A Welsh software programmer called Josh Wardle created and developed this online word game Wordle. The New York Times Company has bought the publishing ownership rights now. You can make your own wordle just as Josh Wardle did. It’s hard to believe, right? But not soo complex to do it.  Just like you can try and maintain your longest wordle streak every day, you can also make your own puzzle in Wordle. We all know how much buzz this Wordle has created since the lockdown from celebrities to teenagers and even among children. You can create your own level of wordle puzzle and send it to your friends and family to play along & solve your puzzle. If it sounds fun to you, you can read on further.

How To Make Your Own Wordle Puzzle | 3 Best Methods

Let’s see 3 easy methods to learn how to make your own wordle puzzle, and you can choose your own 1 convenient method which suits you the most. Methods to make your own Wordle Puzzle are –

1. Custom Wordle

To make your own Wordle-like puzzle, visit Custom Wordle. This is a plain, easy-to-use Wordle-style puzzle maker that adheres to the same rules as the original Wordle, with the exception that the Wordle can have any number of characters.  Steps to make your own wordle in Custom Wordle- Also, read Wordle Color Meaning: Green, Yellow & Grey | Try Out Wordle Color Blind Mode

2. Word Rodeo

If you want to modify the rules of the classic wordle, try Word Rodeo. Another Wordle-like puzzle generator to make your own wordle is Word Rodeo. However, with this one, you can create some of your own new fun rules.   Steps to make your own wordle in Word Rodeo are – Also, read Exact Wordle Score Meaning | Get Wordle Asterisk & Hard Mode On

3. Worble

Check out Worble if you want to make your own wordle puzzles every day like Wordle. If you want your friends to be able to play Wordle whenever you add a new word, they can bookmark your version of the app. Try Worble, which is easier to use than Wordle but also allows you to create your own URL. Steps to make your own wordle in Worble are –

Watch How To Make Your Own Wordle

How To Make Your Own New Custom Puzzle on Wordle?

The participants are not given a chance to create customized Wordle versions on the official Wordle page. Josh Wardle created Wordle as a fun and straightforward word game to play with friends. That doesn’t mean that you cannot make your own wordle anywhere. You can create your own personalized Wordles with some wordle maker software apps. Some gamers have published links that enable anyone to create free, unique Wordles, which allows players to customize the game and increase enjoyment. Also, read 10 Best Word Games Like Wordle: Working In 2022 | Wordle Alternative Games

The Best Free Wordle Makers List

Apart from some of the software apps we just saw above, which primarily help you to make your own wordle. Let’s see some of the other best free Wordle Makers. List of all the 8 Best Free Wordle Makers are –

MonkeyLearn WordCloud WordArtWorditOutWordCloudsEdWordleTagCrowdJason Davies Word CloudTagxedo

Also, read What is The Longest Wordle Streak | Who has Scored the Highest Streak?

Wrapping Up

So, this was how to make your own wordle puzzle. Now that you know the process, just go and make your own customized puzzle and share it with your friends; as said above, challenge your friends and family’s vocabulary with your own wordle. Do share this article with the one who wanna make his/her own wordle puzzle. You must visit Path of EX once, where you can check out all the latest Wordle updates and answers right away. I will see you next time with yet another gaming article. You just enjoy your own new wordle puzzle, and I’ll prepare a new useful blog for you.  Happy Gaming!


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