Instafest is an app that compiles your most listened artists in the form of a festival line-up. It is cool in the way that it makes you feel grand about your own listening habits. It lets you share your grandeur in a way that your friends feel inspired to share theirs. Just like Spotify Wrapped memes, Spotify Fest is also gaining a lot of social media clout. Instafest partnered with Spotify so you can create an awesome playlist and make the lineup of your Spotify listened to tracks, and albums through Instafest. This article is dedicated to showing you how to see your fest on Spotify. Let me!

How to See Your Fest on Spotify in 2022?

So, share your Spotify Wrapped and the magical Instafest musical taste with your friends at your festival. Here’s how to see Instafest Spotify: Also, read Spotify Instafest: How to Get Spotify Instafest App? You can share your Instafest poster on all social media platforms. These festival posters are already taking over a lot of bandwidth through Twitter. There is Apple Music’s Replay and Spotify Wrapped. But the Spotify fest seems to have stolen the show this year as a prelude to both. Also, read How to Get Spotify Receipt Based on Your Favorite Songs?

How do I Get My Spotify Festival Lineup?

When I first saw the tweets and Instagram stories of these festivals, I was like whaaaa! How is it possible that Post Malone, John Mayer, and Laura Marling are performing at a festival somewhere, and I haven’t heard about it anywhere before today? And Amy Winehouse? Is this some kind of tribute night? But not too late, I understood what it was. Also, read What is Alt Z on Spotify? Find Out The Meaning NOW! At first, I thought it was an inbuilt feature on Spotify. I searched for it on the app. I was utterly disappointed. With some research, I found an app called Instafest. And I am sorted now. The Spotify Festival lineup is nothing but your most-listened-to artists divided into three groups showing as lineups for a three-day festival. So, you cannot build your own festival lineup deliberately. You have been creating your lineup all this year without your knowledge. Also, read How to Get Spotify Festival Lineup? Everything You Need to know

Wrapping Up

So, now you know how to see your fest on Spotify. You can share your festival poster displaying your lineup and dates almost anywhere you want. This is another way of Spotify telling you that you are very lucky to be using Spotify. These annual stats by Spotify and third-party apps partnering with Spotify are also a part of really great marketing strategies by the music and podcast streaming giant. And with another exciting something, I will see you again. Ciao!


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