Riding the legendary Pokemon Koraidon in Scarlet and Miraidon in Violet, you can freely travel the planet and traverse land, water, and the air. Among the three starter Pokemon available are Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. On the Path of Legends, defeat Titan Pokemon that have rare components. To get to Team Star’s boss, engage Team Star in battle using the new Auto-Battle feature. Learn how to get  Tera Shards in Scarlet and Violet  Pokemon and their locations from this Pokemon guide.

How To Get Tera Shards In Scarlet And Violet?

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you must battle 3- to 6-star Tera Raids in order to obtain Tera Shards, or you can buy them from NPCs. Additionally, after finishing the game and rematching 8 gym leaders, you can obtain them by triumphing in the Ace Academy Tournament.  After conquering Larry, the Normal-Type Pokemon Gym in Medali, you can utilize Tera Shards at the Treasure Eatery eatery. It is close to the Pokemon Center and is accessible via rapid transport to Medali (East). By speaking with the restaurant’s chef, you can modify your Pokemon’s Tera-Type once you have 50 Tera Shards of a particular type. You can interact with the chef because he has a yellow speech bubble.  Note: Deliver the Tera Shards to the chef so that they can prepare their special dish and choose which Pokemon you want to get it from. Steps to  get  Tera Shards in Scarlet and Violet

1. Defeat Tera Raids From 3 to 6 stars. 

After you’ve finished the game, 5-star Tera Raids are accessible (the credits will roll).  After you’ve defeated the Ace Academy Tournament and rematched all eight gyms, 6-star Tera Raids are accessible.  You’ll get a Tera Shard of the same type as the Pokemon in the raid that has the Tera type.

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2. Get Tera Shards From NPC

Tera Shards location in Scarlet and Violet  Dragon 50 Reach a Close Bond with Hassel using Tera Shards.  For 50 Rock Tera Shards, get close to Ms. Tyme.  Speak with the Chef at the Treasure Eatery for 50 regular Tera Shards.

3. Win The Ace Academy Tournament In Is Final Round To Get Tera Shards

Rematch the eight gym leaders after completing the game (the credits will roll).  Participate in the Ace Academy Tournament for a chance to earn Tera Shards.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about How To Get Tera Shards In Scarlet And Violet. So explore the places, get your favorite armor and enjoy the game. Also, remember your Paldea location while getting your armor in Scarlet and Violet, as it gets easy to come back to your place in-game. You can check out more such platforms on Path of EX and enjoy them while playing and making friends.  Do mention the locations you explored while playing the game in the comment section. Happy Gaming!


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