A lot can be done with the comments on TikTok. Once you turn on comments on TikTok, you can connect with your audience easily. You can also pin your favorite comments. TikTok is a big platform with a lot of users, so not everything is merry. You may get some rude comments but worry not, you can hide comments on TikTok. Or, better, you can even limit the comments on TikTok. However, unfortunately, comments work differently on TikTok and TikTok live. Here is your guide on how to hide chat on TikTok live video. These steps will help you to solve your problem in no time. So, refer to them in detail, and you can apply them in your profile as well. Do share your feedback with us in the comments below. 

How to Hide Chat on TikTok Live as a Viewer?

Chats during TikTok live can sometimes become annoying. Do you wish to know how to hide chat while watching TikTok live video? If yes, then refer to the steps mentioned below. You would be able to get things done within no time.  Just swipe right in the middle of the screen when you want the chats to appear.  Also, read How Much is a TikTok Universe Worth: Know The Value of Gift!

Can I Hide the Chats on TikTok Live by Default?

No, you can not hide the chat of TikTok live by default. After looking through all of TikTok’s settings and browsing through all of TikTok’s help documents for information relating to TikTok live, no such details could be found. So, you can not hide the chat during TikTok live. When you want to return to the same live video later like closing the app and reopening it, you have to manually clear the chat for the second time.  Also, read What Does Dinkleberg Mean on TikTok? The Solution for All Your Problems!

How to Hide Comments on TikTok Live?

Did you have any idea that you could hide comments on TikTok Live? If not, do not be surprised. It is possible to hide comments on TikTok Live. To know how to get rid of comments on TikTok live, refer to the steps mentioned below.  Now you can comfortably watch the live streams on TikTok and do not worry about the comments restricting you from watching the important parts of the screen. Also, read Why Does My TikTok Account Keep Going Private? Fix The Bug!

How to Fix TikTok Chat Hidden Not Working?

When you wish to hide the TikTok chat or want the TikTok chat to reappear but it is not working accordingly then there might be a few problems from your end or with the app. Hence, to solve the problem, refer to the fixes mentioned below. 

1. Update the App

Always keep your TikTok app updated. Hence, you can use the latest features and also get to use the latest version of the app. You can go to your App Store or Play Store to update the app. When you update the app to the latest version you also keep the bugs away from the app and your app also works smoothly. 

2. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

When you uninstall and reinstall the app the problem you are facing with the app is removed. You also get rid of the glitches and the bugs if any in the TikTok app. Also, the unwanted files and cookies that come with the app are also removed from the platform. Hence, it is always advisable to try this hack once and the problem would be solved within no time. 

3. Check on Downdetector

The downdetector app is very useful whenever you face any problem or find any glitch with your app. There you get to know the real status of your TikTok app and whether you are the only one facing the problem. Once you get clarity on the same then you can try to fix the problem from your end. But when there is a major outrage in the app then you get to know the same through the app. 

4. Clear Cache

Whenever you face any problem in your TikTok app then you should always clear the cache of the app. I have always tried this fix and believe me this works wonders. So, you can try the same. It will help you to get rid of the problem within no time. So, when you clear the cache you get rid of all the unwanted files and data stored in the app. Your app would also start running smoothly after you clear the app cache. Also, read How TikTok Reads Your Mind? Know the Details!

How to Hide Chat on TikTok Live?

Wrapping Up

Now I believe you know how to hide your chats while watching TikTok Live. I know while watching any live video the chats and comments which come in between can be quite annoying and they restrict your view. So this was all about How to Hide Chat on TikTok Live. They would help you get rid of the problem right away. Keep visiting Path of EX for all the trending stuff.


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