If your television screen or any other device supporting Disney Plus flashes Error Code 42, it means there might be some signal or connectivity issues. Normally, due to rains, or a down server, the screen shows Error Code 42.  Worry not, here are some ways to fix Disney Plus Code Error 42 and continue with your streaming with your family on weekends. Just navigate below and figure out why Error Code 42 flashed and what you can do with it.

How to Troubleshoot Disney Plus Code Error 42?

When watching Disney Plus, Error code 42 abrupt the video, indicating that some connectivity issues are causing a hurdle between you and your favorite movie, web series, or shows. The error code apologizes to the user that the video discontinued playing due to internet connectivity. It generally happens on your iOS or Android streaming devices. Here are steps to fix the problem of Disney Plus Error Code 42. Also, read How to Turn Off Autoplay on Netflix in 2022 | Solved Now!

1. Is Disney Plus Down?

You are streaming Disney Plus; quite possibly, Disney Plus has its server down and flashing the Disney Plus Error Code 42. The best way is to check on your browser if Disney Plus is down. You just need to wait in this case and wait for Disney Plus to fix its services. 

2. Clear Cache on your Device 

Sometimes, clearing the corrupted cache files can be a quick fix to Disney Plus Error Code 42 on your browser.  So, if watching Disney Plus on your browser, clear the cached data at regular intervals to delete corrupted files. This data can interfere with your streaming platform like Disney Plus. If you are watching on Android, here are the steps to clear the cache; if it is on iPhone or iPad, you need to reinstall the Disney App.

  1. Scroll to Settings App.
  2. Tap Apps, and Select Disney Plus App.
  3. Click on Storage and Cache.
  4. Select Clear Cache. Also, read What Does Disney Plus TV MA Mean in 2022 | New Shows & Upgraded Settings

3. Check Internet Speed

The speed at which the internet works must match the speed requirement of streaming video. If the connection speed is reasonable, disconnect other devices from your Wi-Fi that might dominate the bandwidth. You can check your internet speed on Google and search for internet speed tests. Click Run Speed Test. You might need to connect with your Internet Service Provider if the result is Poor Quality.  Also, read How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5 in 2022 | Watch Disney+ Shows 

4.  Try Re-installing the Disney Plus App

If the internet connection is sound and strong, re-install the Disney app. First, check if other apps on the browser are functioning well. If yes, Re-install the Disney Plus App. A minor glitch or disturbance generally gets resolved while re-installing. Nevertheless, the app might need an update too! Hopefully, this will solve Disney Plus Error Code 42. Also, read How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 on Firestick | Complete Solution at One Place

5. Give Rest to your Exhausted Router and Modem

Unplug the router and modem for at least half an hour. Our hardware needs to breathe too. Check after half an hour, and it might serve back for you to stream your favorite videos on Disney Plus. 

6. DNS Server Settings Might Need a Change

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns a default DNS Server to all the devices on your network. This Server translates hostnames to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. For better connection, there are several free DNS servers. The user can switch to them for better connectivity.  Also, read How to Log Out of Disney Plus on Roku in 2022 | Try Some Steps

7. Switch to Pure VPN from Regular VPN

Generally, VPN (Virtual Private Numbers) does not perform well and causes interruptions in your Internet speed. Pure VPNs are a better and safe option to work comfortable with various devices and apps and help make your connection stable. Also, read How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord in 2022 | Easiest Steps To Try  

Wrapping Up

Disney Error code 42 is a common problem as the internet can slow down, or there might be other connectivity issues. Besides the tips listed above to fix Disney Error Code 42, you can connect with your Internet Service Provider to solve the issue. You can also try and figure out if the problem is with your internet or the app.  


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