Contrary to popular belief, Tor is a legal platform, and using it for illegal purposes is forbidden. Sadly, many people associate Tor with the dark web. They believe that the platform is used for drug dealing, watching pornographic websites, and more.  In reality, none of it is true. Tor is used to add a layer of security and anonymity between you and your web browser. Not everyone wants to give out their browsing history and personal information; therefore, many now use Tor. However, the question is, how to use Tor safely, especially on a mobile device? Well, here’s how you can safely use Tor:

Don’t Add Your Personal Information

First and foremost, you must not add your personal information anywhere when using Tor. It doesn’t mean that Tor is going to misuse your personal information but as you know, Tor is vulnerable to security breaches. It does provide private browsing but it isn’t as safe as other platforms like Google and Microsoft Edge.  To avoid inconvenience, it’s better not to add your personal information anywhere when using Tor. Whether it’s a website asking for your email address or phone number to send you notifications or an online store asking you for your card details, be sure not to use your personal information when using Tor.

Use a VPN

A VPN, an abbreviation for virtual private network, is a technology that adds an additional layer of security between you and your web browser. It keeps your online data secure, hides your IP address, and protects your online identity. When browsing on Tor, one way to make it more secure and safe is by using a VPN, especially when you use Tor on mobile phones.  A VPN will keep you and all your personal information safe, protecting you from all kinds of security breaches. Thankfully, a number of free VPNs are available on the internet these days; thus, you don’t have to worry about the extra expense. If you’re an iOS user, you can get a VPN for your iPhone for free. On the other hand, if you’re an android or windows user, you can get one for them. 

Clear Cache and Cookies

Even though Tor provides great anonymity to you when you’re using the internet, cache and cookies are still problematic. They can help track your online activities. You may have noticed many websites asking you to allow cookies. Well, they do that to keep a track of your visit and personal information. While you may not be able to avoid cookies altogether, what you can do is clear your cache and cookies regularly. In this way, you’ll be making Tor safer and more secure to browse. You can also do it while browsing through the website. Whenever you’re done browsing a website, open the settings and clear cache and cookies. It’s as simple as that. 

Disable Flash, JavaScript, and Java

Privacy is a major concern for most people who use Tor. As you know, software and tools like JavaScript, Java, ActiveX, QuickTime, and Adobe Flash run because of your account privileges, and due to that, your online data remains vulnerable to security breaches.  Not to mention, one of the most dangerous things is JavaScript. It is a quite popular web browser and it often allows tracking. When browsing websites through JavaScript, please know that most of your activities are being tracked. Such platforms also sometimes store cookies from Tor, exposing you to security issues. By disabling them, you can improve the security of Tor. 

Update Your System Frequently

A lot of times, it isn’t your web browser that’s responsible for a security issue but your system. Not updating the device leaves it vulnerable to bugs and viruses, things that can further affect your privacy and security. Not just that, in case your software is old, it becomes easier for third parties to find loopholes and steal your online data. Thus, updating your system frequently is a must. Make sure your software is always up to date so that the security of Tor is never compromised. 

The Takeaway…

Lastly, I suggest you must not use Tor to make Google searches. Google keeps a track of your data and it doesn’t matter if you access it via Tor, it will continue to do so. Therefore, not making Google searches when using Tor is a sensible course of action, especially when one is talking about making Tor safer. Rest assured, the tips and tricks mentioned above can make using Tor more secure than ever; hence, they’re worth a try. 


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