TikTok doesn’t need any introduction in the present world. With more than 500 million active users, this short video creation/ sharing application gained popularity in less time. Every person be it young or old spends time creating content all the time and can gain virtual fame. No matter if you love humor or creative video, this is just the platform to get your knowledge and talent outsourced. But, what makes your account verified seems to be a mystery for many till now. The answer to the question as to how to get Verified on TikTok means pretty much the same as in any other social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. Gets you your own identity, validation, and a blue tick- which we can also call the verification badge. But, here’s the deal!!! Wondering what? Unlike Instagram and other social networks, the owner of the TikTok account cannot apply for verification. Yes, sadly, thats true!!! Getting you verified on TikTok is solely and entirely in the hands of the TikTok admin. So, now that TikTok does not take applications for verification you have just a few things in your hands to do! The primary thing you can do is to buy real TikTok followers from an authentic source.

How to get verified on TikTok?

This is the question to tackle because getting the “blue tick” aka verification badge on any social media platform is not an easy task in itself. It requires a lot of good content. You must hear it quite often “Content is the king and the Key to social media fame“.So the main focus has to be on content. Apart from the very genuine advice on content, you need to master few more things. Well, TikTok has its guidelines and some tactics that your fellow TikTokers use to get verified on TikTok. Hop on to the rest of the post to know what, and buckle up! Because you might need to plan and strategize your TikTok regime to get verified on TikTok. Below are the few PRO TIPS that can increase your chances of getting verified on TikTok. So don’t miss on these! Also, read How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021: Expert’s Top Advice

Tip 1: Maintain Consistency

A consistent growth is important and apparently, TikTok knows that. One of the genuine ways for you to get a verification on TikTok is the consistent and daily increase of followers on the platform. Team TikTok will surely be very very happy to see you grow- consistently and daily. After all your increasing audience is going to increase their benefit count as well.

Tip 2: Originality with Creative Edge

TikTok just wants YOU TO BE YOU. Create the content that adds to your interests and let it out in a way that people who watch it are tempted to follow you! YES! This is the trick! As already mentioned above, content is the KEY!

Tip 3: Make it viral

Going viral (for good reasons) can be the best thing that can happen to you on TikTok. The creators of viral TikToks decrease their time exponentially to get a verification badge on TikTok. This means creating engaging and HIGHLY sharable content that can go viral. If you nailed this, the question of how to get verified on Tik-Tok seems quite easy! Check out How to Get Verified on Facebook in 2021: Expert’s Top Advice

Tip 4: Try Hands on PR and Media Coverage

Yes, this is crucial!!! It not only works for TikTok but also on almost all the other social media platforms. But, you must be wondering what does media coverage mean? In the easiest way possible, media coverage is getting you or your brand featured on the internet, either as blogs or news. This means to make your face a bit more recognizable. It tremendously increases your chances to get that blue tick and makes it easier for team TikTok to give you the verification badge!

Tip 5: Get verified

Is it crazy? What does it mean? Don’t get confused! Here, This means to get verified on your other social media handles. Accounts With Verification on Other Social Media Platforms just make your presence stronger on TikTok. This makes it easier for them to recognize you on their platform too. So, rather than not having any verified accounts get verified on other networks as well. Also, read Reels, Triller: Platforms Overshadowing TikTok? A person/brand that is already verified on popular social networking sites has more chances of getting verified on TikTok rather than an account that is not. This will definitely stand to be the best way out on how to get verified on tik-tok.

Tip 6: Engage and Collaborate With Other Users

This is an easy way using which you can get verified on TikTok. Make it full of fun by ceating duets with popular creators, engage with their content and videos, like, comment, and share their content. But does it will help you? Well, this how the trust is built!!! It’s not always getting people to engage with your videos on TikTok but sometimes engaging yourself with others’ videos. So, grow by lifting others.

Another easy way to get popular on TikTok is to hop onto trends and challenges. Yes, they’re short-lived but provide an immense amount of organic reach to your videos. Why? It is because they are at the recent attention and interest of the audience at that moment. Once you go popular, the verification badge by team TikTok is all yours! Wohu! Also, read List of 100+ Best TikTok Songs 2021

Hashtags are your way to the top if you want to know as how to get verified on TikTok fast. Add proper trending (and yet not deceiving) hashtags so that your content reaches the right targeted audience. This increases your chances of being followed more. Hashtags also provide organic reach to your content/videos. They will also help you in building your little community on that platform of You and your little family.

Tip 9: Follow The TikTok Community Guidelines

Here is the most important part. If you want to get verified on TikTok, make it your religion. And the guidelines your bible. Follow them with all your heart and soul. That would make the Tik-Tok team very happy! Final verdict So, tik-tokers, get yourself ready to rule the jam and be the next internet sensation. Yes, it is not going to be that easy, but it is possible. So, why wait now? Grab your phone and get on the board. Till then enjoy!!!!!


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