If you think that Roblox is just a gaming platform, you are wrong! Roblox even enables people to meet other people and socialize with them by selling items and goodies in exchange for Robux. However, you must keep in mind that you would first need to deposit real bucks in your Roblox account and you will be all set to use Robux. Unfortunately, there is no official method on how to give Robux to friends, but there are some methods which you would definitely like. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the article and get information on how to give Robux to friends?

How To Give Robux To Friends | Is It Possible?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is both yes and no. You can always send digital gift cards to your friends and family members through emails. But you can’t transfer money directly from your Roblox account to another one.  Currently, there has been no such way to transfer Robux to other Roblox users. Still, if you want to get the answer to your question ‘how to give Robux to friends’, then we must tell you there are two indirect ways using which, one might be able to transfer Robux to other users such as by providing a user’s Game Pass. Their account uses the One-time pay-out feature.  Also, read Check Adopt Me Trading Values In Roblox | Fair Trade or Not?

Ways To Give Robux To Friends

There are various methods using which one can make Robux in Roblox. One of the most popular methods is by selling T-shirts, a.k.a Donation T-shirts. If you want to find the answer to how to give Robux to friends, follow the below-given steps.

Steps To Give Robux To Friends

Ask your friend to put some products on sale in exchange for the Robux.  A Builder’s Club account is required to access this feature. Request the player to build a clothing item, and submit it to the catalogue, along with the pricing and other specifications. Ask a friend to state the name of the item and search the Roblox catalogue for them directly. You may buy the Donation Shirt and give Robux once you find them. Enter your Roblox credentials to log in.  Click on the “Catalog” or “Avatar shop” option available at the top. You may use the catalogue’s search option to find the product your friend has designed and then tap on it. After clicking the “Buy” button on the product page, you will be asked if you wish to pay using Robux.  Click “Continue” to finish the transaction. This way your friend will get some Robux sent by you.

In case you encounter any difficulties during the process, you may get in touch with the Roblox support staff by email or any other method offered on the website You may encounter problems when browsing the Roblox website or attempting to make a transaction. The Roblox servers are down many times. Hence, you may either wait for the Roblox Servers to come back up or contact their customer service team in these situations. Also, read How To Get Fortnite Grapple Glove | Grapple Glove Locations

Wrapping Up

Voila! There you have it all. That is all you need to know relating to one of the most asked questions – How to give Robux to friends and other family members. Although the process might feel a bit long and boring but the steps have been broken down for your own convenience.  We really hope that this article of ours on how to give Robux to friends helped you out with the relevant information that you need. In case you find yourself stuck somewhere, feel free to drop a comment and we will reach out to you!


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