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How to Reset TikTok For You Page?

Your TikTok ‘For You’ Page shows you content based on your liking. It is a highly sophisticated system that works according to your likes and dislikes. You can easily change what you want to see on TikTok For You Page by hacking the TikTok algorithm. There are two ways to indicate to TikTok that you don’t want to watch the content being recommended to you. Let us have a look at them.

How to Reset TikTok For You Page Through Settings?

When you want to reset your FYP experience, first clear your TikTok cache. However, it will not completely solve your problem of seeing content that you do not want to, but it will help you make a fresh start. Hence, to do the same, please refer to the details below. After clearing the cache, you now open your ‘For You’ Page. Here you have to mark the type of videos that you are not interested in. Mark them as “not interested.” You have to long-press on the related videos you come across on your FYP and click on “Not interested.” Repeat the process for the videos you do not want to watch. When you show your dislike for certain types of content, your FYP algorithm will work accordingly. You get the results in a short time. Also, read How To Submit An Appeal On TikTok? Get Your TikTok Account Back

How to Reset TikTok For You Page Through Search Icon?

The search magnifying icon on TikTok can help you to get the customized For You Page. If you want to know how to reset TikTok For You Page through the search icon, go through the following steps.

How to Reset TikTok Feed?

When the For You page has certain things that are not much of interest, you can change or remove them. You can try a few things that help to customize your feed with your interests better.

  1. Empty The Cache: When you want to make the TikTok Cache then, you have to go to the profile and click on the hamburger option, then click on ‘Settings and privacy.’ After that, come down and click on ‘Clear cache.’
  2. Go through your likes and favorites: It is always thoughtful when you go through your likes and favorite videos and remove things in which you are no longer interested.
  3. Unfollow accounts: You can also unfollow the users who are not posting relevant content in which you are interested.
  4. Use the ‘Not interested’ button: When you are watching a video on your FYP, then you can long press and hold on to a video and click on the option of ‘Not interested. This indicates that you no longer want to see similar types of content.
  5. Interact more with the type of content you want to see: When you see a video you like on your feed, always like and even comment on it. This will help you to see similar pop-ups on your FYP in the future. Hence, when you change your options on the For You Page can take time and patience. It will help you to see content in which you are actually interested. Also, read How To Find Someone On TikTok With Username, Phone Number & More

How Does the TikTok For You Page (FYP) Work?

It is easy and, at the same time, crucial to understand how the For You Page works. The content in the FYP is quite complex, with some videos that, as per the prediction of TikTok, you may like. It also includes a list of new niches that TikTok wants to introduce.
When you frequently interact with a particular type of content through TikToks, the FYP algorithm will get you the same kind of videos. The type of content you like on TikTok, the FYP also shows content based on the people you follow, your current location, and your language. The group of recommendations is based on habits and personal data. TikTok brings in new and fresh niches and content that may not be a result of your activity. This type of content is majorly used for bringing up things and avoid keeping people glued to similar kind of content. Also, read What Does Pinned Mean On TikTok & How To Pin On TikTok (2022)

How To Reset TikTok For You Page?

Wrapping Up

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