Most of the puzzles in Gotham Knights are relatively simple to solve; just keep tapping the AR until you find the necessary clue to easily solve the puzzle. Still, one part of the game really baffled us: the part where you’re captured by the bad guys and are left wandering around with only the goal of escaping the labyrinth. Let’s find out how to solve the Gotham Knights labyrinth puzzle. You may get stuck in the labyrinth puzzle in Gotham Knights for a long time, as I did, because your Gotham Knights Character hero will perish instantly if any of these dangers even marginally contact him. So use this guide to quickly lead yourself out of the labyrinth puzzle.

How To Solve Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle?

As the plot of Gotham Knights unfolds, case 5.2 will conclude with the goal of escaping the labyrinth. We’ll describe how to avoid the whirling metal blades in the Gotham city maze in this article. Let’s find out the easiest escape from Gotham Knights’s labyrinth puzzle. The labyrinth, as its name implies, is a nonlinear path that confuses the players and torments them. However, there are a few recurring obstacles in the labyrinth, and no matter what order they appear in, the solution always remains the same. To escape from Gotham Knights labyrinth puzzle first, you should always keep an eye on the walls as you navigate the labyrinth. Make sure to duck under spikes once you notice them because you should be able to see where they could appear. That’s a really simple part because they can’t get you when you’re crouching. In order to avoid standing exactly beneath the flame throwers when you get to the area with them mounted on the ceiling, squat as you go around. You must wait for the space between the two spike towers on the right when you enter the room with the spinning spikes on large towers. You must dash as soon as you spot the opening, then slide across the floor until you run into the opposing wall. Also, read Where To Watch Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 | Live Stream! You’ll face off against a few mini-bosses in a room full of talons in tanks after a few more rounds of goons and solving puzzles (fortunately, your AR should be working once more by this point). Use augmented reality (AR) to locate the devices you must engage with in order to turn off the talon tanks between battles. This will initiate the lab’s explosion, which will take place in a cutscene. After completing everything, you ought to be able to leave the labyrinth in Gotham Knights and return to the open world. This was how to escape from Gotham Knights labyrinth puzzle. The challenges players will face as they attempt to exit the labyrinth are listed below, along with tips on how to overcome each one. Also, read 10 Interesting Games Like Cities Skyline | Cities Skyline Alternatives

How To Escape Wall Spikes In Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle?

Location: First things first, you will discover spikes on the side walls of the labyrinth at random intervals.  Escape: You just have to either dash toward them or slide at the last second, or just crouch and walk beneath them to escape Wall Spikes In Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle. The spikes are obvious, yet they will kill you right away. Also, read All Minecraft Batman Villains & Locations | Minecraft X Gotham Knights

How To Escape Spinning Blades In Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle?

Location: The labyrinth eventually has a portion with 5 spinning blades and 2 passageways behind the blades for the players to navigate. This section could come before or after the flame trap at random. Escape: The right side is the best approach for navigating the rotating blades. Simply pay close attention to the timing of the blades and begin moving as soon as the first blade on the right passes you. Before proceeding down the route, you must wait at the wall until the second blade on the right passes by. To get to the middle wall, you can alternatively move slowly and step into the space between the blades as they pass. Also, read A Guide to Gotham Knights Release Date & Character List | Does it Take Place in The Arkhamverse?

How To Escape Flamethrower Ceiling In Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle?

Location: The flamethrower trap consists of a sizable hall with numerous pillars and flames that emerge from the ceiling at irregular intervals in Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle.  Escape: Since there is a path between the pillars where the flame jets are turned off and you can easily cross underneath them to get to the other side, this section is rather simple to complete. Also, read How To Watch Summer Game Fest 2022 | YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, & Twitch

Wrapping Up

So, this was the easiest way to escape from the Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle easily. I think you all understood how to get out of this new Labyrinth Puzzle, wasn’t that easy? Just follow this article and escape each obstacle as mentioned above, and you will be out of the Labyrinth Puzzle right away. In case of any further doubts about this puzzle escape, the comment section is always open for you. Get out of the Labyrinth Puzzle now by keeping this guide aside and following all the instructions one by one; this will make the escape process easy.  You must visit Path of EX once if you want to read more of my gaming articles. Take care and enjoy the escape journey of the Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle. Happy Gaming!


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