Many of you face a low-speed internet connection on your desktop or cell phone. The most common errors that you face when you have a low-speed internet connection are as follows: Low download speed, web pages opening slowly, online games playing slowly, and buffering issues. If these are the issues you are facing, let’s get started with fixes to optimize your internet connection. To know more about how to speed internet connection, follow the solutions that I have mentioned here. You can repair this problem within a few seconds and enjoy the fast internet connectivity.

How to Speed Internet Connection

It’s not simple to fast up your online connectivity on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. Several factors might contribute to a poor connection. Here, I will show you what to do to fix it and how to speed internet connection. Keep in mind your desktop, Mac, iPhone, and Android phones are performing at maximum speeds before working to resolve the connection.

1. Keep Router Closer to Your Desktop

Keeping your router closer to your desktop is a simple and effective approach to improving your internet speed. The farthest your desktop or laptop is from the router, the worst internet speed you will face. It does not mean you have to be very close every time to the router but closer is good. You should also keep in mind that your devices and your router are not separated by thick walls. It is because all routers are not created equal. Many routers have an excellent connection speed and some routers do not have good signal strength.  If you still face low internet connectivity, then it is high time to get a new router. This will help you to speed internet connection. Also, read Advantages of Subscribing to Home Broadband Plans

2. Check your Data Cap

Among the most common causes of sluggish connection speeds is data caps. Despite understandable reasons, Internet Providers do not promote their bandwidth limitations, but in the long run, they drastically disrupt your connectivity. As you know data cap limits the amount of data that you use per month which can range from a few hundred MB to hundreds of GB. When you go over your data cap, you will see your high internet speed will be severely slowed. To fix it, you need to review your subscription plan if you are unsure if you really have a data cap. You can upgrade to a new plan with a higher data limit. For sure this will help you to speed internet connection.

3. Reset your Router

To enjoy the high-speed internet connection, reset your router and restore the high speed. When you’re having trouble with your internet speed, try to reset your router each day. When your modem is different from your router, you also need to reset it. Switching on and off the modem activates your connectivity to your Isps, and you can get a better speed internet connection. However, resetting your router does not guarantee a high-speed internet connection but it can fix the problem of a low internet connection. Also, read 6 Ways To Get Cheap Internet 

4. Get Ethernet Connection

When wifi is not working for you or you might not want to spend on the new router, then you go for a cable connection. To use an Ethernet wire, connect your desktop or laptop to your router. It will help you to get the quickest possible speeds, possibly exceeding 1GB per second. It is because the cable transmits the message straight to your device. Most importantly, Ethernet has more security than Wifi. Your banking information is completely safe when you use Ethernet. Ethernet allows you to connect various devices like TV, Playstation, Xbox, desktop as well as laptop.

5. Inspect your Cable and Shorten its Size

Since cables are the fastest and most accurate way to connect your desktop to the router. If you are using an Ethernet, make sure the cable is not too long and should be free of tangles. The best method is to shorten the cable length to enjoy a high-speed internet connection. It is indeed a simple technique to boost your data speed as well as fix a slow network. Try this method and get a high-speed internet connection. Also, read Best Rural and Satellite Internet Providers

6. Disable Advertisements

Advertisements are displayed by almost every provider. Almost all of you face infinite advertisements, photos, gifs, and auto-played clips wherever you stream online content. If you’re not bothered by ads, but your internet connection is. It is because advertising media decreases the speed of your internet connection. If you want to resolve the issue, simply block advertisements. Download an ad-blocking application or software to disable data-intensive auto-played advertisements. Try this method and get a high-speed internet connection.

7. Switch to Streamlined Browser

Almost all of us keep so many tabs and pages active on our desktops at any given time. Understandably, we need it, however, all of that active tabs and web pages can slow down your internet speed. That is why I advise you to switch to secondary fast browsers like Chrome and Opera. These web browsers compress all of the information on web pages to make browsing more efficient. Whenever you need a high-speed internet connection, take the benefit of these fast browsers. Also, read Is Satellite Internet Good For Online Gaming?

8. Download Anti-virus and Anti-malware Software

I strongly advise you to download antivirus and malware software if you do not have any running on your desktop. Understandably, any bugs or viruses on your device will slow down your internet connection. Furthermore, you must have antivirus software installed on your desktop. Configure your antivirus software to search for viruses and malware daily once you have installed it. If the software detects existing viruses or malware, get it uninstalled by the computer professional and resume normal surfing. You will notice a change in internet speed and enjoy the high-speed internet connection.

9. Download a Cache-Clearing Application

Every one of you knows about the cache. Whenever you run out of space on your mobile device or computer, we clear the cached data of various applications. If I talk about the browsers, they collect small amounts of data usually in the form of cookies when you open any site. Once your surfing habits get recorded, marketers often send you the information which bothers your internet surfing. To get rid of the cookies, you have to begin clearing the cache on your browsers. Although you can clear the cache yourself. To save time, go for various Cache Clearing tools. If you clear the cache daily, you will get a high-speed internet connection. Also, read How to Optimize Your Internet Connection for Gaming

10. Change Internet Service Providers

If the above solutions do not restore your high-speed internet connection, then change your Internet Service Providers. You may take it lightly but the largest issue is often your Internet Provider. I acknowledge that this technique is not simple, however, this method will save your money in the long run. If you notice that the current Internet Provider does not provide you with a fast internet connection, switching to different Internet Providers is the best option. For this, check out the Internet Providers in your area and go for the different options like satellite internet, DSL, or Cable.

Wrapping Up

I hope the above steps will benefit you and help you in restoring the high-speed internet connection. Try the methods now without going to the technician and enjoy surfing. Share this article with your friends and let them know how to speed internet connection. Now, it is time for a wrap-up. Have a great day!


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