If this is done correctly, your local business growth can increase a lot faster and build your company’s reputation. Let’s see, then, what steps you can take to bolster your business’s visibility among local audiences.  Ensure you are online locally Although you want to be in front of your customers locally as they stroll past your brick-and-mortar premises, you will also want to find those that search online for local businesses like yours. If you are not sure where to start, there are companies, like Mr SEO, that run specialist SEO campaigns for businesses across Essex and beyond that can point you in the right direction.  Some of the things you could be doing include getting your company on Google local business directories, as well as Facebook and any other local online directory.  Offer free samples Most people like a free sample, so why not try this for your company? You could hire people to stand in the nearest shopping area and give away small samples of your products to people passing by. If you also pass a leaflet with your other services and contact details, you may find that they come and see you.  Try offering something that is already popular, as it will be more likely to get a positive response.  Encourage customer feedback Although this is a good idea for customers in all of the geographical areas that your company serves, it can have a big impact locally. Many people when searching for local products will look at reviews or testimonials to make their final decision.  If you are using an SEO company for your local services, then they can help you work on strategies to find local customers to review your products.  Attend local events Being seen in the local community is an important part of getting noticed as a company. If people start to see your brand at local trade fairs and events, then they will become curious.  Have a couple of people handing out leaflets or free samples as well, in order to engage with potential new customers and show them what your brand is all about.  If you have the budget, you might even go as far as sponsoring local sports teams or events so that you have your brand displayed in a prominent area. You may also be interested in becoming involved in local community projects that offer help and support to the community. These can be good ways to spread the word about your brand and encourage people to find out more about you.  If possible, you are also advised to present yourself as the ‘face’ of your company. Customers tend to trust companies more if they can see the people who work behind the scenes.  Conclusion If you want to raise your company’s profile locally, then these tips will help you achieve that all-important elevated awareness among people who live and work close by. You will likely need to keep your presence in the community visible so that your company becomes a trusted brand locally.   Enquire to the Mr SEO team today, and we can discuss with you which solutions of ours would be best suited to your ambitions to achieve greater local prominence and success for your brand. 


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