Epic Games released Fortnite to compete with PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, by PUBG Corporation under Bluehole. Although PUBG was responsible for making Battle Royale popular, it is undeniably Fortnite also played an important factor in making the genre popular. The game was released initially as Fortnite: Save the World Epic Games later released a free-to-play Battle Royale version, which took the gaming community by storm. Fortnite saw huge commercial success with over 125 million players across multiple platforms in less than a year. The game earned more than millions of dollars per month and received many awards including, the Game of the Year award and Academy Games Awards. It became a cultural phenomenon in just three years. Many hardcore gamers criticized the game for its graphics and children using emotes in public. Due to it becoming extremely popular and funky-looking graphics, the game itself is not easy in any way. The game requires a lot of skill and practice to win in higher skill brackets. If you love Fortnite but keep dying or want to win, you are reading the perfect guide. We will discuss some tips and tricks, as shared by pros and high skilled players worldwide. After all, anyone can become a decent player.

How To Get Better At Fortnite

If you are struggling at getting the Victory Royale in Fortnite and are confused about how to get better at Fortnite, this guide is for you. Unable to win in Fortnite does not mean you are incompetent or anything at the game. It just means you do not know the tricks that professional players use to overwhelm other players, and achieving the Victory Royale is a piece of cake for them. No need to be worried as I will be covering those essential tips and tricks from pro players, and after reading them, you will get better and great at Fortnite. Without wasting any time, let us get to the tips and tricks from pro players.

#1 – Check Your Sensitivity Settings For Your Controls

The first step to getting better in Fortnite or any competitive games that will win you games is the aim and mouse sensitivity. Believe it or not, the most important factor in aiming is DPI, aka Dots Per Inch. A mouse with high DPI numbers is more sensitive than a mouse with lower DPI. High sensitivity especially, in competitive games, is a bad idea. The higher the DPI or sensitivity of your controller is, the sensitive the character will be, and the mouse/controller will respond even to the slightest taps. There is a great chance that you might be having difficulties in aiming due to the high sensitivity. Adjusting to lower sensitivity will be difficult at first. After getting the hang of it, it will be easier for you to perform tracking aim or even do flicks. If you search the internet for the best sensitivity settings, you will be forever lost. The reason is every person has their preference, and you might not be able to play with other people’s preferences. So, what is the answer? It is simple,

Head over to the Fortnite settings and select “Controller”. From the controller, you will find multiple settings, scroll down and find “Advanced – Look Sensitivity” From each option, try tweaking each of the options and test it in the game.

Are the settings perfect for you? If not, head back to the settings and keep tweaking them until you are comfortable enough to leave your enemies in the dust.

#2 – Find Comfortable Control Settings

Controls are crucial as you need to have all of the necessary controls embedded into your muscle memory. You will not just improve by learning the core controls only. You will have to remember every control that can play a critical role in turning the match’s tide. For PC players, finding the key binds of your favorite streamer or pro player from the internet, but the question remains, are you comfortable with their settings? The answer in most cases would be no. The reason is, every person has their key binds as per their needs. There are so many controls in Fortnite; which one should you remember? Which setting can you skip? These are some decent questions that cannot be answered in one sentence. To find the answer, you will have to check the key binds of professional players to get the gist of which controls they use the most. You can set the key binds according to your playstyle. If you build more than you fight, focus on setting the key binds around build controls to your ease. If you are an aggressive player who wants action, you might want to ignore binds for builds except for the basic ones. Think about the controls which you use the most during a match. After that, set the keys, which you can press with ease during a fight, and you would not have to look at the keyboard to check “Uhh, what was the key for the wall, again?” The same goes for controller players as well. You can set the buttons on your controller for the controls, which you can use comfortably during the match.

#3 – Turn On The Builder Pro Controls In The Settings (Optional)

Epic Games released a new feature called Builder Pro for Fortnite that helps console players in building rapidly. It was released for console players who had trouble building structures during combat, as compared to PC players who have a clear advantage over console players due to way more inputs and mouse. This option maps each of the four main building types onto the shoulder button or trigger. What this feature does is, when the building mode is activated during a match, with the press of a single button, you can place building blocks rather than scrolling for the one that you want. This option is extremely helpful for people whose gameplay is centered on building. With this option, you build while not getting out of the flow during fights. It is a decent feature for people new to Fortnite or new to building in the game. If you already know how to build, this feature is optional, and you are free to ignore this feature as it is not a core feature but an option that you can use or leave it as it is.

#4 – Warm-Up Before Matches

Warm-up is important. It does not matter if you are a professional player or a casual gamer who plays for fun. If you want to get better at Fortnite, warming up before your matches is as crucial as other factors. Professional players who are great at Fortnite or any other competitive game might look as they are natural-born professions; however, in reality, they do extra hard work to remain in their best form for months or even years. Warming up is a part of the hard work that they do. Pros do it way more than any average person. You might argue that you can warm up during the match. Technically it is the best way to practice and warm up, but during warm-up, your chances to lose are way higher. And after losing, moving on to the next game is hard; that is why warming up in the game is not a decent idea. Then how should I warm up? You might ask, the answer is easy. You can warm up in practice mode. In the practice mode, you can build, shoot, swap weapons and do whatever you want. Challenge yourself and set targets in practice mode, like swapping weapons ten times in 5 seconds, building stairs or wall in a second, etc. Challenging yourself is the best way you can warm up.

#5 – Watch & Study How Pro Players Play

Moving on with the tips, this one is extremely important, that everyone should do. You should watch and study how professional players play instead of finding things out for yourself. Professional players are known for playing several hours a day, and it is their livelihood. They have spent countless time and hours in the game and know the game way more than any decent or good player. A normal person cannot play for 10-12 hours a day. Professional players, on the other hand, can do. If you think you can get better on your own, you are right, but it might take you hundreds and thousands of hours just to be able to play the game with ease, and we are not talking about being the best at the game. The stuff that will take you weeks to learn, if you decide to learn things on your own, you can do it in a couple of days, if you watch and study professional players for a few hours. You may discover things, tricks that would be impossible to find if you are on a solo journey to become the best at Fortnite. You cannot replicate the actions of the professional players, but you can learn a lot of things which will help you grow and make you a better player, like how to use ammo efficiently, where you should drop, what is the best place to land, etc.

#6 – Where Should You Drop?

There are three types of players you will find in your matches. The first type is those people who want chaos and love action. These players will drop in the center of the map or land in places where most players plan to drop. The second type is those people who want to play safe and take their time by gathering all of the best loot. These players land in the furthest areas of the map and take their sweet time roaming around, gathering all of the decent loot, and reaching the center of the storm circle. The last type is the notorious campers. These players do not care about gameplay whatsoever. They find a weapon and sits in one place where they think they are safe and sit on that location for as much time as they can without budging a single meter from their sweet spot. The last type can win you games but will not make you better at the game. Now the question arises, where should I drop? It depends on what type of player you are. If you are the player of the first type, drop in the locations with the most premium loot. You will attract many players around you in the way and be ready to fight your way till the end. The most common places will have the loot that you are looking for, but you will have to fight and survive to get that. Other spots include regions around Salty Towers, Pleasant Park, and the island right above Misty Meadows. If you are the second type of player, you already know where the sweet spots for loot are, and the next thing for you to do is survive!

#7 – Multitasking In Combat

You have heard of multitasking in computers or mobile phones, but what could it possibly mean in Fortnite? It has the same meaning as in computers and mobiles. Performing multiple tasks at the same time. Multitasking sound, tough and rough especially, if you are new. But when you learn how to multitask in Fortnite, there is nobody who can stop you. It will be super hard in the beginning, but you will get used to it. Getting back to the main point, how are you going to do multitasking when in combat? Start with remembering your status, like how much ammo do you have. Do you have enough resources to outbuild your enemy in build-wars? Fortnite is a difficult game to master, you will have to think about many things at the same time, and many times the brain forgets small things like reloading. These little things can be your character’s demise. These are the possible reasons due to which you might be dying earlier and not being able to survive till the end. During combat, double-check your side and look for an opening while also checking if you need to reload. Should you stay or should you move? These are some of the things that you might need to think about altogether. The best way you can learn multitasking is by watching pro players’ gameplay.

#8 – Jumping At The Right Moment

Do you know there are some tricks that you can do to land faster? What makes pros different than normal players? It’s their extensive knowledge about the game. The question arises, when should you jump? What is the right moment? Having the rough estimations, below are the fastest ways to travel when the match starts: The next thing you need to do is, decide your landing spot. It can be anywhere. When you are closer to the landing spot, jump from the bus. Make sure to travel as much as you can on the bus as it the fastest way to cover the distance in Fortnite. After jumping from the bus, immediately glide vertically downwards and do not open the parachute as it will automatically open 100 meters before landing. Things you should avoid if you want to land faster:

Hilly areas Elevated terrain Mounds

The reason you should avoid these areas is that when your character reaches near these areas, the parachute will open and then start gliding towards your destination. Always aim for lands with as low altitudes as possible for reaching the ground level as soon as possible.

#9 – Learn How To Build

Fortnite gameplay can be divided into two parts, first the aiming and shooting, the other one is building. If you are decent with aiming and shooting, you might survive for long, but in a close and high skilled game, you have little to no chance of surviving if your building game is not equally strong. If you wish to become the best at Fortnite, you will have to learn to build. If you are the type of player who is playing just to kill and do not care much about building, you will have a real hard time getting the Victory Royale. You might grab the victory title if you get lucky enough. We will start with the basics. During combat, to trick your opponent, build a wall, and flank around to catch them off guard. Keep practicing until building embeds itself in your muscle memory. Gather resources as you progress toward the center of the circle. There are three types of building that you can learn: aggressive, defensive, and third is editing. Aggressive and defensive builds are what they suggest. In aggressive building, the player builds structures to get in a better position for killing their enemies. The defensive building is as critical as aggressive building. The defensive building will help you survive for longer durations when you are surrounded by multiple enemies at once. You will be forced to build defensively when you are near the center of the storm circle, from mid to late game. The last one is editing. You should know how to edit your builds efficiently. By editing, you can remove sections of the wall to get a clear view outside. You can abuse this mechanic to your advantage. There are so many aspects to building mechanic which can be written, but it is better if you practice it yourself.

#10 – Gather Resource And Build

Be as active as possible, do multitasking. While you are roaming around the map for better loot, do not forget to gather the resources you have in your inventory if you find yourself amidst enemies a few moments later. Lack of resources will only help you die faster, let alone winning the match. Whenever you are on the go, gather resources and build to confuse enemies if you find them. Build if you find a higher ground to reach there and snipe enemies from above without them noticing your presence. Usually, higher grounds are advantageous if you have a strong sniper rifle. The enemies will be confused for some time, and you can use it to your advantage. While they figure out your location, gather resources, move to a new place and eliminate the enemies. If you find yourself in a fight that is already going on, build to get to a vantage point to take an eye on the combat and when it concludes, eliminate the remaining players before they have any time to heal and use their tools to recover fully. Use building to your advantage.

#11 – Use Your Consumables

Fortnite has many consumables that you can collect or find during a match, ever since its release. Stocking the right consumables will save time, and with every second saved, you can focus on the combat. You can find these consumables inside chests, supply drops, floor loot, fishing, and looting enemies. There are seven different rarities of consumables that you can find. These consumables can be distinguished with the help of colors: Best Consumable (Healing Items) Healing items are scattered around the map and are very easy to find. Bandages are the smallest consumable that you can stack in your inventory, with 15 stacks in total. Bandages heal 15HP in 3 seconds and take 3 seconds to use. Medkit is the best way to heal other than other consumables. It takes 10 seconds to use and can have a maximum stack of 3. Sheild potions can be consumed in 5 seconds to restore 50 shield. Chug splash is a better way to restore HP and shields. If you get lucky enough to find a Chug Splash, make sure to make space for it and use it for the perfect occasion. Getting the Chug Cannon is very unlikely because of its Exotic rarity. Best Consumable (Fish) There are 12 fish that you can catch with a fishing rod. From Common to Mythic, not all of them are worth taking as they will only burden your inventory. How to get the best fish can get tricky. You can obtain Small Fry, which is of Common rarity and can heal 25HP in 1 second. Using 4 of these will heal 100HP in 4 seconds and is better than using Medkit. The rest of the rare fish heal HP and shield, but they also provide a special effect that activates after consuming, to gain an advantage on the battlefield for a short while. The Mythic Goldfish does 200 damage and has Mythic rarity. It has a 1 in a million chance to get caught with the fishing rod. The best fish in the Rare category is the Slurpfish that heals 40HP or shield depending on which is full. In the Legendary category, if you manage to find either of these fish, make sure not to consume them on the spot. Make sure to use them during combat or when you are close to victory. These provide special effects that can be used to find enemies. Best Consumables (Foraged Items) These items are very easy to find. These are usually consumed to restore HP or shield. There are 11 consumables in this category, with eight items are Common, two are Rare, and one is of Mythical rarity. Golden Mushroom is very hard to find, and it has a 1 in a million chance to spawn. It heals a total of 100 HP in 1 second, making it the best healing item that you can find throughout the game. Cabbage and Corn are the best-foraged consumables that heal 20 HP while others restore 5 HP. Now you know which consumable to have and which you should discard. Makes sure to have enough stock of consumables that will heal you in less time.

#12 – Don’t Waste Ammo, Use Your Pickaxe

Conserving ammo is one of the few things that pros do that ensures their survival for longer durations. If you are far away from an enemy and do not have any long-ranged weapon, trying to kill them with your pickaxe, it will only help you eliminate them quickly rather than them, unless they are in plain sight. Make sure to get to a decent location where you will have no trouble in eliminating your enemy. Until then, save your ammunition. Ammo is precious in this game, especially if you have a weapon of high rarity. Use your pickaxe for destroying walls and stuff in your way. Using a pickaxe will not only conserve ammo but will also gather resources on the go. Get rid of the weapons which you are not planning to use in the mid or late game. Use that to eliminate your opponents. If you take the safer route, which should be the approach of every player, make sure to collect as much ammo as you can on your way. You might be able to avoid fights in the early to mid-game duration. But in the late game, you will have to fight them at all costs. For such scenarios, collect ammo, as it will never be enough.

#13 – Shoot In Cover

What are the signs of a good player in competitive games? They use their environments to their advantage and trick their opponents into falling into their traps and eliminate them from such positions from where they are sure they cannot miss. What does it mean by using the environment to their advantage? It means taking cover and not responding to enemy fire with fire rather than flank around them and eliminate them after catching them off guard. If you have to shoot at all costs, make sure to take cover. The cover will not only waste the enemy’s resources but will give you the essential time for you to devise a strategy. Having map knowledge to understanding covers better will take time and practice. If the map is embedded in your memory, and you know every nook and cranny of the map, use that to your advantage, make the enemy fell into your trap. Use aggressive building around that enemy to get into a better position for their elimination. You can watch and study professional players’ games to have a better understanding of how to use cover to your advantage.

#14 – Gear Up Quickly

Now that I have covered most of the basics that pros do and normal people do not. It is time to get into how to get fast loot and gear up quickly to get ahead of the competition during a match. Getting a head start will not only ensure better chances at survival, but it will also allow you to eliminate players who have nothing but punches to spare, which is always fun. Having extensive map knowledge plays a very critical role if you want to gear up super quick. The best location for getting fast loot is the hotspot, where more than 50% of the players land. The places change from time to time. It is useless to tell a single spot that will have guaranteed loot. You can roam the internet or YouTube to find the best places for loot. The best way to decide where you will get guaranteed loot is terrain with lots of buildings. Where there are buildings, there will be loot, and you might hit the jackpot during salvaging decent loot as well as facing enemies along your way. Jump immediately from the bus, and at this point, you already know how to land faster. Land onto a few houses, explore them and quickly grab a gun. The popular a place is, the more players it will attract. After gearing up, find targets who are weaker and eliminate them. Leave no survivors! As they might be carrying something useful for you.

#15 – Look For The Best Weapons?

Fortnite features a lot of weapons ever since its release. There are so many weapons in the game now, it can easily confuse a person on which is the best weapon for early, mid or late game. Like consumables, the weapons have 7 categories; each category have weapons with 7 different rarities. Every category has subcategories. Some of them offer a decent fire rate, some offer decent damage and much more. The seven categories of weapons are:

Assault Weapons Shotguns Submachine Guns Pistols Sniper Rifles Launcher Weapons Melee Weapons

The rarities of these weapons can be distinguished by their colors: We will discuss the best weapons considering their DPS, fire rate, magazine and range and from these categories, decide which weapon will be your choice of weapon for early, mid and late game. Best Assault Weapon Assault weapons are the most loved and used weapons in not just Fornite but any shooting game. These weapons are best for scoring fast kills due to their fast fire rate and big magazine size. If your aim is not decent, assault weapons are the way to go. Considering DPS, fire rate, magazine size, and reload speed, the Legendary SCAR variant is the best in this category and is a Legendary weapon. It is excellent for close and mid-range combat. This weapon can be used from early, mid, and even late game. Best Shotgun It is very hard to decide which shotgun is the best in this category. Unlike assault rifles, the shotguns perform in a very similar manner, with one shotgun having a fast fire rate and less damage, while the other having huge damage but a slow fire rate. Considering all aspects of the shotgun, the Legendary Tactical Shotgun M1014 takes the crown as the best shotgun. All of the shotguns have the capability of knocking down a shield-less enemy in just one shot. If you love double-barrel shotgun, you will love The Dub. It has an excellent DPS, damage, and fire rate coupled with a decent reload time. But it is of Exotic rarity. The chances of finding this gun in any match are low to none. It is great for short to mid-range combat. Best Submachine Guns Submachine guns are great for an early game due to their big magazine sizes and fast fire rate. The best SMG that you can find is the Legendary P90, and there is one more which is way easier to find and deal a decent amount of damage in shorter durations of time, which is the Submachine Gun from Chapter 2, which is of Rare rarity. The Legendary P90 deals over 200 DPS, with 20 damage of a single bullet. Best Pistols Pistols are good early for the early game. You can get it for gearing up fast in the start, and having a pistol is better than having bare punches. The best pistol that varies is the Epic and Legendary variant of the gun. Best Sniper Rifles Sniper Rifles are the best weapons for long-ranged combat. If you play with snipers in other shooters, you are going to love the Bolt Action sniper rifle. Rarity does not matter much in this case as all of them are capable enough to one-shot enemy without any shields. If you can find the Legendary variant of the Bolt Action sniper rifle, make sure to have it till the end. Best Launcher Weapons There are not many launcher weapons that you should take with you till the end; however, if you somehow manage to grab one, it is fun for the early game where everyone is trying to find a weapon. You one-shot them with a single bullet, which is often hilarious. A burst quad launcher is a decent weapon, however, is it of Exotic rarity. Good luck finding one. Best Melee Weapons There is only one melee weapon as of now that you can use to kill your enemies is none other than the harvesting tool itself. If you or your squad manage to defeat the Mandalorian Boss, you can get your hands on the Mythic rarity sniper rifle that can deal massive melee damage. It is called the Amban sniper rifle.

#16 – Keep A Balanced Inventory

Managing your inventory will play a crucial role in survival. You do not need too much of anything. The inventory space you will get in the game is limited. Do not overload your inventory will too much extra stuff, which you might not even need. If you love RPGs, collecting stuff might be fun for you, and it is hard to leave things that look badass. In Fortnite, you will have to make this sacrifice. Leave extra stuff that you do not need even has Legendary or Exotic rarity. What good does a Legendary shotgun will do? If you plan to play the whole game with Legendary SCAR. In this case, discard it in such a place, your opponents will not be able to find it. If you are play trios, then share. Sharing is caring. Share stuff with your squad. That Legendary shotgun might be a game-changer if other members of your squad use it in the late game. Plan for the future, ask yourself, “Will I need that for combat?” or “Should I use this Legendary shotgun which I am not comfortable with?”

#17 – Listen Carefully (When Enemies Are Near To You)

Did you ever notice how professional players, sometimes, know the enemy’s location behind a wall? Or even predict their moments? Not because they are professional players and have been playing the game for years. No, it is because they use their senses more keenly than an average person. They use their focus and use the sense of sight exceptionally well. When they combine sight senses with hearing, they become unstoppable. You can do the same. Hearing is as important, as important as looking and observing the enemy. In close-ranged combat, hearing the footsteps and other sounds will provide you more information than your eyes. If you have premium quality headsets, you will be able to listen to the moment of your enemy more clearly, and hence you will be able to respond more quickly and accurately. Hearing the sounds will be helpful in closed ranged combat and end game, you do not know the position of the enemy, no issues, focus on the noise generated by the footsteps to predict the location of the enemy. If you can execute this with ease, you might be even called a hacker by your opponents.

#18 – Beware Of The Storm

The least attention that a person gives to a feature in Fortnite is the Storm. The Storm is a barrier that causes damage to a person inside it. It shrinks at different intervals from starting the game till the end game. The damage of the storm increase with different phases, and the time for shrink decrease after every phase. You have a lot of time from early to mid-game. You can take your time in gathering resources, ammunition, consumables, or even fish. From mid to late-game, you will not have enough time to spare. Be proactive. If you do not have ammo, find it in the early stages so that you will not have to look out for it in the late game, and you do not want to enter the battleground with two magazines worth of bullets, do you? Beware of the Strom ring, do not drop your guard even for a minute, or have thoughts like, “the Storm is far, I have time.” Carelessness will prove nothing but elimination in this game. It does not deal enough damage during the early phases. However, it becomes a pain to deal with in later phases of the game.

#19 – Tools Of The Trade

To become the best of the best in Fortnite, you will need the best tools. Sure, anyone can become good at games with enough focus, time, and practice. But, becoming a decent player with cheap peripherals will be going to get you nowhere. Trust me. Now, back to the topic, which peripherals fall in the category of “Good”? First and foremost, a high refresh-rate monitor. High-refresh rates will make everything extra smooth, and when you see those buttery smooth animations, you will have more time to react and make decisions. Unlike any 60Hz display where the animations appear out of nowhere are provide less time to react due to fewer frames. Next, up decent peripheral that you should get is a keyboard and a mouse. Getting a premium mouse will not provide more inputs with all those extra buttons and responses than any other mouse, but your aim will also get better. There is not much to say about keyboards, as any decent mid-ranged keyboard will be enough. Make sure to get the wired mouse and keyboard as they are somewhat faster and more economical than the flashier wired mice and keyboards. IF you hate the wire clutters, getting a wireless mouse and keyboard is acceptable as these devices come a long way. The last peripheral important in completing our setup is a decent gaming headphone. Do not get confused between high-quality headphones and premium gaming headphones. Gaming headphones are designed with gaming in mind, while other premium headphones are designed for music and other stuff.

#20 – Stay Calm, Avoid Worthless Rush & Don’t Focus On Kills

Battle Royale is a different genre than your typical first-person shooter or third-person shooter game. This game genre requires patience, a calm and collected mind, and not rushing towards anything. Rush will only get you killed earlier, way earlier than you can expect. You will have to be as calm as possible, and you will notice you can do better in that way than rushing, getting tilted, or focusing on pwning enemies. Battle Royale is the opposite of such games where you need to kill, reload, run and kill. Remaining patience will be far more rewarding. Another mistake that most people make is rushing towards buildings for kills. Remember, in Fortnite or any other Battle Royale, kills will not get you the throne. You have better chances at winning the Victory Royale if you are calm, cool-minded and have everything that you need for combat compared to people who are playing the game just to eliminate players. You can win the match with even one kill. Although it sounds boring, we are here to win, not to have the highest KDA and yet getting at the last position.

#21 – Play More For Map Awareness & Improve Your Game Sense

Map awareness is what makes the pros look like they are using hacks or cheating. It is the fundamentals of all competitive video games that will win you games. Map awareness is something that you cannot learn from the internet or watching any professional player’s game. It is something that one person learns after playing the game for so much time that they can predict the moments of the enemy. When you play a game for a long time, you will start to understand the map better. When you can do that, you can put yourself in the opponent’s shoes, and you can predict their moment. This is what every professional player do, which most people think of this as hacking or cheating or even God-gifted. Map awareness has another advantage. It can get you out of difficult situations. If you have better map knowledge than others, you can easily fool them and lure them into your trap if you know how to execute that. You can abuse this to your advantage, and you will automatically be a decent player. You will learn map awareness from nowhere except for your own hard work and the time you will invest in the game.

#22 – Use Height To Your Advantage

It is a very underrated skill that very few people abuse and use, and mostly all of them are either the high-ranked players or professional players, no in-between. Many people ignore high terrains, and they might not seem important in early to mid-game, but in the final phases of the game, they can be game-changing. When you have extensive map awareness, build and reach higher heights and catch your enemy off guard. Players who abuse the high terrains are harder to kill because they can take cover against the heights, which can absorb all bullets, rockets, or grenades as the terrain, is the only thing that you cannot destroy. Professional players know how to reach higher heights to eliminate the enemies. Do not be that person who rushes to the enemy after seeing one kill them and dies during their bold quest. Do not do that, be patient, observe your enemy from a height, and when you think you can kill them with ease, do that and eliminate that person. Heights can also be used for scouting nearby fights. If you are lucky enough to see multiple people fighting, observe them from a decent height. While observing their fight, you can take your time and enjoy. When only one remains, eliminate them. It is killing two birds with one stone.

#23 – Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is the last thing that we will be discussing in my guide. It is not even a tip or a trick. No one is born perfect and has the most accurate aim in the world (except for Shroud, who is not human). Every pro player was just like an average human being in the beginning. Then how come they are so good at games? The answer to this question can be provided by a single word, which is “Practice”. Practice might not make a person perfect, but it can make a person so good at a game that he can start earning for playing video games. Pros practice so much than an average person, which makes them stand on top of the competition. You can become one too, and you need practice for that. There is no shortcut to success. The same goes for gaming. You will not find a single guide or a tutorial that will improve your game a thousand-fold in one day. That is a myth, you will have the option of practice, and with enough practice, you can become the best of the best. The more time you will do practice, the better you will become. How should you practice? Gameplay in shooters is 85 percent aim, and the rest of the 15 percent is, using other mechanics. You can download and installing popular aim trainer programs (KovaaK 2.0 or Aim Lab) for getting a better aiming. These programs come with different presets that you can use to get better at aiming. With enough practice, you can perform tracking or flicking with much ease. After practicing for some time on these programs, your aim will be so much improved, it might even surprise you. The game was a commercial success. It generated millions of dollars per month, and in a short period, it became a cultural phenomenon. The game is not as popular as it was in 2017 and 2018, but it still has a decent concurrent player number every month. Fortnite attracted so many players because of its free-to-play tag, and it was easy to get into compared to other Battle Royale games like PUBG. The game is easy to get into but is a difficult game nonetheless. It requires practice, skill and has a decent learning curve to become a good player. If you are struggling to become a good player at this game. I have got you covered with my guide. With the help of this guide, you can easily become a good player.

#1 – How long does it take to get good at Fortnite?

Fortnite is a hard game. It depends on how quickly you can learn mechanics and use them during a match. If you are a quick learner, you will become good at Fortnite relatively earlier than most people. If you are a slow learner, it might even take 1000+ hours to become good at Fortnite

#2- How do I get better at Fortnite faster?

There is no shortcut to becoming better at Fortnite. You can become better quickly with tips and tricks and how quickly you can adapt to situations. If you are a quick learner, becoming good at Fornite is very easy, and you can do it in a few months.

#3- Why am I not getting better at Fortnite?

You might not be aware of the tricks and tips that pro players do and use them to their advantage. Have you spent enough time on the game? If not, you might need to spend more time. Watch and learn how pro players play Fortnite.

#4- Is it hard to win Fortnite?

Fortnite is difficult due to many reasons. The most important one is building. Building structures with ease takes a lot of time. The game has a decent learning curve, and it is not an easy game. It can even take thousands of hours to become a good player in the game. As you climb ranks, the game keeps getting difficult.

#5- How do you build like a pro in Fortnite?

Practice, practice, and practice. Pro players practice a lot, which is why they are so good at building. Watch how pros build and try to replicate that in practice mode or creative mode. Challenge yourself in building structures in a few seconds. Imagine you surrounded by enemies and then build around such situations. Learn how to build aggressively and defensively. Learn how to edit. In the end, practice is going to make you better at the building.

#6- Who is the youngest Fortnite player?

As of now, H1ghsky1 is the youngest professional Fortnite player. He joined FaZe clan when he was just 13 years old, making him the youngest Fortnite player. He created a lot of buzz in the eSports and Fortnite community right after joining FaZe Clan.

#7- Who has the most kills in Fortnite?

The most kills in Fortnite are under the belt of a Twitch streamer named “BH nixxxay”. The streamer has an astounding kill score of over 222,500+ eliminations in Fortnite as of now. In a solo match, a player going by the name “Elemental_Ray” has the record for most kills in a single game. He did this by destroying a ramp where many people gather with a peace agreement to watch a rocket launch event together, eliminating 48 people as a result. Making people stuck between getting mad or happy for his trolling.

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