Talking further about the GIF feature and the iPhone, it is a fantastic in-build feature in the gadget. If you believe that creating a GIF on an iPhone or iPad might take a lot of time, let me assure you that it has never been so simple. I have developed the four most reliable steps to guide you about GIFs on iPhone. Those four most efficient ways to make a GIF on iOS in 2022 are listed below. Therefore, walk with me through the article to know more about the four best ways to learn how to make a GIF on iPhone and personalize your communication. 

How to Make a GIF on iPhone | 4 Simple Ways Can Do It For You

As far as how to make a GIF on iPhone is concerned, the Camera app could do the trick since all you need is a handy GIF transformer. This handy GIF transformer enables you to transform your Live Photos into GIFs. There are a few super awesome alternative routes users could attempt to convert their pictures or videos into GIFs on your iPhone if you need more powerful GIF creators.  Nevertheless, you must check out GIF creation programs if you want to produce professional-grade GIFs that will help you draw more attention on social networking websites. With that said, it is now time to investigate each technique and choose which best suits your preferences (how to make a GIF on iPhone). Also, read How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone in 2022 | Command The Functions on iPhone

1. Change Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone

The stock photos app allows you to convert Live Photos into GIFs on your iPhone and iPad. For those unaware, Live Photo is a 3-second moving image that comes into action with a long press. It is compatible with iPhone 6s and later, iPad 5 and later, iPad Air 3 and later, iPad mini 5 and later, and iPad Pro 2016 and later.

  1. Open the Photos application on your iPhone or iPad, then find the Live Photo you want to transform into a GIF from there. The Live Photo button is found in the upper right corner of the Photo app. You could also choose to launch the Camera app instead. Take a Live Photo following that.
  2. Click the Albums button on the bottom immediately. The hit Live Photos under Media Types in the Media Section.
  3. Now, pick the picture you would like to turn into a GIF. Then, slide up to discover other enhancements on the Live Photo.
  4. To activate the effects in iOS 15 or higher, press on the small arrows adjacent to the Live icon. To convert your Live Photo into a GIF, select Loop or Bounce.
  5. Although Loop enables you to continue the animation indefinitely, Bounce enables you to repeatedly play a live shot forward and backward. That’s it! That’s how one may share or transmit Live Photos as GIFs with this trick (how to make a GIF on iPhone). It’s worth noting that you may use a GIF as your iPhone’s live background. Also, read How to Mirror iPhone to Firestick in 2022 | Mirror Your Memories on The Big Screen

2. Create GIFs from Burst Photos Using “Convert Burst to GIF” Shortcut on iPhone

Why not make GIFs out of your bust photos? One may create an animated GIF from these burst shots using a clever shortcut. Furthermore, it requires no further tweaking and works flawlessly (how to make a GIF on iPhone).

  1. Have the “Convert Burst to GIF” shortcut (download) on your device before anything else.
  2. Use the “Convert Burst to GIF” shortcut after starting the Apple Shortcuts program.
  3. The shortcut would then display groups of your burst photos. Select the one you would like to use before letting the Shortcut combine all of these images into a GIF.
  4. Then, touch the Share icon located in the screen’s upper right corner. Next, you can choose to either share the GIF or store it in your image library. Everything you need to do is what’s required. By following the above given steps, you shall be able to learn process easily (how to make a GIF on iPhone).

3. Turn a Video into GIF on iPhone  by Using The “Video to GIF” Option

When looking to know how to make a GIF on iPhone, if you’d prefer, you can use the “Video to GIF” option to convert your video clips into GIFs. The route doesn’t need to be customized because it is preset.

  1. Install the “Video to GIF” solution to your gadget to begin going.
  2. Next, launch the application of the shortcut and select “Video to GIF.”
  3. The shortcut would then display a collection of videos you may use to create GIFs. Choose one video clip immediately.
  4. You will be asked to shorten the clip if the chosen video is too long. 
  5. Hit Save after that, then save or share the GIF as desired.

4. Examine the Top GIF Creator Applications for the iPhone

So far as how to make a GIF on iPhone is concerned, you could use number of options as given here. You could use a powerful GIF maker with a wide range of special effects if you would like to make better visually pleasing GIFs. The accompanying applications can help you with this (how to make a GIF on iPhone).

  1. Browse no further than GIPHY if you would like to create fun animated GIFs on the iOS device or if you like to have access to a sizable collection of GIFs. 
  2. Start pushing the “+” Create button in the upper right corner, then press and press the shutter button to take a picture or record a quick video. 
  3. Thereafter, you may embellish your GIFs with a range of effects, a cutting editor, and even tags. Upload your GIF or publish it to GIPHY after that is finished.
  4. GIF Maker, which bills itself as the best GIF creator for iPhone and iPad, has a wealth of features and a variety of editing tools for making catchy GIFs. It is very useful for creating GIFs from images and movies.  Also, read How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone | Easy 5 Step Guide to Adjust SafeSearch
  5. Making original GIFs shouldn’t be difficult with so many filters, effects, and stickers available. Although this GIF-generating app is free, you must upgrade for $9.99/month to access all the extras.

Wrapping Up

That’s essentially finished! So there you have it: some helpful iPhone techniques for making animated GIFs on an iPad or iPhone running iOS. Pick your chosen approach based on your needs to make it work the greatest for you.  Generally, I create simple GIFs using the built-in GIF creator. However, I seek for programs like GIPHY to perform the work if I choose to create extra attention-grabbing animated photos. How are you doing? Please share your thoughts with us in the space below if you learned fully how to make a GIF on iPhone.


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