When you face a technical glitch in your Roku device, and it is not performing the way it should, you should try to reset it once. The resetting can be done in several ways. Initially, it would help if you thought of resetting the device since all your credentials on the Roku account will not be deleted and will remain as it is. Testing has proved that resetting resolves apps that are most often crashing or freezing in most cases. If the problem persists there, another option is factory resetting. This is considered the more fruitful way to restore the device to its actual settings. I will take you through detailed steps to know, and you will get full technical support with easy steps.

How to Restart Roku TV With Remote?

As far as how to restart Roku TV in seconds is concerned, you can do it from the Settings menu. If that didn’t work, then go for a forced reboot while clicking a series of icons on the Roku remote or plugging out the power cord of Roku. To restart the Roku TV, please follow the underlying steps:

  1. Scroll down to the main Settings option
  2. Choose the Settings menu.
  3. Click on the System option. Press OK on your remote to start the menu.
  4. Browse to “System restart” and click the “OK” button on your remote.
  5. Choose “Restart.” Your device would then switch off and then back on. Although the gadget is booting, you would see the bobbing Roku symbol. in connection with how to restart Roku TV in seconds, remember that the first and second-generation Roku TVs may not have a System Restart option when viewing the settings interface. Nevertheless, all new versions do have this option. Also, read How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Roku in 2022 | Solve it Now!

How to Restart Roku TV Without Remote?

When looking to know how to restart Roku TV in seconds, what could be more annoying than misplacing your Roku remote? Since you can only connect your favorite films with the wifi-enabled remote. It can be excruciatingly painful if you end up losing or destroying it. So, how do you restart your device if your remote control is broken?

  1. Immediate Reboot: If the device you are using belongs to first or second, the tap for restarting the gadget may not appear in the settings area. Assume this is the scenario, then I recommend you restart the device immediately.  You could indeed accomplish this by following the steps outlined below. Wait at least two minutes after unplugging your power cord. Reconnect your cable and wait for your streaming player to reboot. While you queue for the process to be completed, you will see the Roku logo graphics. After that, you could return to your main screen and watch your favorite shows. Also, read How to Fix Roku Airplay Not Working in 2022 | Easy Troubleshooting Steps
  2. Install the Roku App: You can browse the Settings page using the Roku app if you have it placed on your Android or iOS device. If not, you can download it from Google Play or App Store. Nevertheless, you must use this method if your streaming player and cell phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Restart Your Roku TV if it is Frozen?

While talking about how to restart Roku TV in seconds, assume your Roku TV is experiencing a severe technical issue. The device may freeze and prevent you from accessing the menu options. To resolve this issue, you need to press a series of buttons on the remote to initiate a reboot.

  1. Click the Home button five times.
  2. Tap the Up arrow once.
  3. Select the Rewind icon two times.
  4. Tap the Fast Forward icon two times.
  5. The Roku will turn off automatically once you have pressed all of the buttons in the correct order. After a few seconds, the Roku logo will return, followed by the home screen. Also, read How to Fix Roku Remote No Volume Control Error | Follow the Steps

When should you Restart the Roku TV?

Once we get going, let’s speak over if you should restart or factory reset your broadcasting gadget. Unless your gadget is malfunctioning, you can use either method. These issues might result from glitchy stream apps or software upgrades that end up causing intermittent freezing or crashing. Since performing a factory reset restores your gadget to its default options. I suggest trying restarting it first. By doing this, you shall get an answer on how to restart Roku TV in seconds. Also, read How to Clear Cache on Roku in 2022 | Resolve Issues Now!

How to Factory Reset a Roku TV?

The Roku device will return to its original state if you perform a factory reset. The gadget can be factory reset in two ways: by selecting the reset option from the Settings menu or by clicking the reset icon on the back of the device.

  1. To factory reset your Roku, go to Settings and select Factory Reset.
  2. To return to the home screen, press the Home button on the Roku remote.
  3. Search the Settings option by browsing down till you find it.
  4. Click OK on the Roku remote to choose Settings.
  5. Select the System option from the accessible menu list
  6. Select the Advanced system settings option.
  7. Choose Factory reset from the available menu list. Also, read How to Turn Off Voice on Roku in 2022 | No More Voice Assistant

What Happens When You Reset the Roku TV?

Once Roku TV is reset, the booting process of the screen will start automatically. If you don’t offer or surrender the device but want to use it once more, you’ll need to reconnect to your home network. When the Roku gadget is connected, log in to your account on the PC or smartphone to relink it to your profile. The installation of Roku channels will begin once the device is added to the Roku profile. Login to channel apps then once more. Also, read How to Turn Off Closed Caption on Roku | Basic Roku Hacks in 2022

Wrapping up

As far as how to restart Roku TV in seconds is concerned, Roku TV allows you to watch the greatest superhero films and most anticipated shows on your television screen. Their streaming players are customizable and can survive extended periods of viewing. However, faulty software upgrades or recently installed apps can occasionally cause your gadget to stop working or operate sluggishly. Luckily, you can restart your Roku TV with or without the remote using any of the techniques above. I hope you have fully learned how to restart Roku TV in seconds with the help of this article.


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