Since wireless remotes have made streaming and selecting the channels easy for the people. However, it can create trouble for people to stream the content when it doesn’t connect. In this situation, I recommend resetting the Firestick remote. I have come up with the steps that will guide you about the resetting process and you should be able to fix it within minutes. Let’s walk through the article to know how to reset Firestick Remote and enjoy the streaming of favorite programs easily.

How to Reset Firestick Remote | Follow the 7 Best Steps

If you are facing a problem like the Firestick remote not connecting with the device, then you should first try to fix it with the device only. There are a series of buttons that you should press and hold to see if the remote works. Also, read How to Pair Firestick Remote in 2022 | Get Your Firestick Remote Working Easily If it doesn’t work, then you should look to change or replace the batteries. Implementing the above two steps should work well. If not, then follow the steps given below to learn how to reset Firestick Remote:

1. Unplug Your Firestick  TV

In connection with the how to reset Firestick Remote, to begin, disconnect your Fire TV Stick’s power cord. Unplugging your Fire TV is required to avoid interfering with the resetting procedure. Part of the process entails hitting a number of keys on your control. As a result, once it’s hooked in, it’ll obey the instructions of the pushed keys. Your Firestick remote will not be able to be reset. Furthermore, unplugging the Fire TV Stick allows the resetting to take place properly. A faulty reset could make your Firestick control even worse. Also, read FuboTV on FireStick: How to Stream in 2022 | Stream What You Want

2. Click and Hold a Number of Buttons

As far as how to reset Firestick Remote is concerned, there are various types of Firestick remotes, and the methods for resetting them differ. At least as far as this specific phase is concerned. While you go any further, figure out which remote edition you possess. Here’s a rundown of the many Firestick remotes:

  1. Remote Control, Basic Edition (non-voice).
  2. Smart TV Remote for Fire TV (have channel buttons). 3 Alexa Voice Remote Control (with power and volume buttons).
  3. Lite Alexa Voice Remote (have a TV icon in the middle).
  4. Alexa Voice Remote 1st Gen (no power and volume buttons). The next step is to figure out which category your remote edition falls to. A Firestick remote can be reset in two ways. It also relies on the model you’re using. Also, read How to Get PPV on Firestick? Best Tips and Tricks in 2022 Let’s divide the models into two categories to make it easier for you to follow along.
  5. Alexa Voice Remote 1st Gen and Basic Edition Remote
  6. Alexa Voice Remote, Alexa Voice Remote Lite, and Fire TV Smart TV Remote.

3. Leave the Remote at rest for 5 seconds

Wait at least 5 seconds after pressing the keys. By doing so, your Firestick remote would be able to process the activities you took. It will also give your remote enough time to update its system. Remember: Resetting your Firestick remote to factory settings does not erase any information. In some ways, resetting it is the same as refreshing its system. It will detach your remote from the Fire TV Stick gadget, but that’s all it does. Also, read How to Install Fox Sports Go on Fire TV | Watch Restriction Free Sports Content

4. Remove the Batteries from the Remote

Further talking about how to reset Firestick Remote while removing the batteries, we should follow the procedure correctly. Unplug the batteries from your controller for the fourth step The batteries are located on the back of all Firestick remotes. Only the battery box cover needs to be slipped down. Then take the batteries out of the remote. Two AAA batteries are required for the Firestick remote. The batteries are either side-by-side or vertically placed, according to the model. While you’re at it, check your batteries and change them if necessary. The batteries in Firestick remotes could last up to 5 months in most cases. If you’re not a big user, it may take a little longer. Also, read How to Connect Firestick to Roku TV in 2022 | Use Fire Stick to Stream Unlimited Content

5. Reconnect the Firestick TV

6. Fix the Batteries Back to the Remote

After that, replace the two AAA batteries in your Firestick remote. Ensure the batteries are in the right spot. Verify that the positive and negative ends of the batteries are connected in the correct way.

7. Hit the Home Button

When Can Your Firestick Remote be Reset?

If you are remote has become unresponsive and is not behaving well, you should straightaway go for resetting the remote. There could be other reasons when your remote struggles to connect with the device. Following are the other reasons: 

  1. Disconnected Bluetooth
  2. Outdated TV Firmware
  3. Drained Batteries
  4. Slow Internet connection Therefore, it is recommended that before you think of resetting the Firestick Remote, try to ask yourself a few questions first:
  5. Did I position the batteries correctly?
  6. Are these batteries fully charged?
  7. Do I have a stable and reliable internet connection?
  8. Did I position the TV near the Wifi router?
  9. Did I update the TV software?
  10. Aren’t there any other gadgets interfering with the signal of the Firestick remote? If all these questions find suitable answers then you should go for resetting without any delay (how to reset Firestick Remote). Also, read Can You Use A Firestick On A Laptop? 100% Working Solutions

Wrapping Up

To fix this issue of how to reset Firestick Remote, I have come up with a solution that will help you to understand how to reset Firestick Remote so that you will connect it again with the Firestick TV to enjoy the streaming. I recommend going through all the steps carefully and noting down the instructions, which shall help you to understand how to reset Firestick Remote. If there is any other question related to how to reset Firestick Remote, kindly write back to me in the comments section below.


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