One can enjoy the endless content of movies, favorite shows, sports events, and more while using a Roku device. However, one can do that only when they have chosen the proper inputs for the device activation. Once the device is successfully activated at your home, you can use it in the right way. There are ways to start the Roku device by selecting the correct input for it, and one can do the activation without anybody’s help. Scroll down further to know more in detail about getting the go Roku com/ selectinput, and see the procedure and options available to you.

How to Get the Go Roku Com Selectinput Feature | Let’s Perform It

To make your device like the Roku perform according to your wishes, you need to choose the correct input for it, and then you should also know how to activate the device. To complete the procedure to activate the Roku device, keep scrolling down, and you will find the options there. Also, read FrankSpeech on Roku: How to Install in 2022| Get it & Enjoy the Streaming

1. Common Input Ports

As far as go Roku com selectinput feature is concerned, there are various input ports available to the Roku device, and it is always not easy for the device and choose which one is correct or not. To help you understand the common input port and to know how to select them, find the options below:

  1. HDMI ports—use the superior HDMI connection to insert the Extension lead into the correct port.
  2. Composite audio-video connections could be used if your gadget is extremely old.
  3. An Ethernet port through which the Ethernet wire can be slid.
  4. Push one side of the Power Converter and the other side of the media player into the charging dock. Also, read How to Get the New Roku City Screensaver in 2022 | Get it Now

2. Procure to Perform Go Roku Com Selectinput

Below are the steps to know how to perform the Go Roku com selectinput procedure to activate your device and enjoy the non-stop streaming of your device: 

  1. The most important factor in choosing the input is to determine the connections. 
  2. Locate the HDMI port and slide the HDMI cable into it to link your Roku player to the Television.
  3. You may choose HDMI 2 connection for future gadget versions. For older devices, multiplex audio-video connections are accessible.
  4. Join the Network to the computer.
  5. Double-check that all of the connectors are solid.
  6. It is critical to select the Appropriate Port for your journey go Roku com selectinput procedure. Do not be concerned; you have several options for resolving the situation. Also, read How to Fix Roku Low Power in 2022 | See What Went Wrong  & Get it Fixed

How to Fix the Errors During Selecting Go.Roku.Com/ Select Input Port

There are times when you may face problems or errors during the selection of the Go Roku Com Selectinput port on your Roku device. To learn how to fix the error that you may face on the selection of the Go Roku Com selectinput feature to activate your device, find the options below:

  1. Double-check that you’ve selected the correct and legitimate connection.
  2. Restart your smartphone quickly. 3 Disconnect all of the cords and reconnect them after a while.
  3. Only use High-quality wires with your gadget.
  4. Read the options to see which Cords are appropriate for your gadget. Also, read How to Connect Roku Bluetooth Headphones to Your Device | Complete Guide

How to Fix Picture Not Visible from the Roku Screen Error

As far as go Roku com selectinput feature is concerned, you need to keep in mind your Roku player is intrinsically linked to your Television. If your Roku player is linked to an audio/video receiver (AVR) or speaker, detach it first and immediately link it to the television. This should solve any problems with the AVR or speaker and simplify troubleshooting. First, check that the Television is switched on and that the Roku device is not in a sleep or hibernation state by clicking a button on the Roku controller. Also, read How to Fix Roku HDCP Error in 2022 | One Time Solution & Error Gets Fixed The following are the most typical causes why you may not be able to see the picture on your television:

1. Your Television is Set to the Incorrect Input 

This is a very common and simple error to make. Many televisions include many video connections on the back or side that may be used to interconnect gadgets, including a cable modem, console games, and, obviously, a Roku player. You should choose the input (also known as source) that exactly corresponds to the one whereby the Roku device is attached.

2. Check which Input the Roku Player is Attached To 

the video connection would be marked with the input identification, such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, AUX, VIDEO IN 1, and so on. Also, read How to Set Up Roku Sleep Timer in 2022 | Learn How to Turn it On and Off

3. Method for Changing Inputs 

The methods vary depending on the TV manufacturer and version. However, it is normally done via a key on the controller. Read the details that come with your device if you have them, or attempt the following: Search for an input, Source, Auxiliary, Video, TV/Video, or something comparable toggle on your TV remote control. Flip the switch. Based on your TV, clicking the icon will either rotate among accessible inputs or show a selection with input options. Pause 10 seconds after the buttons to press to enable the television to recognize the video if it rotates through the sources. If a selection appears, select the arrow keys on the television remote control to pick the appropriate input, then hit Enter or Select. Instead, pick every input individually. To enable the TV to recognize the video, pause 10 seconds among each. When no video is found on the input in either situation, the television would often pop up, such as  No video or No Signal found. Also, read How to Connect Firestick to Roku TV in 2022 | Use Fire Stick to Stream Unlimited Content

4. Video Cable is Either Incorrectly Attached or Defective

Make sure the video cable is securely attached to the rear of your Roku device and the HDMI or combo port on your television. If you have a Roku Streaming Stick, ensure it is securely attached to your Screens HDMI port. Whether possible, attach your Roku gadget to a separate wire to see if you have a broken wire.

5. Issue Maybe With The Television

In connection with the go Roku com selectinput feature, if possible, link the Roku gadget to a separate TV input to investigate if the fault is with the Screens adapter. If possible, link the Roku player to a separate screen to determine whether the issue is with the Roku gadget or the Screen.

6. Issue Can be With the USB Power Adaptor or With Required Specifications

Even though the charge indicator is lit, likely, your Roku player isn’t getting sufficient electricity. This can occur if you use an older USB/AC charging converter with your Roku player. Changing the power adaptor or just putting your Roku device into a power source may be the solution. Also, read How to Fix Roku TV Black Screen Error | Restore the Image on Roku

7. If all Fail

If you could not activate the Roku device despite following all the above-given instructions, then you should not worry. What you need to do in order to tackle this issue is to de-link all your connections and get them back along with the power cable. By doing so, you should be able to activate the Roku device by using the Go Roku com feature.

Wrapping Up

I have written the article while keeping in mind the exact demand that most people, like Roku subscribers, are looking for these days. Most people, when they purchase the Roku device, do not know how to make the device perform well as what is written in the list. However, very few of us know that if the Roku device does not function or perform accordingly, there might be an issue with the selection with the wrong input. I have exactly given troubleshooting steps in this article that will help you to learn about how to get the Go Roku com selectinput features. The troubleshooting steps are so easy to understand that every one of us can follow them and implement them accordingly. If there is any other question related to how to get go Roku com selectinput feature on Roku Device, please write back to me in the comments section below.


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