Mastodon is a decentralized platform and signing up on Mastodon is fairly simple. The platform is gaining immense popularity and it is to be noted that Mastodon is a piece of software that users can use to create their own social media platform. So, without further ado, let’s dig in to know, how to join Mastodon.

How to Join Mastodon?

To join Mastodon is fairly simple but since it is a decentralized platform, you will need to create a Mastodon server. To join Mastodon, follow the below-mentioned guide.

Step 1: Go to Join Mastodon

To join Mastodon, head to join Mastodon by clicking here. The page will offer you the servers you want to join, you can choose the server depending on your interests or location. It is to be noted that you can easily move your profile to a different server at any time and you won’t lose any followers. Each server has different moderation policies as it is operated by different organizations or individuals. Also, read How to Turn Off Animated Emojis in Mastodon? A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 2: Choose Your Name

After you are done choosing your server, you need to choose your name. Your Mastodon handle will be quite similar to your Twitter handle, except for the fact that the address of the server will be attached to it. For example, it will be @yourusername (in case you choose the UK server).

Step 3: Find Your Tribe 

After you have set your username, it is time to search for other users on the platform. You can search for the users in a similar way as you do on Twitter. In case the user you are searching for is on another server, you will need to give the full address. If they are on the same server, you will just have to search for the username. Also, read What Is Mastodon Social | Is Mastodon a Better Alternative To Twitter

Step 4. Join In

Join in and post the updates, you can now easily follow people, like posts, comment, get animated emojis, and share. You will see posts of other users on your feed page and in case they follow you back, they will see your posts on their feed page.

How to Join Mastodon

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Wrapping Up

Mastodon is open-source, free software that allows users to establish their social networking sites. Post the acquisition of Twitter, Mastodon is one of the most sought platforms and users are joining the platform as a Twitter alternative. To know about, How to Join Mastodon, read the entire article and share it with your friends. For more trending stuff, keep visiting Path of EX.


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