One of the most popular games on the market, Minecraft, is played by millions of people worldwide. Aside from its complex gameplay, the game is also quite enjoyable to play. Let’s move further and find out how to light TNT in Minecraft. After the 1.7 updates, you can no longer ignite TNT with your bare hands like you usually do, you need to light the trinitrotoluene using some external matter. So here are some ways you can light up TNT in Minecraft. You can test all the below-mentioned ways by popping into the creative mode or a test world in Minecraft. 

How To Light TNT In Minecraft?

Here are 6 ways you can light TNT in Minecraft. Crafting or obtaining it isn’t difficult, to begin with. Flint and steel are the only items needed to make it explode. Read below to find out. Also, read How do You Make an Iron Golem in Minecraft | Defend Your Village

1. Use Redstone Circuits To Light TNT

The first option to light TNT in Minecraft is to use Redstone circuits. You can use Redstone dust to connect a button, lever, or pressure plate to your TNT block. The block can be blown using the trigger once the circuit is complete. This is one of the most common and safest methods because it does not burn any flammable materials nearby. 

2. Lightning And Lava Can Also Light TNT

TNT can also be ignited by Lava because it catches fire as a result of the Lava. If lightning strikes your TNT, it will also cause the TNT to catch fire and ignite it. Let’s move to the next option for Lighting TNT in Minecraft.

3. Lighting TNT With Flaming Arrows

A flaming arrow can also assist you in lighting TNT in Minecraft. Using a Flaming arrow to light TNT allows you to get as far as possible. Because they are triggered by fire, a flame arrow can set them off. Also, read How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft | Complete Guide of 2022

4. Lighting TNT Using Flint And Steel

Using flint and steel can ignite TNT on Minecraft. Approach the trinitrotoluene with flint and steel to light it. When the TNT block is lit, it will begin to flash. This is the least expensive method of igniting trinitrotoluene because it does not degrade the flint and steel’s durability.

5. Lighting TNT By Using A Fire Charge 

Our next option to light TNT in Minecraft is by using a fire charge. Throwing a fire charge at the trinitrotoluene will light up the TNT in Minecraft. Same as the way lava and lightning help ignite a TN, a fire charge will do the same as it is explosive in nature.

6. Lighting TNT With Another TNT Block

A TNT block caught in another trinitrotoluene’s explosion radius will light and explode. If you set fire to TNT or if the fire spreads to trinitrotoluene, it will trigger it. Also, read How to Make an Enderman Farm in Minecraft | Step-by-Step Guide

Wrapping Up

Hope our gaming guide on How to light TNT Minecraft helps you. Now, you will be able to light TNT in Minecraft. If you have any questions or doubts, contact us through the comment section below. Happy Minecraft Gaming!


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