I have come up with some instructions which are not only simple but very effective as well, that shall help you view the old notifications on your iPhone and read them. The procedure is straightforward and what you need is just proper attention and an iPhone, which is charged and ready to use. Once you get back your old notifications, you surely will get a lot of meaningful communication back. Therefore, get ready to go through the article in detail to know how to see deleted notifications on iPhone, and view and read them as you want.

How To See Deleted Notifications On iPhone | 13 Simples Steps to Follow

Current messages on your iPhone’s home screen must continue to be shown for a while. They may soon vanish or be supplanted by more modern ones, though. Remembering missed notifications is easy if you should happen to do so (know how to see deleted notifications on iPhone).

1. Turn on the Phone Screen

When looking to know know how to see deleted notifications on iPhone, you need to understand few things here. If the touchscreen on your iPhone is off, you can switch it on by pushing it or, depending on the model of your iPhone, by pushing the Power or Home key.

2. Swipe Down Lock Screen

To display a collection of notifications on your iPhone’s home screen, slide downward. No Older Notifications will show up when there are no notifications to load up. Note: You may scroll down from just off the top of the screen to bring up notifications when your iPhone opens fast using Face ID. Also, read How To Hide Apps On iPhone | Tricks To Maintain Your Privacy

3. Number of Apps Originated From

You might see all of the outstanding notifications, and they might be grouped according to the application they came from, based on how many there are.

4. Pull Up the Open Button

To display the Open button for notification, such as with a text, press it.

5. Unlock The Phone With Touch ID or Face ID

To launch the associated application, click Open. You must first unlock your iPhone using your Face ID, Touch ID, or your password if it is locked in approval to progress.

6. Get to The Options

To see the Options and Clear/Clear All buttons for a notification (or collection of alerts) swipe left on the notification.

7. Open the Small Menu

To change the notification preferences for the application from which the notification came, click Options to bring up a small menu. The setting allows you to either completely disable app notifications or muffle them as needed. Also, read How to Make a GIF on iPhone | Know the Amazing Features of Your Phone

8. Tap Clear or All Clear

To remove alerts from a categorized group, tap Clear or Clear All (depending on whether there are one or more notifications in the group). This won’t change anything within the app itself, but it will delete existing notifications from your lock screen until new ones come.  Additionally, it won’t have an impact on any notification flags that could show up on the app icon.

9. Choose to Clear All Notifications

Click X (next to Notification Center), and select Clear All Notifications to remove all active notifications at once. This will eliminate any current alerts from your iPhone’s home screen, much like Clear All did.

10. See Notifications

Scroll down from the top-left edge of the screen to see notifications while your smartphone is not on the lock screen. While it won’t exactly freeze your phone, doing this will display the lock screen on your iPhone.

11. Accessible Notifications

Any accessible notifications would be listed on the home screen (when it is unlocked), grouped by app.

12. No Older Notifications

No Older Notifications will be shown on the display when there are no notifications to read.

13. Interact with Notifications

Any accessible notifications can be handled in the same manner as before. Above given instructions should help you know fully know how to see deleted notifications on iPhone. Also, read How To Turn Off AirPlay on iPhone | 5 Simple Methods to Try Now

Wrapping Up

iPhone has some tremendous features and functions that most users are unaware of (know how to see deleted notifications on iPhone). The need of the hour is to explore the all settings and features of this wonderful gadget to enhance the experience of using an iPhone.  Most of the time, we think of getting iPhone for camera use and its outer look. However, that is not the case. There is an ocean of hidden and amazing features available with the iPhone and among them, one is viewing deleted notifications. I hope, this article has fully helped you to learn about how to see deleted notifications on your iPhone making your experience better. If there is any other question related to how to see deleted notifications on iPhone, please write back to me in the comments section below.


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