With the official GOV website advising facemasks should be worn by any practitioner who conducts treatments in close proximity to others –salons all over the UK are having to revamp their salons take extra safety precautions.Running a business can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when navigating the trials and tribulations of lockdown. It’s easy to forget about the little things which matter, that’s why we’ve pulled together a list of reasons why you should take the time to give your business some much-needed TLC.

Host An Open Day

Having a rebrand of your business gives you exciting news to share with your clients, whilst also providing you with a unique business opportunity to invite everyone to your exclusive open day to celebrate with you. Here you can offer complimentary drinks and special offers on products encouraging clients to make purchases and book future appointments so that you can populate your calendar for the upcoming months. 

Keep Your Kit Up-to-date

When clients book an appointment with you, they’re not only paying for the end result but also the experience as a whole. Having all the latest tools and equipment to use during appointments helps clients to feel valued and important to you. You can even talk through upgrades you’ve made and share with them any new products that you have recently invested in for them. This demonstrates your care and passion for the business you are in and for clients as individuals. For hairdressers, ensure you are regularly updating your styling scissors and hair products. For make-up artists and beauticians, it’s worth considering investing in the latest skincare to go alongside the treatments to make your clients feel nourished and pampered from the inside out. Any way in which you can provide little extras will always help to boost customer loyalty as this strengthens client relationships over time.

Stand Out Against Competitors 

Chances are if you work in the same industry as 10 other businesses in your local area, you’re all going to be offering similar treatments and possibly even sharing similar aesthetics too. It’s important to give your salon a much-needed makeover now and then! Not only does this help you to stand out against competitors but it also gives you a chance to consider what changes you may want to make personally. If your business is now several years old, then your vision for the look and feel of your brand may well have changed by now. Take this opportunity to update your aesthetic to something which fits your current style and brand preferences. 


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