Transfer data from Android to iOS is very easy nowadays. As many options are available online as well as offline. But I prefer the Online mode, just because I can easily get an illustration from them without any external help. Some basic steps are given below, just to make a quick discussion related to your doubts and queries. Any type of data, image, video, and music can easily transport by following these steps. I am quite sure that you will get some accurate answers that will serve you in the future too.


Well, some basic steps you need to follow for this process. Through this technique, your data is safely and securely transfer from one device to another.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone 

Do you want to transfer data to iPhone/iOS? Then you should download the app named Move to iPhone/iOS. It will help you to transfer your data from an Android device to your iOS device. Steps to follow-

First, you need to tap move data from an Android device.After this, open Move to iPhone/iOS app.Then wait for a simple code.Use a six-digit code for further action.Then choose your needed content and wait for few seconds.Set up your iPhone/iOS quickly.At last, finish the process without any loss of your data.

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How to transfer data from Android to Android

Google Photos is an outstanding co-operation for backing up your photos and videos. The best feature of this application is the unlimited storage at high quality. You can easily save your photos and videos with Original quality. Steps to follow-

Open the application Photos on your main screen.After this, choose the upper-left sidebars for more options.Then choose settings from the rest.Then select the option- backup & sync.Make sure to switch on the backup & sync option accurately.Choose the high-quality backup mode.

This is what you need to do at last. So easy and effective method to perform without any loss of data.

How to transfer data from iOS to Android

Now, if you are okay to switch from iOS to Android, then the given steps will help you shift your data, contacts, photos, and services very easily. how to transfer data from an iOS device to any Android device without losing important data. Steps to follow-

Download Google Drive from Google Play Store.After this, back up all your content relatable.At last, Sign in on your Android Phone respectively.

How to transfer data from iOS to iOS

Have you just renewed your iOS device properly? Well, you probably want to transport all your data and do some advanced settings respectively. Some basic steps you need to follow, and I will lead you as per requirement. Also, Read How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iMessage? Steps to follow-

First, you need to use quick start your new iOS device with the help of your old iOS device.After that, transfer all your data accordingly through an iCloud app.Recover all the things which you need the most.

The other way to do the same thing is as follows-

Make a quick connection between your iOS device and wifi.Open Settings.Click on your name via iCloud.Then click the backup button.You need to wait until the process is completed.After all, this turn on your new iOS device.You can select your country and language for further action.Instructions are given to you.After following each instruction carefully, set your face-id or fingerprint.When you reach the home screen, click the backup button on iCloud.You need an apple id for this action.Do the same settings for backup that you have already done on your old iOS device.Now, wait for some minutes while processing is done.At last, continue the rest of the setting accordingly.

How to transfer your data from Android to Laptop

Following are the given steps you need to understand carefully.

First, you need a data cable for the transfer process.After that, you need to click the My PC option on your main screen of windows.Choose the data you need to transfer from your device to your Laptop/Desktop.Then click on the transfer button for processing.Wait for some moment.And it’s done.

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Final Verdict

By doing all such activity, your main agenda to transfer data, files photos, and services are completed. I hope this article is very useful for you for your relatable queries.  If you find this article helpful, then do comment positively. Feature Image Credits: iMobie


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