Being a social media manager, I guide people to gain traffic on their social media accounts. After researching Pinterest thoroughly, I realized that many pages and blogs on Pinterest may need my guidance. Then I approached some of them, to my amazement, their response was positive. Hence I made my creative way to earn money from Pinterest without having a blog.  If I can do it and so can you. During my research, I discovered some other ways also. Read the article till the end; maybe you will find your way to earn money on Pinterest. Keep scrolling down to explore your options on how to make money on Pinterest without having an account.

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Oh, God! Is it possible to earn money on Pinterest without a blog? Yes, it is possible, and the below mentioned are the most interesting ways to do so. Keep scrolling down to understand it better.

1. Advertise Your Service

Will you believe me? If I say to advertise your service on Pinterest, you need not own a blog. Pinterest is the best place to advertise your service. An amazing way to earn without a blog is by offering your services.  Every business page and blogger needs a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Pinterest Manager these days. You can offer your service of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant service that helps bloggers, business owners, and beginners grow their online presence.  Also, read How to Sell on Pinterest | An Easy Guide for Beginners

2. Pursue Affiliate Marketing 

How to make money on Pinterest without a blog? If yes, you must choose affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an arrangement through which a website hires people to gain traffic. Provide your services to beginners on Pinterest; everyone will make money in return.  To be a marketer for a page, your role is to create beautiful pins for it and earn a commission. Good news for you Pinterest officially promotes affiliate links.  Also, read How to Find People on Pinterest on iPhone or Android

3. Earn from the Physical Goods Sale

Yes, you heard me right; you can sell physical goods on Pinterest. To pursue physical goods sales on Pinterest, all you need is to have an account on another platform. The platforms like amazon, or even social media accounts, etc.  For effective sales, you can link your pages with product images. Try to make your pictures more attractive so that every viewer clicks on them. Each click will increase the probability of product sales. Do not miss any opportunity to make your picture clickable.  Also, read How to Make Pinterest Account Private in 2022 | Private Pinterest Account

4. Sell Digital Products

Pinterest does accept the selling of digital products. It is one of the smartest ways how to make money on Pinterest without a blog. You must be wondering how? Keep scrolling to know more.

Digital products require no inventory.The manufacturing cost of digital products is less than physical products.

Are you still confused? Thinking about which digital products Pinterest allows for sale. Digital products include e-books, worksheets, designs, graphics, creating planners, digital arts, etc.  Also, read How to Delete Boards on Pinterest | Delete or Archive Boards

5. Sponsorships on Pinterest

Pinterest users with many followers, do you know that you can earn money from your followers. Want to know how to make money on Pinterest without a blog but with your followers? It is a very easy process. Firstly you need to research pages that require promotion. After research, you can approach them to advertise their product on your account to gain traffic. If the page or brand owner agrees, you can ask for your commission share. It will be a win-win situation for both.  Also, read How to Post Pictures on Pinterest | A Simple Guide

Can I search on Pinterest Without an Account?

Yes, for sure you can!  Pinterest is a visual search engine and content mine. Like you search on Google; similarly, you can search on Pinterest. It has millions of users.  You are looking for inspiration ideas, decor ideas or makeovers, or anything. Just name a thing and search on Pinterest; you will get countless ideas. Pinterest is not only restricted to ideas, and it provides you with earning opportunities too.  Create an account and earn from Pinterest! Be your boss!

Wrapping Up

Yes, there are many ways to earn money on Pinterest. If you are not an influencer or blogger do not worry. You can still earn money from Pinterest. To understand what are the ways you can explore to make money on Pinterest, the above information will be more useful. Also, share in comments which way you choose and motivate others too. Waiting for your comments.


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