Sound section to one that does not have audio descriptions.
  4. Netflix: Press the Up icon on the remote to reveal the language settings. Change to languages that don’t have sound explanation instead of English – Sound Description.
  5. Prime Video: Hit the Up toggle to reveal the languages choices. Toggle between English – Audio Description and languages without audio description. Also, read How to Turn Off Closed Caption on Roku | Basic Roku Hacks in 2022 When your Roku has a typical cable TV connection, you may find that cable Television shows can also feature this type of descriptive sound. You must turn off the cable network’s Secondary Audio Broadcasting to deactivate it for cable. SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) controls differ per cable company, but if you have Spectrum TV, for instance, pick Options, then Favorites, and Audio Language from the remote.

 How can I Turn Off the Video Description on Roku?

If you use a cable Television link with your Roku TV or gadget and observe the video description feature on TV episodes and films, turn off the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) choices. Consider the following scenario: On Xfinity X1: Change the Audio Language in System Preferences > Languages. With Spectrum TV for Roku: With the Roku device, launch the app and click to Settings > Options > Audio Language (SAP). Also, read How to Stream Fubotv on Roku in 2022 | Get FuboTV on Roku Now! When you don’t have a Roku, you’ll have to verify the SAP settings on your smart TV. This feature is available in the Audio or Accessibility section of your television’s settings.

How can I Turn Off Closed Captions on Roku?

Select Home > Preferences > Accessibility > Captions option > Off from the drop-down menu. When closed captioning on the Roku still doesn’t turn off after modifying this setting, look into android caption settings. On the Roku, watch content from a network like Hulu. Then choose Closed captioning > Off from the Options menu by pressing the Star icon. Also, read How to Stream Hulu on Roku in 2022 | Learn Some Simple Steps to Get it

Video on How to Turn Off Voice on Roku in 2022?

Wrapping Up

You now know how to turn Off Voice on Roku if you didn’t find it useful. So, use the procedures listed above to get rid of them. In addition, I have attempted to address all of the concerns you might be having with knowing how to turn off Voice on Roku in the video above. If you have any further queries, please post them in the comments section if you have any further queries.


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