TikTok lays out a set of rules and regulations that guarantee a secure and friendly environment for all of us. You can look at someone’s TikTok profile without them knowing to see what they are posting. If you find their content offensive, you can get them banned. Once you get someone banned on TikTok, they will not be able to access your account, and it would be like their account has been blocked by you. But there are people out there who don’t care about others’ feelings, and you could see them posting or acting badly. You can either restrict them from your account by changing your number on TikTok, or you can get them banned. Let’s get started with this tutorial on how to get someone banned on TikTok.

How to Get Someone Banned on TikTok?

TikTok has a set of regulations, and the developers welcome you to report any person that violates their rules. Here is how to get someone banned on TikTok. Keeping trash out of sight is preferable to deleting your account and avoiding doing the most good. Though you cannot directly ban someone, you can report them, and if their action, content, or like stuff is in reality against the guidelines, TikTok will ban them soon. Here is how to report someone on TikTok. Also, read How to Get Your TikTok Account Unbanned: An Ultimate Guide

Scenario 1

If you want a video to be removed from TikTok servers on the grounds of guidelines violation, you can follow these steps to know how to get someone banned on TikTok. Step 1: If you find a disturbing video in the feed, you can just tap on it once. Step 2: Tap on Report in the top right corner of the video. Step 3: From the list of reasons select the fitting one. If you don’t find any fitting reason, tap on Other and select one of the two options. Step 4: Hit on the Submit button in the bottom right corner. Now, TikTok will review it, and if it is found to be a genuine report, the content will be removed. Additionally, TikTok may ban the user if it violates their ban criteria. Also, read What is TikTok Shadowban | All You Need to Know in 2022

Scenario 2

You may have found a user messing with the rules, harassing you, or behaving insanely. You can report them from their profile. Here is how to get someone banned on TikTok: Step 1: Select the person’s name or the account you want to remove. You can open their profile from Feed, Comments, and your Following or Followers list, and if they are not there, you can search for the username in the Search bar on the Home page of TikTok. Step 2: Tap on the Three Dots menu in the top right corner of the user’s profile. Step 3: Tap on Report to continue. Step 4: From the list of reasons, select the fitting one. If you don’t find any fitting reason, tap on Other. Step 5: Select the sub-reason(s). You may have to navigate through three to four pop-ups. Step 6: Hit on the Submit button at the end of the process. It is at the bottom right corner. When TikTok reviews it, the person will be banned from TikTok. The ban can be for a while or maybe forever if it is determined to be a true report. The review takes a long sometimes. If you want an immediate result, you should report them and let the TikTok backend team know about the issue. Meanwhile, you should block the person as well. However, blocking someone who has stolen your content is not a good idea. You should keep writing to TikTok and the person until your stolen content is removed. Also, read What Causes A TikTok Shadowban | Violations To Avoid in 2022

What Causes One to be Banned from TikTok?

No matter how often you keep hitting the Report button on a profile, it will only get banned if your reason is strong and appropriate. Here are the main reasons that cause one to get banned from TikTok.

1: Minor safety

Any media, including animation and digitally produced or altered content that depict child abuse, endangerment, or exploitation is prohibited on the site and will be deleted as soon as it is discovered.

2: Bullying and Harassment

A user may be permanently barred from TikTok if it is determined that they are engaging in cyberbullying of another user. Due to the young age group that TikTok attracts, it’s critical to ensure the site is secure for all users. Also, read How Long Does a TikTok Shadowban Last | 2022 Update!

3: Dangerous Acts and Challenges

Users are not allowed to share material on TikTok that represents, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies risky behaviors that might result in significant harm or death. Additionally, it forbids the publication of any information that encourages or supports a group’s involvement in hazardous or risky behaviors in any way that goes against its Rules And guidelines.

4. Hateful Behavior and Violent Extremism

TikTok does not allow any of the two. Content that is filled with hate speech against any race, nation, caste, gender, disease, and so on leads to an account’s termination. Additionally, any content that provokes violence or extremism is not allowed on the platform. Also, read How to Remove a TikTok Shadowban | Everything Covered | 2022 Update

5. Sexual Activity and Adult Nudity

Pornography, nudity, and sexually expressive content are not permitted on TikTok’s platform. Additionally, it forbids posting non-consensual and unethical personal photos or videos and soliciting adult sex, as well as information that supports or depicts extramarital sex.

6. Impersonation, Misinformation, and Spam

Nobody should publish material with spam or phony engagement. The site forbids creating films that promote buying and selling of views, likes, followers, and shares. Users are also prohibited from creating inauthentic accounts. TikTok users shouldn’t use the app to promote false information. Also, read How To Know If You’re Being Shadowbanned on TikTok | Look for These Signs!

7. Promotion of Self-Harm, Suicide, and Eating Disorders

TikTok does not permit anything that represents, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies behaviors that might result in self-harm, suicide, or eating disorders. However, they will allow you to openly discuss your own encounters with these problems in a way that will foster communal understanding.

8. And All Anti Society and Anti Ethical Content or Activities

If you share any content that annoys a person, a community, a religious or social group, and any rule of the law of a nation, TikTok will ban you or your content or both. It is better to keep your online and offline environment safe and free from every kind of pollution. It is also your responsibility to report whatever you think is not acceptable. Also, read How To Get Unbanned From TikTok: 7 Steps

Wrapping Up

That is how to get someone banned on TikTok. These resources are necessary to maintain a platform and app secure and up to date. Reporting account benefits the whole community and all app users, not just you. Whenever it is time to report a questionable account or piece of content, I don’t hold back or hesitate. We ought to have zero tolerance for misbehavior. Positive energy has to be valued and fostered. I hope this essay has been beneficial to you. Keep Path of EX saved for more stories like this. Come by frequently!


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