Over the years, Instagram has developed into something more than just a photo-sharing platform. It would be an understatement to call Instagram ‘an all-in-one game.’ Facebook, currently known as Meta, owned Instagram in 2012, thinking it would be a threat to Facebook for $1 billion. Time has proved that they were not wrong! Since everyone is seeking passive income, there has been a surge in entrepreneurs in the last decade. Instagram now gives freedom of scheduling posts, shoppable posts and posting ads. But Pinterest still rules the realm of marketing. Then why not combine these two? Without revealing much here, let’s do a strategic study on how to grow Instagram using Pinterest. 

How to Grow Instagram Using Pinterest?

If you still haven’t explored Instagram business opportunities, switch now! There are several features for an entrepreneur to start a business on Instagram- No need for an ID or certifications to begin with. Pinterest is an excellent platform to market your business and sell ideas for beginners. So. Let’s combine the advantages of these two platforms and leverage your business. You are wondering how to grow Instagram using Pinterest? Let’s take a look. Also, read How To Cross-Post To Instagram From Your Facebook | 6 Easy Steps

1. Add your Instagram to your Pinterest Bio

Adding your Instagram to your Pinterest bio is an excellent way to grow your Instagram using Pinterest. It is a method to own your content’s copyright on Instagram and a free brand recognition opportunity.  If any user on Pinterest shares your content from Instagram as a pin, your Pinterest profile and follow button will appear near it. It helps the audience to reach out to you. It also prevents the chances of misuse by fake business owners. If a user clicks on the pin shared from Instagram, they will be redirected to your Instagram. It gives more click-through rates on Pinterest also. It is like a symbiotic process. Also, read How To Share Links On Instagram To Increase Visibility 

2. Publish on Instagram, Market on Pinterest

Since Instagram is much larger than Pinterest, let’s introduce our products on Instagram. But its fame is short-span there. Therefore, we convert those posts into Pinterest pins and markets on Pinterest. How do we convert Instagram posts to pins? Here is how to grow Instagram using Pinterest by creating pins from posts, Have you ever wondered why we market Instagram posts on Pinterest? It is because, after a day, audience exposure to Instagram posts becomes low. But Pinterest will have never-ending exposure to pins if we plan and schedule it better. Also, read 12 Strategies To Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Marketing in 2022

3. Optimize Your Pins into Boards

Marketing Instagram posts on Pinterest won’t be enough. You have to market it correctly. Create pins into boards with the same themes. One key on how to grow Instagram using Pinterest by Pinterest boards will be using trending keywords and topics.

4. Practice SEO on Pinterest

We always mention that Pinterest is a ‘mini Google’ in search engine optimization. Pinterest can categorize content by visual performance. Pinterest will bring them under fashion-related search if a pin has fashion elements.  Pinterest notes the keywords you use in the description and title. The more the keyword, the merrier the exposure. Include trending hashtags in your pin description to leverage this exposure.

5. Increase User-Generated Content 

When a follower of you pin a content related to your business, their followers also see it. The cycle continues through and follows with more exposure. But you can’t insist someone do this- then how are we going to make it? Use hashtag campaigns! Also, read How To Create Instagram Grid Layout | Know How It Will Help You

Influencers on Pinterest are the accounts knowing how to create good boards. When collaborating with influencers, either tell them to take over your boards or create new boards using your pins from Instagram. The only thing to note is that you must choose an influencer matching your niche and brand.

7. Pin when the Audience is most Active

Using Pinterest Analytics, you can understand your audience better. So look for a higher engagement time to your account when you post next time.

How to Grow Instagram Using Pinterest | Why Instagram is better than Pinterest for Business

Here is a list to convince you that Instagram is much better for handling your business than Pinterest. Pinterest should be considered a robust marketing tool for your Business on Instagram- that’s all. Let’s check out how to grow Instagram using Pinterest and why Instagram is more suitable to start a business,

1. Simple Account Set-up

You can easily change your standard Instagram profile to a business account without verifications or IDs to convince. Also, read How To Use Polls In Instagram Stories To Engage Your Viewers?

2. Scheduling posts

On Instagram, we can directly schedule posts for days, which saves a lot of time planning and posting every day. But auto-publishing to Instagram is only available to business profiles.

3. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights are the perfect tool to track the performance of your content and overall account. By analyzing this, we can plan accordingly and ensure more traffic.

Somehow, more people view Instagram stories even if they didn’t interact with posts on Instagram. When you post a link to your story, mainly the audience clicks out of curiosity. Only business profiles have the authority to share links on Instagram stories.

5. Instagram Ads

Instagram recently introduced Instagram Ads, which helps creators leverage their reach by promoting content on ads. Since the Instagram algorithms have changed so much in the years, it is impossible to get engagement without hard work and ads. Also, read How to Add Pinterest to Safari in 2022 | Pinterest Safari Extension 

6. Instagram Shoppable Posts

You can add up to 5 products on an image with a shopping link to your business website. No other social media platforms have the shortest path to shopping directly from posts.

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account

After knowing everything, feel like switching your business to Instagram. Here is a detailed video on setting up an Instagram business account. Also, read Ways to Make Money on Pinterest Without Blogs | Learn Smart Earning

Wrapping Up

You don’t need an expensive office structure to run your business in this era. Social media platforms are your warehouses to success now. Do not sleep on the power of Pinterest to grow business on Instagram. This article is all about how to grow Instagram using Pinterest. Optimize your Instagram marketing strategy using Pinterest.  We have also covered why Instagram is better for business when compared to Pinterest and how to set up an Instagram business account. Share this article with friends. If you think we have missed something, let us know. Until then, Adios!


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