I recently uploaded my content on TikTok and I was confused that my post is not visible on the For you page. I tried everything from turning on and off the phone to uninstalling and reinstalling the app, still left clueless. Maybe you might have gone through the same issues and not received a single pop-up to appear on your screen. Worry not! You need to get the knowledge about the new term that is probably unwelcomed from your side. Right? Let’s walk down together and know all the details packed in this simple guide. You do not need to look for some software tools. Just a simple scrolling will help you to come out of the problem and allow you to create your creative content.

How To Know If You Are Shadowbanned On TikTok?

Making unintentional mistakes on your social media account is common. You might have heard that excess of everything is bad, this is why our TikTok server monitors our actions and puts a limit bar on our mistakes. I know you all are looking for how to know if you are shadowbanned on TikTok. I have packed all the useful information here that will help you to get your assumptions cleared and make you run your account successfully. Also, read How To Transfer TikTok Drafts To Another Phone: 5 Easy Steps You want to see how your account is under shadowbanned. Go through the steps below:

Step 1

Open the TikTok application and log in with your details.Go to your uploaded posts and search for the particular video that you think you received an unexpected error of shadowbanned after you post that video.

Step 2

You will see the three options on the right side of your video: Like comment and the three dots.Click on the three dots. You will be redirected to the page where you see the different options like Analytics, Save videos, Use this effect, Duet, and many more.Click on the Analytics icon. Search for the traffic sources.If you have not received public views(from For You Page), that means your account is shadowbanned.If you see a view from For you Page. It means you are not shadowbanned.

Also, read How To Recover The Banned TikTok Account? Note:- You have to bear in mind, that TikTok will shadowbanned your account and last for two weeks. You will see followers are not increasing and simultaneously no viewers from FYP. However, if you continue to violate TikTok guidelines, you will see a permanent exit from TikTok. You can also use another method to get your answer for how to know if you are shadowbanned on TikTok. These include the following points:

Make sure you find yourself in the search icon. Discover yourself by searching for the sounds or the hashtags that you have used.Check the feed timeline. To see whether your video appears or not.Make sure you are gaining followers. If you are not able to increase any new followers, that means you are shadowbanned.Check for the likes, if you are receiving or not.Check if you are getting the comments or not.

Note:- You can continue uploading your content on Tiktok if you are shadowbanned. I hope the above steps clarified your query on how to know if you are shadowbanned on TikTok.

How To Get Unshadowbanned On TikTok?

If you want to get unshadowbanned on TikTok.  You have to go through the following steps:

You have to make sure to avoid all those things that put your account at risk. You have to follow the rules for 30 days. If you do not follow the rule, you will be put under the shadowbanned again.

Make creative content and upload only one post per day if you are shadowbanned. You have to make sure not to post low-quality or bad content on TikTok.

You have to keep in mind that you have an eye on recommended watch time metrics.

You have to make sure you are following the guidelines on TikTok. If you continue to break the rules, TikTok will not allow you to be on the platform.

You have to stop using spam behavior. If you continue to scam the users on TikTok by following lots of people in a single day, this will put you in a TikTok shadowbanned jail.

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Do not use hashtags in more numbers. It will make your account shadowbanned.

You have to make sure not to use any third-party apps that will help you in increasing the followers’ list by paying for it.

Try redownloading your TikTok application or uninstall or reinstall the app again. Clear all the cached data of the TikTok app and try to log in again.

Make your Normal TikTok account, a pro account. It will help you to use the feature of Analytics and will let you keep an eye on your audience reach.

Wrapping Up

Stop worrying and take the appropriate steps to lift the ban on your account. I hope you got the right answer for how to know if you are shadowbanned on TikTok. Make sure you are following the TikTok guidelines and enjoy creating amazing content on TikTok. It is time for the wrap-up. Continue visiting Path Of Ex for all the updates. Have a nice day!


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