Pearpop is a Los Angeles-based social media affiliation platform. In October 2020, Cole Mason and Guy Oseary co-founded the business. The platform’s main feature is Challenges, which enable marketers to develop innovative campaigns on-demand and rapidly. Since its launch, the forum has attracted over 200,000 producers from TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have a good hold on creative content creation apart from a good follower count, Pearpop will be a great opportunity for you. Be with me; I will show you how to make money from Pearpop.

How to Make Money from Pearpop?

Though Pearpop treats all account holders who link their accounts to the platform as a creator, it is somehow better to have a hold on your account and content creation. This will help you attract more viewers and some dedicated subscribers. And at the end of the day, be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform, views and engagements matter. Let’s now dive into the process of how to make money from Pearpop. Also, read How to Get Verified on Poparazzi: The Ultimate Guide

Step 01: Create an Account

The first step you need to take is to create a Pearpop account where you will create and publish your content. If you already have an account, you don’t need to create a new one unless you have different ideas or businesses in your mind. As of now, Pearpop supports Instagram and Twitter, and TikTok is already there since its launch. To create an account on Pearpop, launch the Pearpop app on your phone, or go to the Pearpop website. To sign up, you must provide your first and last name, email ID, and a strong password. Verify your email address to finish the setup.

Step 02: Update Your Banking Details.

Create a PayPal account if you don’t have one, and link it to your Pearpop profile. Pearpop is going to launch new payout methods apart from PayPal. Check what is available and comfortable for you. But do not keep your payout method or detail blank. Also, read How to Send Pictures to Only One Person on Locket Widget App: Easy 5 Steps to Follow

Step 03: Set Up Your Social Media Accounts

Once you have created a Pearpop account, you need to set up your social media handles— TikTok, Twitter, and/or Instagram — with your genuine details, upload profile pictures, and make your social media account(s) public.

After setting up your Pearpop account, you need to link it to your social media handles- Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Select your social media platform, type in your handle in the given space, and hit Sign Up. Also, read How to Delete an Account in Locket App: An Easy 7-Step Guide

Step 05: Complete the Account Linking Formalities

Approve your linking request on your social media account and permit everything Pearpop wants you to do. If you did not allow a point or two, you could not proceed or monetize the content with Pearpop.

Step 06: Sign Up for a Pearpop Challenge

Sign up for the Challenge that fits your creative genre or your social media content type. The Challenges are generated by advertising agencies or the brands themselves. The Challenges are nothing but a kind of advertisement which you need to create in your own way. You are not allowed to copy other content creators who are working on the same ad (or Challenges). Also, read How to Use The Locket Widget App in 2022: A Complete User Guide

Step 07: Create Content for the Pearpop Challenge

Now create your content to meet the demands of the Challenge you have signed up for. For example, if you signed up for a shirt from a specific company, promote it in your own words and let your creativity attract the viewers and brand as well as the followers you already have on your social media account.

Step 08: Submit Your Entry

Now, as you have created the content, submit it at Pearpop. You will be asked to provide the link to your content and video. Wait for the views; it will monetize your content. Meanwhile, sign up for another challenge and don’t wait or stop until you get revenue against your previous Challenge. Yes, if you are unsure about the legitimacy or authority of the Pearpop platform, you should not waste your time and risk your creative content until and unless things get clear to you. Voila! that is all about how to make money from Pearpop. Just make your content attractive and innovative to get more views. Do not jump out of your genre. Your followers have subscribed to you for a reason. If you feel a challenge is easy but does not pair with your content genre, try to make it suitable for your type. Also, read What is the Tribel Social Network | Reimagine Your Social Network Now!

Wrapping Up

Have you learned the steps of how to make money from Pearpop? Yes? Then what are you waiting for, give yourself a chance to prove you have a great creativity level. Sign up for the Challenges posted to collaborate with the brands. Be famous, and start earning! If you have got any questions regarding Pearpop, shoot them in the comment box. I will be there to help you out. Keep visiting and surfing Path of EX, your authentic partner for trending stuff.


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