iPhone is one of the most extensive and advanced devices, but you cannot deny the fact has its own issues. Most iPhone users are unaware of how to hide location on iPhone whenever they want to hide out in their loft! But no worries about that. If you are an iPhone user, after reading this article, you will know how you can hide your location without letting anyone know about that. There are numerous ways by which you can hide the location on iPhone. One of the simplest ways is to just turn on the airplane mode and you’ll be all set. Yes, that’s so simple! But, it has its own cons. Don’t worry there are more ways to hide your location on your iPhone as iPhone has a lot to offer. You just have to explore a bit! How can you hide your location on your iPhone and go on a long drive with yourself? Or simply give yourself a treat and take a day off? Read further to know how you can enjoy it!

Methods To Hide Location On iPhone

Well, it is totally relatable that you want to hang out with your friends or want to enjoy your “me-time”, but the tacker on the iPhone can be a real hindrance. Here is how you can hide location to remove this worry and enjoy to the fullest in your chill mood. Also, read How To Hard Reset iPhone?

Will Turning “ON” Airplane Mode Hide Location On iPhone?

Yes! Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to hide your location on your iPhone is to just simply turn the airplane mode on and it will take you off the grid until you want to be back on. But the sad part about turning on the airplane mode is you will not be able to make calls or send messages while the flight mode is on. You will be able to do that only once you turn it off which would mean you will have to reveal your mystery location! Ahhhh! You don’t want that! But hang on! There has got to be a way other than the airplane mode where you can hide your location and still make calls! And, guess what? There is a way that we have got for your help!

How Can You Simply Hide Your Location On Your iPhone?

It cannot be overwhelming when Find My and iMessage always know your precise location. It might feel like you are being watched constantly. But not anymore. The method is easy and doesn’t even take more than a minute! Yet most people face trouble while trying to turn their location off. Here is a step-by-step simple guide that will tell you how to hide location on iPhone. Without further a due, let’s get into it! All you have to do is to,

Visit settingsOpen your apple IDLocate “Find My”.Turn off the “Share my location” option. You can do this by simply toggling the slider beside it.Turn it off!

Yes! It was that easy to hide your location on your iPhone! You’re all set! Your location is not visible to anyone now and no one will get any sort of alerts that you have turned your location off. Also, Check out iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 | 7 Reasons to Wait for the New Flagship

What’s More In Locations?

You can also decide the apps to share your precise or approximate location. Yes! you can. Now you decide who gets to know your real location and who not. If you do not want a particular app to know your precise location, you can opt for going with an approximate location. If you don’t want that either, you can stop the app from accessing the location from the settings of that particular application. To do this, you just have to-

Go to Settingsgo to PrivacyFind Location Services and tap on it.Scroll down and find the particular app you want to stop sharing your location with.After selecting the app, you will see 4 more options to choose from-Never- will stop sharing your location forever.Ask Next Time- Every time you open that application, it will ask for your permission to access locationWhile Using the App- Allows access while only using the appAlways- always detects your location.

No need to spend money to buy storage for your Phone, here is How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android and vice-versa Wrapping Up So it was all for the keys to lock up your location into the treasure. Hope you find all these methods easy and helpful. So, what’s the wait, grab up your phone and try using these methods to hide location on your iPhone. Also, tell us in the comment section which method among these works best for you. Enjoy your free time!


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