Well, many people do use Spotify for Podcasts. Spotify has millions of podcasts, and millions of people are hooked to the best podcasts on Spotify. So, when Spotify Wrapped came out this year, podcast lovers from all over the world were as curious about Spotify Wrapped’s podcast stats inclusion as the general Spotify lovers for Spotify Wrapped memes and the top 0.05% Spotify. So, coming back to the main topic of the day, “How to see Spotify Wrapped 2022 podcast stats,” Spotify does include podcast stats in Wrapped. If you missed it the first time, you could rewatch your Wrapped, and you will notice that podcasts are included. If you have listened to enough podcasts, your Spotify Personality Type will also be affected by your podcast listening habits.

How to See Spotify Wrapped 2022 Podcast Stats?

So, how to see Spotify Wrapped 2022 podcast stats? Spotify, come December, evaluates your listening habits, compiles your total listening hours, and presents the stats in a colorful slideshow. This is called Spotify Wrapped. You can share anything from this slideshow on Social Media. But Spotify says that for your podcast to show in that story/slideshow, you must have at least three podcasts you listen to. The bare minimum number of unique episodes to have watched is three. Furthermore, listening to three podcasts in a day doesn’t count. The three podcasts must have been listened to in three or more separate days. This could get you one podcast story on your Spotify Wrapped slideshow. Also, read What’s the Highest Spotify Wrapped Minutes 2022? If you didn’t receive a podcast story on Wrapped, you should know that you have not listened to podcasts enough. Well, this is decided by Spotify; how much is enough? I know how to see Spotify Wrapped 2022 podcast stats is not clearly answered yet. But you have to understand this the topic itself is not that straightforward.

How to See Your Most-Listened Podcasts on Spotify Wrapped?

Firstly, as I have mentioned earlier, you might not get podcast statistics on Wrapped if you haven’t listened to podcasts enough as per Spotify’s algorithm. Also, Spotify starts and stops collecting data for Wrapped on specific dates. So if you have listened to your favorite podcasts outside that timeframe, your podcast listening data will not be recorded. But if you do have podcast stats included in your Wrapped slideshow, you will be able to see a story Top Podcasts in the Wrapped section of your Spotify app. This is where you will be able to see your most-listened podcasts. And that is how to see Spotify Wrapped 2022 podcast stats. This Top Podcasts story is just like the Top Artists and Top Songs stories. Even if you don’t have the Top Podcasts story, know that your total listening minutes include minutes from both music and podcast listening. Also, read How Accurate is Spotify Wrapped in 2022? If you want to know the most popular global podcasts of 2022, according to Spotify, here are they.

Wrapping Up

So, the question, “How to See Spotify Wrapped 2022 Podcast Stats,” has been answered. It is what it is. Some people have got their podcast stats included on their Spotify Wrapped; some haven’t. But if you listen to podcasts enough from now on, you will definitely get a podcast stats story on your Wrapped 2023 if you are so serious about it. And as always, signing off but not for long. Ciao fellas!


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