Gas is the latest social media app that is aimed to be a secure environment where you can engage with your friends, classmates, and acquittances. You can only communicate with individuals who you have accepted as friends and who have accepted you as their friend. Communication is only possible by using polls. The Gas app does not support user-to-user texting, in contrast to services like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. You may want to remove an individual from your friend list if they are not behaving as per your expectations — not engaging with you, voting against you, making fun of you, or for any other reasons. So here I am! I have compiled the easiest method to follow. Let’s learn how to remove a friend in Gas app.

How to Remove a Friend in Gas App?

Before we solve how to remove a friend in Gas app, let us know why it is important to remove a person from the friend list. There may be individuals in your social media bubble that bother and anger you. There are many different reasons for unfriending someone as well. Some people decide to clean their buddy list by deleting acquaintances they don’t know well or don’t communicate with anymore. The material they share, such as excessive negativity, divergent political opinions, excessive negativity, or spam messages, may also cause someone to unfriend someone. Users may unfriend each other in severe situations if they are being bullied or intimidated. Here is the process to weed out such people from your Gas app profile. So, let’s take a look at how to remove a friend in Gas app. Step 1: Head to your profile page. It is the page where you share your polls, update your profile picture, and write about yourself. Step 2: Tap the Added tab. Here you will have a list of people whom you have added to your friend list. Step 3: Navigate to the person whom you want to throw out of your Gas account’s friend list. Step 4: Here you are on the final step, tap on the REMOVE FRIEND option to get rid of the person. Voila! You have done it. That is how to remove a friend in Gas App. This process is a cakewalk, isn’t it? I know, and believe me, it is normal as well if you are mad at a person (even your best friend) because they have harmed you, but to err is human, isn’t that? To forgive is divine, as you know. If you have felt for them and you don’t know how to add them back to your Gas App friend list. Then hold your horses, comrade! Do you really want to add them back? Yes? Okay, here we go. Also, read What are Coins in Gas App & How To Get Them

How to Add a Friend in the Gas App?

As you will agree with me that it is easy to learn how to remove a friend on Gas app. Similarly, it is super easy to follow the guide on how to add a friend in Gas app. Let us get started! Go to the Add Friends page. It gets enabled when you swipe up in the Gas app. Now you have four options to add a friend. Option 1: Add your friend from contacts. Simply, surf the contacts on the Add Friends page and get going. If they are not on the app, you can invite them in the second section of the page. The first section lists those contacts who are already registered and using the platform. Option 2: Add people who are friends of your friends. The Gas app lets two people get connected who have a common or a mutual friend. So, if you are my friend on the Gas app, you can add my friends, and I can add yours too. Option 3: Look for a friend’s username to add him in the search bar. Type in the username of your friend whom you want to connect to and select them in the results. Option 4: Adding a friend from the list of schools available at the Gas app. If your friend’s school is listed on the Gas app, you can search for them there. In the search bar, look for your friends’ schools. Once you get the results, tap on them and pick the friend. Once you find the name from any of the options mentioned here, open their profile and hit Add As A Friend. It will send them your friend request. Once they receive it, and accept it, they will get added to your friend list. You can access your friend list on your profile under the Added tab. Appreciate the app with your friends and see who liked you and who has voted for you. Also, read How to Join School in Gas App in 6 Easy Steps [2022]

Wrapping Up

That is all about how you remove a friend in Gas app as well as how to add a friend in Gas app. It is always a good idea to behave politely online as well as offline. However, removing and reporting people who make your online experience dirty is more important. We all are responsible for keeping our virtual and real-world peaceful and loving. Accept people with their weaknesses. But don’t accept activities that harm you or any other — whether they are related to you or not. That is all for now. I hope you will return and enjoy surfing more articles like this. We have covered almost all for you. If you don’t find any article, don’t hesitate to mention that in the comment box; after all, Path of EX is exclusively for you and for the readers like you.


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