Hence, read this article to know how to recognize fake Instagram accounts. You will get all the required details and guidelines to follow to understand whether an account on Instagram is fake or not.

How to Recognize Fake Instagram Accounts?

There are several ways to understand whether the Instagram id is fake. You can refer to the points mentioned below to recognize fake Instagram accounts.

1. Realistic Profile Picture

Fake profiles always try to portray themselves as accurately as possible. So they use photos of very attractive people to seek attention. So, always look for profile pictures and judge for yourself whether they can be real or not. With this method, you can easily recognize fake Instagram accounts. Also, read How to Remove Fake Instagram Followers? Best Apps to Use in 2022

2. Strange Posts

Fake profiles always carry posts and photos of people they do not know or even resemble. Fake profiles always post weird posts and images through which you can make out that they are not real. Hence, be careful before sharing your details if you find anything suspicious. By looking at the profile’s content, you can easily recognize fake Instagram followers. Accounts meant to con people always have mixed-quality content, a sign of a fake account. They post either high-quality images or low-quality images. They may also include many positive things about themselves in the portfolio. But most of the things mentioned in the portfolio are far from being true.

3. Maximum Number of Posts Shared in a Day

Look for the posts uploaded on the profile whenever you encounter a fake Instagram account. They may look real or even be posted in a few days. I can assure you that such posts generally tend to be fake. Such people try to attract others with those posts and create hype. Later they use the posts to earn money.

4. Number of Followers Exceeds the Number of Followings

This is one of the most prominent and common ways to recognize fake Instagram accounts. Such accounts have only one motive; they want to be sold as followers to people who purchase them. Fake accounts follow other accounts to the maximum limit permissible on the platform, which is 7500. You will be surprised to know some fake accounts even follow each other to look more genuine to others. Some fake accounts are created to follow other fake accounts, and some are created to buy those fake accounts. Hence, we want to warn you to be safe and always observe the account before following it. It does not imply that accounts with 7500 followers are all fake accounts but taking things slow would never lead you to danger. Also, read How to Hide Follower List on Instagram | Choose Your Followers Now

5. Always Look for the First Post

Fake Instagram accounts will always be fresh accounts which are not created long ago. This happens because Instagram is very strict about fake accounts. They immediately remove it when they grow suspicious about such accounts or find similar accounts. Hence, such accounts crop up again and are never too old. So always check when that account’s first post was shared on Instagram to recognize fake Instagram accounts.

6. Less Number of Photos Shared

The account that is not authentic always has a few posts with many followers. Such a scenario can only take place for a celebrity but not for any common person. So always look for the number of posts and followers in that account. Fake accounts try to rob people of their money in a shorter period. So they try to incorporate as many posts as possible into the account. You will find no connection or something strange in the number of photos or the posts shared on the account. So, be careful when you see these warning signals on Instagram. Also, read How to Fix Reels Video Save Option Not Showing on Instagram | 3 Easy Fixes

7. Maximum Number of Followers but With Low Engagement

Some people buy fake followers to increase the credibility of their accounts. But there are accounts with a few thousand followers to show their credibility. But the strange thing is you will not find more engagement on their posts. This is also a point that proves that the account is fake. People follow any person on their account to engage with them and like their posts. So always stay away from such accounts.

8. Sudden Rise in the Number of Followers

When you see a sudden spike in the number of followers in those accounts, you can rest assured that these are fake accounts. Such accounts belong to fake follower services and get followers from fake accounts which try to look authentic. Also, read Fix: Instagram App Not Loading & Logging In | Get The 8 Fixes Now

9. Following to Follower Ratio

Fake accounts are only created to follow other accounts. Hence, within a short period, the limit exceeds. The standard ratio of followers to the following is 1:1, but fake accounts follow more. Hence, they have fewer followers than they follow.

10. Low-Quality Bios and Profiles

Creating an Instagram profile takes up a lot of your time and effort. But fake profiles are created in a jiffy. Hence, they leave their bio empty or only with a few emojis. Sometimes they write something which is not understandable. Hence, they are fake accounts, and you get to know that within no time. Also, read How To Find Reel Drafts On Instagram With 6 Easy Steps

Wrapping Up

Now you can understand the difference between a fake and an authentic account. And you can easily differentiate between the two. I know this article will help you make the differentiation. Share your experiences with fake Instagram accounts in the comment below. You can subscribe to our website, Path of EX, to learn more about such articles in the days to come.


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