If you’re interested in switching your cable subscription to HBO Max but are wondering how to watch movies, TV shows, and more in high definition – this post is for you. I understand when you watch your favorite HBO Max show, and that black screen constantly annoys you. In that case, viewing HBO Max on full screen on smart TV is a must. So, let’s figure out how to make HBO Max full-screen on TV.

How to Make HBO Max Full Screen on TV?

Luckily, once you start playing your HBO Max show on your smart TV, it automatically becomes full screen. So, I understand knowing how to get HBO Max full screen on TV is important.  If you are using the HBO Max app on your smart TV, and it doesn’t matches your TV’s ratio, then do not worry. It will automatically become full-screen. However, if your app is showing content on a windowed screen on your smart TV, then I would suggest you follow some instructions. I have mentioned troubleshooting full-sc reen issues below to make things easy for you. If you are watching HBO Max on your PC, tablet, or laptop – that is connected to your smart TV, then you should click on the full-screen button, which is in the right side corner.  Also, read How to Log Out of HBO Max on Roku? 3 Simple and Easy Methods

How to Fix HBO Max Not Working Full Screen | Causes, and Solutions 

After trying all the things to make HBO Max full screen, if you are not getting a full screen, then find out how to cancel HBO Max on Xfinity. I have heard many HBO Max users are facing the same problem on the app and website regarding full screen. But the best part is I have some easy ways to fix how to make HBO Max full screen on TV.  Also, read How to Cast HBO Max to TV? 3 Easy and Quick Ways

1. Change TVs Resolution

If you are trying to play 1080p content on your 4K smart TV and it is playing on a small screen, then you need to know how to make HBO Max full screen on TV.  Remember, if you are using a 1080p smart TV, then this trick of full screen is not for you. Because you will not be able to change this screen on 4K.  But for your satisfaction, you can always go into picture settings on your TV settings. It will help you to host an HBO Max watch party on full screen.  Also, read How to Cancel HBO Max on Xfinity | Easy Cancellation Tips

2. Change the Aspect Ratio on Smart TV

It is possible the movies or shows that you are watching on your HBO Max are filmed in a different aspect ratio. So, HBO Max will not let you see that show on full screen on your smart TV. You must have noticed a black frame around your screen. To change this, follow the below-mentioned steps.  

3. Change the Display Settings 

If your trying to connect your HBO Max through a laptop or MacBook to your smart TV using an HDMI cable, then follow the below-mentioned steps.  Windows  Macbook Also, read How to Add HBO Max App to Vizio Smart TV? A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Make HBO Max Full Screen on TV?

Wrapping Up 

Are you struggling with HBO Max not showing a full screen on TV? Do not fear. There are some settings which you can try to see your HBO Max shows on full screen. I have suggested some better resolution settings above which you can try. This was all about how to make HBO Max full screen on TV. it’s time for wrapping up. Have a great day! 


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