AI is evil, as well as an angel. It is making things possible in seconds which in reality needs a lot of time and dedication, and human effort in seconds. It is taking up human space and may soon replace the human workforce. There are many benefits, but AI may serve the elite class one day, and the people having fewer sources to meet their ends of the day will surely get hit by the technology one day. Okay, that is my point of view, you may have a different opinion altogether. As people are into social media stuff, uploading photos loaded with effects, AI lenses, and filters is growing daily. Hence, new apps and sites come to our lives to meet this demand every now and then. Now, we have the latest entry. Though it has been there for some time in China, Different Dimension Me has broken the world wide web recently. Let’s study how to get Different Dimension Me.

How to Get Different Dimension Me?

Using technology to transform your photos into anime illustrations is once again fashionable! With Different Dimension Me, an AI-powered website, you can create anime-style photos out of your and your pet’s images in only a few clicks. It is a great replacement to avoid fiddling with settings and customizing your prompts in complex AI platforms.  It is a Chinese platform in the Chinese language. There may be an English version of “Get Different Dimension Me available very soon, but as of now, it is not. If you are unlettered in Chinese like me, follow these steps. This guide will help you understand the button names or options and successfully turn your images into anime portraits. Without further ado, here is how to get Different Dimension Me. Step 1: Launch your web browser (smartphone or desktop). Step 2: Type in the Different Dimension Me official web address or click here to view it. Step 3: Click on 同意并继续 (translation: Agree to continue). It is something like the “Information Protection Statement and Activity Rules” page that you are agreeing to. Step 4: Click on 我也要玩 (translation: I want to play too). Step 5: Now, on the new screen, hit the button under the girl’s photos to open your device’s storage. Step 6: Select an existing photo from your device and let it get uploaded. Step 7: Wait for a while and let the AI work for you. Within some time, it will come up with your photo in anime mode. Step 8: Save your image. That is it! However, the rush on the website is growing day by day. The website usually displays “Service is being upgraded, please come back later.” If you are on TikTok, use the TikTok AI Manga filter. It will change your photos into anime. Though the result is pretty much different, it works every time you hit on it, unlike Different Dimension Me. Also, read What is ChatGPT: Features, Limitations & More (2022)

How to Get Different Dimension Me?

Wrapping Up

That is all about how to get Different Dimension Me on your phone or desktop. The site remains off. You need to wait and try again to check the availability. I will get back to you if Different Dimension Me uploaded any permanent solution against the issue. As gossip is surfacing, Different Dimension Me may migrate the platform to an established app very soon. It will help the down issue to get resolved. Fingers crossed!


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