Although there are rumors that users may not receive their Twitch recaps due to the settings in their accounts. But Twitch has streamlined the process for the recap this year. Hence, do not come to conclusions so soon. I am sure there would be things favoring the viewers and the streamers alike. So, just read my article below. I am sure you would get a lot of insight into the matter and how to go ahead with it this time, as there are many changes that viewers have to follow this time. There would not be any major changes on the platform, but yes, things look bright for the recap this year.

How to Get Twitch Recap 2022?

By the end of the year, the bigger platforms will bring out the year-end wrap-ups and show their users about how they spent their time in the last 12 months. So, to know how the year went ahead in Twitch, read ahead. I am sure you will get to know the details you are looking for. Also, read How To Enable Twitch Dark Mode | In Chrome, Browsers & Mobiles

Where to Find Twitch Recap in 2022?

Unlike Spotify, the Twitch Recaps for channels are sent through email. But it is not mandatory, and you can opt for it if needed. And to do this, you have less than a week. You have to wait for the Twitch Recap emails, which go out on the 15th. The Twitch Recap covers all the statistics as a streamer. You will get an infographic of the total time streamed and the number of followers gained. You will have to opt-in through the settings to receive it. Refer below to know the entire process in detail.

  1. Launch the Twitch site.
  2. In the top right corner, click on the icon.
  3. Click on Account Settings.
  4. Go to Notifications.
  5. Click by the Email.
  6. Go through the bottom of the Marketing and make sure to set it on.
  7. You will receive your Twitch Recap. You cannot see your Recap when you forget before the emails are sent. So, if you miss it, you do not get a second chance. Also, read How To Get FIFA 23 Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards of October 2022?

How to See Your Viewer 2022 Twitch Recap?

When you wish to see the statistics of your viewership for the past year on Twitch, then that is quite easy. You can find them on the page of Community Twitch Recap, and you have to switch the option at the top to Viewer. When you are playing the new Fortnite Chapter 4, you will find Twitch drops available by watching the qualifying streamers. Also, read How to Link Twitch to Discord 2022 | Using PC, Android & iOS

Follow the link in the tweet (Twitch-dot-tv/recaps/annual) and you will be redirected to your recap. There are two tabs at the top of the page; one is a community, and another is the viewer. The community option displays the recap for Twitch as an overall platform. The viewer option will provide you with the personal yearly recap. When you want to view the statistics for 2022, like the number of hours and days watched, favorite streamers, and channel points earned, always click on the viewer option. That is all you need to do to view your 2022 Twitch recap. Twitch may not send it out as an email this year, and it appears that the viewers need to visit the link provided by the platform to get the recap. When the specific recap link does not work for the same reason, refer to the steps below to complete the process:

  1. Visit the Twitch homepage.
  2. At the bottom, look for a pop-up with the words “The Twitch Recap is here!
  3. On the right, click on the “Show Me” button.
  4. You will be redirected to the recap page. Also, read Fix: Premium Content Is Not Available In Your Region | Twitch Error 7000

Wrapping Up

Now you know the process to view the Twitch recap for your past year. So now you can easily follow the process mentioned above and use it to see the history of your viewership details all by yourself. I am sure the process will be helpful for you, and you will attain your needful. You can also get to know more about Twitch in our articles on the website of Path of EX.


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