It’s important to know that the ability to add the option of adding reminders on Instagram post is only accessible to professionals with professional accounts. It’s a breeze to change your Instagram account to an official professional profile.

Step 1. Create a new Instagram feed post

Create an entirely new feed post in the same way you normally would. Select which images or videos to add to your blog post and then edit them in the way you like. You can also add reminders for posts with branded tags and posts that have tags for products. Although you can increase the visibility of posts with reminders, you can’t make use of them to create advertisements. Remember this when you pick your pictures.

Step 2: Tap Add Reminder

This New Post screen that appears after you have created an original Instagram post now includes an option to add a reminder: It’s located between Tag People and Add Location buttons. Press the Add Reminder icon to display the settings screen to set your reminder.

Step 3. Make sure you name your event

There are many posts you can make for one occasion, therefore it’s crucial to assign your reminders a specific name, so that you can easily identify it in the future. All you have to do is type in the event’s title in the “Event Name” …”” field. Make it short and descriptive for example “Sephora Giveaway.”

Step 4. Add a beginning time for your event.

Pick a time to start your event to let your guests are aware of the time: The time you start your post must be at least an hour after the creation of your blog post. You may extend it as long as three months. Select a time that your followers are the most active. This information is available within the account’s Insights report. Moreover, If you are looking for a service for your IG Likes, you can also Buy Instagram Likes easily and safely. 

Step 5. Add an ending time to your event.

This is not required However, you can include a timer to your event. If your guests know how long the event will be, it will help them to incorporate it into their timetables.

Step 6: Share your post

After you’ve set your reminder, add captions, and then edit the remainder on your New Post screen. Finally, publish your post. You could even add the post on the Stories on your Instagram Stories. This will ensure that only those who view your Stories will see the reminder as well. It appears in the form of a tiny bell icon that overlays the lower left-hand corner your post: If your followers are able to see you’re reminding (bell icon) you can invite them to hit the bell icon to receive messages for your event: Followers of yours will receive the following messages:

Notification of the feed’s activity up to 24 hours before the event.Feed of activity and Push notifications 15 minutes prior to the event.The feed for activity and push notifications once the event begins.It is also possible to create additional posts to promote the occasion.

Once you’ve created an event, and then share the first blog post about it you’ll be able choose it as you write more posts. Click Add Reminder just as you did in the past selecting it. People usually buy Instagram followers Nigeria to make their success easier and prettier. You can also do that by using FollowersBucket.

How can you make use of Instagram reminders on social media marketing

Yes, the similarities and follows you receive might not turn into dollar bills instantly, but it’s just math and The more power you hold the greater chance you’ll have to make profits. This is what makes organic reach extremely effective. It allows you to convert traffic from social media without having to invest those funds back in it via ads. If you don’t engage, your chances of expanding organic reach diminish.

Why is it important to remind yourself for Instagram Marketing?

Marketing on social media requires interaction is why reminding users is so crucial to Instagram marketing. Each time you post something on Instagram it is important to check for likes, comments as well as re-posts, followers and likes. This lets you know that there is a large and engaged audience that is eager to see the next step you take. But, if your engagement levels are low it is time to implement new strategies to boost it. Instagram offers a variety of built-in tools to help with this, such as ads and posts that are boosted: Instagram reminders are just another tool that you can add to your arsenal to increase engagement whenever you need it. Instead of liking a post with an image and caption that you’ve written to announce your event, reminding messages provide your followers with an easier way to affirm “yes, I’m interested! In addition, it improves the chances of actively participating.

What are the events you should utilize Instagram to remind you of?

Promoting Instagram lives, for example, the idea of a raffle event is among the best methods to make use of Instagram reminders. But, your event doesn’t necessarily have to be featured advertised on Instagram in order to advertise it via the social media platform. Instagram reminders are just an option to send activity feeds as well as Push notifications to followers to inform your followers about your event and encourage them to be there. Here are a few more forthcoming events that you can advertise by using Instagram reminders:

New product launchesNew content is releasedLive streams and webinars can be found on different platformsConventions/meatus


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