A Suitable Outfit

Wearing something suitable for your interview is a must. It shows that you’ve thought carefully about the company and that you’re tidy and presentable.  Think about the job itself and whether you can get away with wearing something funky or if you should keep the outfit completely professional. For example, if you’re interviewing for a job as a tattoo studio receptionist, you’ll often be able to let your personality shine through what you wear and any tattoos or piercings on the show won’t be an issue. However, if you’re applying for a receptionist job for a wealthy hotel or bank, you might want to wear more formal clothing and cover any visible tattoos on first impressions. The way industries work is constantly evolving, so be sure to check the business’ website to try and find out more about their tone of voice and potentially how their staff dress.

Appropriate Research

Do you know the business’ core values? Do they have any standout achievements that you’ve spotted online?  Having your research ready is incredibly useful. It shows that you’ve got a keen interest in the business and you’re not just there for the money, you intend on staying with them for quite some time.  Having research ready also helps if you get asked any questions during your interview that relate back to the business – it saves having any awkward pauses or not having the correct information to hand. Be sure to take a few notes with you to read over on the way to your interview and just before you head in. 

You’ve Worked Out Your Journey

You’ll want to arrive at your interview on time or slightly early. Being punctual shows that you’re dedicated and will always aim to arrive at work on time ready to start the day. It helps make a great first impression and means that you won’t be stressed or flustered from turning up late.  Make sure you give yourself ample time to get to your interview and that you’ve thought about the type of public transport and when it will arrive. If you’re interviewing in the country’s capital, you’ll want to know train times to London and how long they will take, as well as your route from there. 

You’ve Thought of Some Questions

Interviewers like to be asked a few questions at the end of a session so that they know you’ve been paying attention and that you’re inquisitive about the role.  You could ask simple questions like “What will a typical day in this role look like?” or “Is there room for progression?”.  If you want to impress you could say “I’ve seen on your website that you do ‘X’. Would this be involved in my role too?”. 


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