Complimentary services are not always the best options. That’s because they front as the perfect vehicle for hackers, cybercriminals and malware. Free movie streaming sites are rife with identity theft, hacking, trojans, adware, and keyloggers.  Therefore, it always pays to be safe. Today, we will assess the quality of Asian TV and movie streaming app services. The most important criteria include the following:

  1. A good selection of Chinese dramas – this is obviously the most important factor with your Chinese drama app, and the streaming service you choose should have a good range of dramas to choose from.
  2. HD quality – you want to be able to watch your dramas in high definition, so make sure the streaming service you pick offers HD-quality streams.
  3. Fast streaming speeds – no one likes buffering, so pick a streaming service with fast streaming speeds to avoid any frustrating pauses in your dramas.
  4. English subtitles – unless you’re a fluent Mandarin speaker, you’re going to need English subtitles to follow along with the action. Make sure the streaming service you pick offers subtitles in English.
  5. Chinese language audio – for those times when you want to watch a drama without subtitles, it’s helpful if the streaming service offers Chinese language audio options.
  6. User-friendly interface – you should be able to easily find and select the dramas you want to watch without any confusing menus or complicated navigation.
  7. Mobile-friendly – if you want to be able to watch your dramas on the go, make sure the streaming service you pick has a mobile-friendly website or app.
  8. Affordable – you don’t want to break the bank just to watch your favourite Chinese dramas, so pick a streaming service that’s reasonably priced.
  9. No ads – nobody likes watching commercials, so pick a streaming service that doesn’t show any ads during your dramas.
  10. Free trials – many streaming services offer free trials, so you can try out the service before you commit to paying for it. This is a great way to see if a particular service is right for you.
  11. Money-back guarantees – some streaming services offer money-back guarantees, so if you’re not happy with the service, you can get your money back.
  12. Compatibility with popular devices – you should be able to watch your Chinese dramas on the device of your choice, whether that’s a computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.
  13. Customer support – if you have any problems using the streaming service, it’s helpful to have customer support available to help you out.
  14. Social media integration – many streaming services let you share your thoughts on social media about the dramas you’re watching, so you can connect with other fans.
  15. Forum – a lot of streaming services have forums where you can discuss Chinese dramas with other fans and get recommendations for what to watch next.
  16. Recommendations – most streaming services will offer recommendations for other dramas you might like based on your watching history.
  17. History – it’s helpful to be able to keep track of the dramas you’ve watched, so you can easily pick up where you left off.
  18. Wishlist – if there’s a drama you want to watch, but it’s not available on the streaming service you’re using, you can add it to your wishlist and be notified when it becomes available.
  19. Downloads – some streaming services let you download dramas to watch offline, so you can continue watching even if you’re not connected to the Internet.
  20. Chromecast support – if you have a Chromecast, you can use it to watch Chinese dramas on your TV, making for a more immersive experience.
  21. Regular updates: The app should receive regular updates with new features and bug fixes. 
  22. Parental controls: The app should offer parental controls to ensure children do not access inappropriate content. 


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