It can take some time to defeat Gotham Knights, so having a fresh look and stylish ride can help keep the game from seeming too repetitive. However, there is only one other skin available right now, despite the Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins having a variety of different hues to choose from. Let’s dig in deep on the Batcycle Skins of Gotham Knights. The long-standing practice of giving players preorder cosmetics and incentives is carried on by this game, too, since its Gotham Knights release. Players who preordered the game will have the option to change their Batcycle’s skin from the standard Interceptor skin to the preorder-bonus 233 Kustom skin as soon as they start the game. Let’s find out more on Batcycle Skins below.

How To Get Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins | With Or Without Pre-Order

It’s obvious that you’ll get all the Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins by default if you have Pre-Ordered the game. You can gain access to all the Batcycle Skins even without the Gotham Knights Pre-Order. Let me tell you how.  To unlock each Gotham Knights Batcycle Skin, you merely need to complete specific objectives. You can complete these tasks, which are dispersed over Gotham City, to earn the rewards. These skins are available as rewards for some of the trials in the Time Trial mode. Just keep an eye out for a symbol of a bike in the rewards area to determine if the quest has skin as a completion reward. According to the objective, you will undoubtedly receive one of the Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins as a reward. There are 7 of these time trials, and completing them earns you skins of Batcycle. Each time, the players will only have access to one of these quests. As you advance and finish the available quests, new ones will become accessible. These are the areas where the trials appear, which are dispersed around Gotham City. Also, read All Minecraft Batman Villains & Locations | Minecraft X Gotham Knights 7 Time Trails which as Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins as rewards are –

Time Trial 1: North Gotham Area.Time Trial 2: Otisburgh Area.Time Trial 3: Old Gotham Area.Time Trial 4: Tricorner Island Area.Time Trial 5: Cauldron Area.Time Trial 6: Financial District Area.Time Trial 7: Bowery Area.

You will have all of the Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins once you have successfully finished all of these trials. The skins that were included in the preorder bonus are not included in this list; only those that are available in-game are definitely available. Achieving in the game by completing all of these trials will also earn you achievements if you’re a completist and care about trophies. Also, read A Guide to Gotham Knights Release Date & Character List | Does it Take Place in The Arkhamverse?

How To Change Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins & Colors?

By visiting the Batcycle area in Belfry and choosing the unlocked skin, you can alter the appearance of your Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins. Similarly, by visiting the Batcycle place in Belfry and choosing the unlocked Colorway, you can equip the Batcycle Colorway. Also, read How to Solve Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle | Escape Spikes, Blades & Ceiling

Wrapping Up

So, this was all the information on the Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins. One of the vehicles that players can use is the Batcycle. We have spoken about how to obtain the Batcycle skins & some useful tips. There are several alternative options if you don’t like using a Batcycle to travel. Another vehicle available to the Bat Family is the Fastbat, which is also at your disposal. You can test them all out to determine which one is ideal for you. You must visit Path of EX to read more of my gaming articles on Gotham Knights or any other game of your preference. Till then, I’ll be preparing another interesting and trending gaming article for you. You should promise me to take care of yourselves and enjoy your new Gotham Knights Batcycle Skins. Was our manual useful? What are your thoughts on the game? Please share your opinions in the comments below. Happy Gaming!


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